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Discussion in 'General' started by ryoung57, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Tried it. I read "Primal Endurance" and bought it hook, line, and sinker. Gained five pounds in three months. Felt like a zombie and my breath smelled worse.

    It wasn't negative overall though. It lead to me tweaking my previous diet to cut out a large amount of the carbs I was consuming. The biggest advantage for me was the lack of hunger mentioned earlier. I used to take in about 75% carbs due to my level of activity. I'll burn 3000-4000 calories some days between surfing, running, metcon, and martial arts, and I was HUNGRY All. The. Time.

    I thought I needed tons of carbs, but it was only because my body had adapted to function that way. When I gave up on keto, I slowly reintroduced carbs until I felt normal, and I needed far less than I previously thought. I call it a success, because I feel great doing what I'm doing now.

    I've had a few keto-religious fanatics jump down my throat and tell me that I must have been doing it wrong, but that's ridiculous. It wasn't for me, but that doesn't mean it's not for you or somebody else. We're all different people, and we process food into energy in different ways. The Diaz bros are amazing athletes who eat pescatarian diets most of the time, and go full vegan when they're in camp. That would kill me, but it works for them.

    I think the big problem with workout and nutrition plans is that most people are looking for an outcome. It may be the only situation in which setting goals is a horrible idea. You can't begin a new program looking for the finish line, whether that's having abs, or just gaining xx pounds of muscle, or whatever. If you have an end goal in mind, you will fail, even if you succeed first.

    I think it's even a bad idea to say "I'm going to run a marathon." Great. The second you cross the finish line, you'll go back to your old shitty habits. A better way is to plan on living a life where you are able to run the marathon any time you want.

    Health and fitness is a lifelong journey. Keep trying different shit, but most importantly, listen to your body and just keep fucking moving.
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    It's meant for people in keto who are burning fat for fuel in place of carbs. You would be surprised how hard it actually is sometimes for me to get enough fat in to meet my caloric needs. While I get to eat bacon, sausage, and steak like crazy. The veggies that go with it take up a lot of room. So a massive dose of what is basically liquid fat helps me stay on my intake needs.

    There is no way I would drink it otherwise. I'm not really convinced of all the super powers it's claimed to give you at all. It's basically caffeinated butter.
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    That's the keto principle though. The butter is actual fat, and the MCT is exogenous ketones. The idea is that the extra fat is like eating a cliff bar. It gets processed into energy and when your body burns it up, it will naturally transition to burning the fat reserves that everyone has, even if they're ripped.

    Bulletproof is Dave Asprey's thing, and he's an unmitigated kook. He's doing a really clever job of marketing his ideas, and he's also really intelligent and fascinating to listen to. If you're a keto guy, the bulletproof coffee is probably smart, but a lot of what he's selling is just bullshit in a really well articulated package.
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    I think this is a key consideration that most people don't even think about.

    I've read articles talking about how keto is better suited to some people than other due to their genetic makeup. This is the next thing my nutritionist/trainer buddy is trying to get me to go checkout is getting genetic bloodwork done to see how my body processes things. He got it done and discovered that his body was apparently very inefficient at absorbing certain minerals, so he needs to consume more than double the normal amount to get his blood levels to what would be considered a "normal" range.
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    Off to the meat market.
  6. In Your Corner

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    Figured it'd be cheaper
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    Ribeyes weren't so great. Got some NY blades, cooked one up medium for the kids and wife, seared and devoured mine like a primal beast.

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    Anyone doubting the power of the Keto WOE, or interested in making a significant change in their or somebody they know's body composition, visit the ketogains group on Facebook, especially today with the "transformation tuesday" tag. It's unfuckingbelievable how different these people look. No drugs, no surgery, no tricks, no fad shake/enemas/powders or any other bullshit, just results.
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    If you can get through the first two weeks, you can rock it. Many people can't handle the low carb flu.
    People tend to fuck up and forget the electrolytes so they feel like shit. You need so much salt, magnesium, and potassium to keep up with what you are peeing out - that supplementing becomes a pain in the ass.

    Also - my hair falls out when I am low carb for some reason. Haven't figured out why.
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    Stuff it in your pants so it looks like you have a booty.
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    I've been on the keto diet since January of last year. Lost a lot of weight before the diet but really stalled out around 180lbs. Cutting out carbs and sugar is what helped me get down to a weight I haven't seen since high school. Not only that though, my energy level is what really keeps me on it. Just even is how I'd describe it. No crashes, wake up ready to go and have that even energy throughout the day. Never have that feeling like I'm gonna pass out if I don't eat soon, sometimes I'll just go without simply because I don't remember I'm hungry. I feel like my mind is sharper also, simple things don't frustrate me as much as they did and I'm able to problem solve better. MCT oil in the coffee every morning. Keto I don't believe is for everyone but the difference I feel from before to now is really incredible. I'm 34 now and this is the best shape I've been in since I was 18.
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    A hairy booty. Not cool.
  14. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Wouldn't keto be, pretty much gluten free?
  15. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    does this go along with eating by blood type?
  16. CausticYarn

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    Low carb - under 25 net grams a day
    I can far exceed that being gluten free. I have a nasty wine habit that I refuse to give up...And taters, I love taters. :D
  17. R Acree

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    Tater tots, french fried taters,mashed taters, scalloped taters, twice baked taters, boiled taters, tater chips, baked taters, taters au gratin, tater salad...'sall good.
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    I am 1/8 Mick, it shows.
    Possibly a hobbit.
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    blood type says what proteins are good for you and what are bad...

    so, basically one can have great results on keto, while others almost die (and still have "good" weight loss results).

    south beach helped me to drop tons of weight but i felt shitty, stank and lost hair.

    i've tried a lot and going vegan for 6 months (experimental, not idealistic) was the bomb for me. also helped to not drink.
    slept 5 h/day and went all day without a break. hair came back.

    i'm A- , apparently plant based proteins are far better for me... kinda makes sense from this perspective.
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  20. BigBird

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    I'm A+, like my grades at my prominent University many moons ago , and have been vegetarian for 14+ years.

    Usually under 140 pounds, until the last few years when I haven't been able to do much with my hips a issue, approaching the 165 mark. Oh well...I usually feel ok for the most part.

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