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    oh UFC fans take that stuff seriously. I never realized that. I was like I'm all for rainbows, but I don't want to pay to watch it. So, I'm pretty much banned from any UFC parties myself.

    Boxing is still where it's at for me.
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    The gay jokes are laughable on this. These are coming from the same people that are probably too afraid to try it for themselves. I have been hearing these things for all my life. I have come to realize that the ones making the comments are the ones in most fear of having their egos get hurt. I for one hate watching mma but respect the amount of skill involved.
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    Now you know how someone who doesn’t ride feels when they watch a motorcycle race.
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    It is laughable, and some people really are that insecure, but the majority of the jokes are in good fun.

    Face it, if you don’t know anything about jits, north-south position looks pretty gay. :D
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    I can't think of a discipline better for defensive preservation and countering in a 1v1 fight situation. All of the striking styles become severely compromised once the fight hits the ground and most (other than muy thai) don't even cover strikes in a stand up clinch.

    But if you're not into the strategy of energy conservation and just looks awful. Today's MMA is actually a non-stop action fest compared to some of the early non-sanctioned fights. Check out the Gracie / Shamrock "superfights" if you want to see two men not leave the same position on the ground for 35 minutes.
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  7. JBraun

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    That was Belator, not UFC, but yeah. Bad move by Conor.
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    How do the classes work? Is there a curriculum with classes starting at specific points and progressing through a series of defined lessons, or is it more of a "find your own pace" kind of thing? With my schedule, I figure I can make a minimum of one class per week, two or three weeks per month.
  9. JBraun

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    I'm sure every gym is different, but I've been to a few. It's definitely at your own pace, but everywhere I've been has been a very welcoming environment. Some guys make blue in six months, some a few years. You kind of get out what you put in.

    I personally like when a class focuses on a specific skill or a specific set of skills from a given position. For example, if you're working the back that day, you'll work the progression from a rear naked choke, and a set of transitions to an arm bar or triangle.

    We generally drill the movements through the beginning of the class, and then the second half is spent rolling from that position with a desired outcome. Using the example of working from the back, rounds might begin with your partner on your back, and his objective would be to submit you. Your objective is to escape the bad position. Once the person on your back taps you, or you escape the position, the round is over. You'll usually rotate partners frequently.

    Good instructors will strike a good balance between working through the movements methodically, and giving you a chance to try them at speed.

    Sometimes there are options for a course with a defined curriculum. If that's an option, it's the way to go. One of our coaches offers an eight week beginner program with a defined skill covered in detail each week. That's a great way to get a head start.

    Classes are usually specific to gi or no gi, and can be beginner, mixed, or advanced. I'm still a white belt, but I attend mixed and advanced classes and no one cares. In fact, the advanced classes are awesome because it's like having a whole room full of instructors. I wind up spending a lot of time tapping, but I learn a lot.

    Some of this may or may not be the same where you live. I'm pretty lucky to live in the mecca of Jiu Jitsu in the US, so there are a lot of options and no shortage of training partners.
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    Yep. "Motorcycle racing is so boring. They just twist a throttle, how hard could it really be?" "Someone just made a pass? How can you tell, they all look the same?" That's the equivalent of saying MMA is lame cause it's just two dudes hugging.
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    Hey at least you admit it :Poke:

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    Gimme a break. :rolleyes: Whatever happened to good old fashioned boxing where two dudes just punched the shit out of each other until somebody got knocked the fuck out. With all that kicking, hugging and squeezing they might as well just call it the GWA. Gay Wrestling Association. :D
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    Why just boxing, though? Kickboxing, Muay Thai, etc are great too. Knockout by a kick is even more entertaining, imo.
  14. Mot Okstef

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    If it was just punching and kicking that would be fine. All this hugging and rolling around on the floor crap is not fighting in my book. Well, maybe schoolyard fighting when two kids either don't know how to fight or don't want to punch each other. ;)
  15. BigBird

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    This is pretty entertaining #justsayin :D
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  17. Chino52405

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    My first post in here was a joke, because jokes...but if someone told me right now that I had one year to train for an untimed, hand to hand fight to the death, BJJ would be at the top of my list. Any 1 on 1 fight that won't be broken up by the rest of the bar after a couple of drunk punches is going to the ground. Ju jitsu can take away size and focuses on defense with incapacitating counters - all while expending the least energy possible.
  18. JBraun

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    Nothing happened to "good old fashioned boxing". Some of the best fights I've seen in my life happened in the last few years.

    If you like boxing, cool. Watch boxing. If you don't like MMA, cool. Don't watch MMA. Get it?

    I understand you're trolling, but you're not doing a good job.

    Boxing is a contest, and MMA is a fight. I love both, but only one is a real fight where you can get kicked or elbowed in the face, thrown to the ground and choked, or have your arms broken if you don't give up.

    I'll invite any of you guys making gay jokes to the mat. Come in and train for an hour, then tell me how gay it is. :beer:
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    I went for 3-4 months, 3 days a week. I was in the best shape I’d ever been in. The first time you roll with a belt who’s aggressive, as soon as he grabs your gi you can tell you’re fucked. I’ve never been so physically exhausted and broken as I was during some classes. Friday was 10-15min of warmup/quick lesson, then you roll. Some nights we did 3min matches for 45min. After that there was a conditioning class for an hour which involved you trying not to puke the entire time. Then you realize that there’s guys in there that do this 5-6 days a week, 2-3 times a day.

    I messed up my knee in a crash and couldn’t kneel for a long time (still bugs me here and there) so I stopped. That was a few years ago now and I just don’t have the time to commit to it now. My son will be going into it early and learn how to handle himself if someone decides to pick on him.
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    Apparently you haven't watched "Heavyweight" boxing in a while?

    Fat guys with tits who are winded after one round.

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