Kentucky peeps - Everyone OK?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hyperdyne, Dec 11, 2021.

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    I get it. I'm a GE brat, been around factories my entire life. I realize you can't play the weather game. This place wasn't exactly a huge facility though. It's just damn sad.

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    This wasn't the Amazon warehouse. It was a candle manufacturer.
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    Most likely the restrooms were the shelter. The problem is that in most of those, the shrapnel is the culprit once the roof comes off
  4. Hyperdyne

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    An Amazon facility in IL lost 2 people.
  5. 27

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    In FL or NC?

    Like a said I always wanted to be in one until I was...

    hurricanes have tornadoes as a side effect! I know it’s rare but happens

    the vast power of a hurricane fascinates me too...
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    I lived a year of my life, literally about 2 miles from that devastation in Mayfield. Feels kind of awestruck seeing those pics. :(
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    I was in east Raleigh. Mom called at zero dark 30 and asked if I was alright. I said other than the fact that you have woken me up, why shouldn't I be? I had coworkers that had the deck skinned from the back of the house and just a few shingles missing from the roof. Others lost everything. That was the first one I remember in NC that missed the mobile home park and ran through prime real estate. They are absolutely no joke.
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    you probably don’t remember, but the intersection of duraleigh road and glenwood avenue is where the tornado first touched down. There was a Bayliner boat dealership on that corner. An unopened box of invoices from that dealership was later found within the debris field in Oxford, NC, about 35-40 miles away.
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    My kids are in Oak Grove, Ky and Clarksville, Tn. Both said the sirens were going off all night and the rain and storms were ferocious. Can tell you I was on pins and needles watching the news forecasts there.
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    I used to go to a sleepover camp on the eastern shore of MD every summer and was in one once. It was night, I didn't see it, sounded like a freight train though, but at least it was a little guy, which was good too because I was literally in a godamn cabin. My buddy in the next cabin got trapped inside his when a tree fell right on it and in front of the door, but they were aiit. Nobody got hurt, just a lot of down trees, and you could see a clearcut path thru the woods where it came up from the Chesapeake bay and on thru the camp. The one thing I'll always remember though... to go from the cabin area down to where the sailboats and "beach" were, you could either walk this long way around the gravel roads that took like 20-25 minutes, or you could cut thru a path in the woods behind the cabins that took like 5-10. We went thru the path the next day, of which the path of the tornado crossed. It took like 50 minutes because of all the climbing we had to do.

    I was driving back east from Wisconsin yesterday/today. As soon as I got like 40 minutes north of Chicago, it started raining, then started raining hard, then rained the entire way to Cleveland and the wind was kinda bad, had to avoid a swerving semi a few times. Sucks to see some of the footage, but glad it wasn't me at night either where I woulda had no idea.
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    I remember that. Did you ever give anyone directions referencing from where the KMart used to be?
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    I’ve been close to quite a few I guess... 4 others Have run within from 1/4 mile to a mile from where I was from the time I was a toddler until now... there is a forest where all of the trees still grow at a 45* angle from one 40 some years ago... another one had all of the poles down... just the utility poles on one side of the road down... like it was following the road. Another ripped all of the crops out of a field beside our house like a giant combine for miles... but the one I was really in was different and incredible to be in it and feel it and survive it. I’ll write another post about it.
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    One of the first things my elders taught me was weather signs, what to watch for when things were happening.

    tornados only travel one direction... explain that... always SW to NE
    I’m not looking it up but am pretty sure that’s the case... what I was taught and has always been accurate in my experience

    the change of conditions is tell tale as the fronts energies colliding make them form so cold to warm and the transfer of energy forms the swirl

    color is the big one. The other conditions happen often with no tornadoes but when the sky turns orange to green it’s go time... so much so that I won’t go where I can’t see to the southwest if that happens... unless I go underground which I’ve done when taking care of kids and elderly but the time I was in in one that wasn’t an option and no kids or elderly to keep safe
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  16. L8RSK8R

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    I'd be outta there asap.
    Can't imagine having to deal with that weather.

    To the unfortunate souls who died, may you rest in peace :(
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    I had an Irish mechanic for a year, proper Irish from County Cork, that lived at the house with us... he about shit with a good thunderstorm... don’t remember is he experienced tornado sirens or not.... he hated the wind with a passion... never heard of someone mad at the wind... we had four wind delays in ama pro that year... all across the country... I think it was chasing him
  18. L8RSK8R

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    I've leaned into enough winds in my day.
    There wouldn't have been tornado sirens etc for weather related shite in Ireland, so when he experienced the warnings here it probably freaked him the f'k out.

    It's incredible the weather here in US. Floods, fires etc.
    Yeah, Irelands cold and damp as fuck right now but it's quite predictable.
    Ya know it's gonna rain (6 to 9 feet/year) the sun will come out eventually (next week) and the wind off the Irish Sea is gonna cut thru ya.

    "we had four wind delays in ama pro that year... all across the country... I think it was chasing him"
    He needs a kiteboard :)

    What year ya talkin?
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    I’m Native so I/we live outside as much as possible, hate being under roof and the violent storms we’re always just a part of life, exciting, as a kid I would always stay in the forest with the trees when they came. I’m the first of my family to have electricity or running water or civilization at all. Down home in the hills and hollars it’s still as it was 1000 years ago, simple cabins out of logs, close to creeks, hand dug wells if any at all, some outhouses. I miss being there as a kid.

    It was 2008, we had a delay out there in Fontana in the IE and I’ve never seen any weather there before besides smog and partly smoggy/sunny.... first time I was there it was so bad in turn 1 I thought a bike was on fire or something...

    I met him through Barry and Celtic, Cathal Phealan was his name, pronounced Cahal Feeling, he was a great guy that brought all kinds of Irish things to life. Miss that cheeky cunt, a true motorcycle enthusiast. He was banging and wrenching his way through India last I heard.
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    Yes I did! That K-Mart had been open that night till midnight, and thankfully only had a few employees still there at 12:28 when the tornado hit. It really flattened that building.
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