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Discussion in 'General' started by ryoung57, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. ryoung57

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  2. Without reading through the fine details isn’t that like the Atkins diet? Keep your body in ketosis?
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    Never been a believer in "dieting". The fundamental problem with dieting is that unless you are deliberately planning to put the weight back on, like a fitness competitor after a competition, then most people are just setting themselves up for failure (weight re-gain).

    The problem that >90% of people have is they are not willing to make a life-style change, a "diet" is not a lifestyle change, its a temporary fix. There's no magical secret to losing clean, exercise and keep yourself in caloric deficit until you reach your desired weight, then switch to a maintenance calorie intake to keep yourself there. That aforementioned percentage of people up there usually have no clue the amount of calories (or macronutrients) they are actually eating on a daily basis. If you have no idea what you're putting into your body everyday then you have no way of controlling your weight.

    A keto diet is not sustainable for long periods of time, so what will happen to most people when they revert back to their "normal" way of eating once they've grown weary of dieting....they weight comes right back, hence yo-yo dieting.

  4. ryoung57

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    Did you read the article? I used "diet" as a shortcut. It's much more than that.
  5. G 97

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    And yet a Doctor of nutrition from Kansas State University lost 20 something pounds eating primarily twinkies and other junk food for a couple of months just to prove that weight loss is based on calorie intake and calorie usage by the body. It's as simple as this. If you want to lose weight, eat less calories and increase your metabolism, or any combination of the two. Simple.

    You can do all the Keto crap that you want but if you dont pay attention to calories you still won't lose weight.
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    Doesn’t anyone remember Dan Duchaine in the 1990’s introducing ketogenic diets to the Bodybuilding masses?
    I can’t believe how the same ideas get regenerated and catch on.
    Maybe I’m just getting old.
    Keto is interesting and definitely works but I find it one of the worst diets as far as being practical for any extended period of time.

    Ride safe,
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  7. SPL170db

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    Yes, and I'm familiar with the gist of a keto diet already. Interestingly, almost everyone I've ever known who has employed a keto type diet has had some degree of success with it, right up until they didn't anymore, and all the weight the lost came back. Why? Same reason I said up there, its not sustainable and most people won't plan for the long game, all they can focus on is the short term weight loss....not the maintenance of it.

    The other problem I generally have is that too many people only focus on the scale. You can be a healthy weight and still have very unhealthy insides. Losing weight by eating calorie restricted garbage is not good gameplan either. That's why I've never been a fan of If It Fits Your Macros eating either. It wasn't until somewhat recently that I added full micronutrient panels to my regular bloodwork to keep tabs on how what I'm eating is stacking up on the inside.

    I think deep down everyone knows what to eat, healthy nutrient dense food. They simply choose not to and opt for perhaps better tasting garbage that their pallet agrees with.

    Not just techniques but supplements too. Shit that was tried/tested/sold and subsequently rejected by weightlifters and bb'er from back in the 80's-90's will creep back up again a when there's a new generation of kids just getting started that weren't around when some of this shit came around the first time. I just saw HMB starting to get hocked in supps again, lol.
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  8. G 97

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    Exactly. The other part of the KSU professor losing weight while only eating junk food was that his blood sugers, body fat and tri glyceride levels were all at unhealthy levels. But hey, his weight was good. LOL.
  9. Steeltoe

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    Dude! I was just about to type how funny it is that the basic bodybuilder diet keeps being marched out with new names.

    I do listen to the Bulletproof podcast. Some good info now and then. But I'm not buying his Brain Octane or whatever snake oil he's pedaling. Great podcast though.
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  10. rafa

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    I have done the keto diet for more than weight loss reasons.
    By far my favorite thing about it was not being hungry all the time and no afternoon crash.
    Food is pretty delicious too, but it is a lot of work and money to cook every meal.
  11. pickled egg

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    But it's worth it to work with raw ingredients and know ed zachary what you're putting in your body.
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  12. ryoung57

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    So why is it not sustainable?
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    My pallet certainly palate on the other hand...:Poke:
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    No going grammar nazi in a thread about food. Sapsis has dibs. :D
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    Not sure why anyone thinks it's not sustainable. I know MMA fighters who have been on it for years personally. There are quite a few athletes/bodybuilders in Keto specific discussion groups on FB who are lifers. With that being said, I think it's probably the hardest lifestyle to adapt to for athletes. The whole "you will adapt in 2 weeks" thing is BS, it took me several months and that is consistent with the other athletes and trainers have reported as well. I think the issue is that the general Keto guidelines you see out there are for sedentary housewives. For example, my protein intake is double what is advised in most guidelines, and that is not unusual for others I have interacted with. The other thing is you end up having to supplement certain things very specifically. For example, I can't seem to get enough sodium and potassium even with all the bacon intake, so I drink salt water made with lite salt which gives me what I need. Otherwise I drag.

    For fat people who are sedentary, yeah, not so hard and yes, you will shred fat. If you are a strength/performance athlete you can shred fat and build muscle just like anyone else, but the effort to get there is significantly higher than with other lifestyle choices. And I use the term "lifestyle choices" purposely as opposed to "diet". Whatever method you choose to follow, your level of commitment will be the determining factor more than anything.

    99 percent of people would be in just the shape they want if they put a little effort in to their meals and did minimal amounts of exercise consistently but with intensity. Eat less, move more and all. Just IMHO though.
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  17. ryoung57

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    For the record, "Diet" is everything you eat, NOT a specific plan to lose weight.
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  18. Banditracer

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    The wife and I haven't gone full blown keto but have gotten wise to the whole fat is bad bullshit to realizing it's carbs we want to avoid. So we're back to eating whole milk yogurt, drinking whole milk, real butter and avoiding carbs.
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  19. That is correct, by definition. But when 90% of the general public says “diet”, that’s not what they mean. Typically “diet” means something they are going to try in an effort to achieve some sort of bodily change.
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    There is a lot of ongoing research into Keto, medical journals and drug companies are all over it now. You can't patent ketones, but they are trying to find a way. The benefits have been known for a long time, but new research is showing new ways of applying the benefits. Especially with higher quality exogenous ketones becoming more readily available. As @shakazulu12 says, the adaption period is a lot longer, and it has more benefits for some than others.

    Every time I have thought about trying it, I just can't get around all of the foods I wouldn't be able to eat. So I don't think it's a viable solution for me.

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