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Discussion in 'General' started by ryoung57, Nov 1, 2017.

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    I was born with that equipment, yes.
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    Pfft....bullshit. Everytime the general public catches on to what olympic lifters,powerlifters,bodybuilders etc. have known for several decades or even longer as far as how to deal with and improve our own bodies, all the sofa quarterback experts come up with all kinds of dumbass shit to say about something that they've just found out about 5 minutes ago themselves.Now all of the sudden everyones a "keto" expert and acts like getting your body into ketosis is some kind of new thing. Keto crotch..........gitdafuqoudaheee.
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    “I start my day with an avocado and then drink vegetable oil until my stool is only blood. The pounds come right off.” said Tech Sgt. Bill Harrison
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    I've lost 20lbs in last 7 weeks , eating boiled eggs, avocados, bacon, sausage's and the odd apple/banana. Went from 174 to 154 @ 5' 5" & 1/4.
    Haven't exercised bar riding my peddle assist Felt bike about 100 miles.
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