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Discussion in 'General' started by peter leduc, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. peter leduc

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    Guys, I made the mistake of purchasing used Alpinestars SMX Pro race boots and using them with much though to how much protection they provide. After a slow low side incident on my very lightweight bike (125GP bike) I was left with a torn achilese tendon. I missed all race season, except the first two events, and 4 months on crutches and 3 months in rehap. I'm very, very lucky to have the approval from my wife to race again.

    I need recommendations on new race boots so this doesn't ever happen again. Alpinestars are OK by me but I need opinions on what else to consider.

    Joe Rocket
    Puma Ghost lock boots

    Thanks for your opinions. Peter
  2. georgiadawg

    georgiadawg Elbows Out

  3. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    You rich? Daytona Security Evo, best protection you can buy.
  4. kz2zx

    kz2zx zx2gsxr

    Oxtar is now TCX, and the Competizione S boot is pretty good to walk, ride, race, and crash in, in my experience.
  5. benprobst

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    Ding! fries are done!
  6. Smokes35

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    The pumas look bad ass... id get those... but they are pricey...

    been a fan of Oxtars for a while...

    Just get what fits-- thats what most important anyways.
  7. Tdub

    Tdub Say what???

    Peter, how do you attribute the boots you were wearing to the injury? What exactly are you looking for different in other boots? In football and baseball, most achilles injuries are attributed to the person being out of condition...lack of stretching etc...
    JMO Tdub
  8. Chip

    Chip I hate it.

    Puma's. For the last three years we have had at least one rider in these boots and through multiple crashes we have never had a foot/ankle injury in those boots.

    They rock!
  9. Hooper

    Hooper Well-Known Member


    Some things are worth repeating...


  10. Capt Home Slice

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    This is an older post of mine taken from another forum, but thought it would apply here...




    The Daytona Evo Security boots that I got were a bit tight at first and got some getting used to, but once broken in, they fit like a glove (Held Phantom if I don't say so myself). They consist of an inner boot with a guard for the shin, an articulating structure made out of kevlar weave and an outer boot. They are hand made out of top quality materials, hence the price-$950 + shipping.

    They don't have the "feel" of my old Sidi Vertigo boots but then you're only dealing with some synthetic leather on the top and a sole on the bottom. The Daytonas feel extreamly solid, you can not move your ankle side to side, only in a natural walking motion. Each of the three parts of the boot are replaceable, but I can only imagine replacing the outer once it is worn out. There are other boots that have similar structures inside like the Teknic Speedstar. I looked at the top level Oxtar and Sidi roadrace boots and they pale in comparison to build quality and in my opinion, protective qualities (but arn't a bad deal considering you'll pay less than half of what the Daytonas cost). Daytona make a less expensive model, the Evo Sport. These are designed with the same theory in mind as the Security but they are made with less expensive materials (the inner structure is plastic and not nearly as robust as the kevlar) and are made by machine. Do I ever second guess myself for spending $1K on boots? Not in the least bit. My ankles get fncked up every time I crash. Not with these, my second outing in these boots saw me lowsiding at Gingerman because my throttle hand wasn't connected to any sort of reasonable logic. How did my ankles fare? Nary a hint of pain. Ask anyone who has broken their ankle if they would trade that experience and the lasting effects for a thousand dollars and I'll bet you my left nut that they would say yes.

    ...and now the negatives (almost forgot). They do not use perf leather and there is no ventilation. Also, if you're ham fisted with the zipper, it tends to jump a tooth as you turn the corner around the boot. The zipper I can deal with by being careful, the ventilation is a bit of a pain but something I can look past because I know that I'm wearing the best boot on the market.
  11. Tdub

    Tdub Say what???

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  12. Hooper

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    You are right. I'm an idiot. Please enlighten us. :rolleyes:

    I believe that most of us were addressing ankle protection in general (the achilles is somewhere near the ankle isn't it? Remember, I'm an idiot) and not specifically the OP's injury. Do you have a boot in mind that was engineered to prevent that injury?

    edit: Too late Tdub. Do you do that often? That's at least the second time today.
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  13. Tdub

    Tdub Say what???

    Chris, just research achilles injuries. The initial question was not about ankle injuries...it was about a specific achilles tendon injury. It is not an "impact" type injury. I just question which if any boot could have prevented it. I never said anything to imply you are an idiot...that was your remark. Maybe you should have stayed on topic! Tdub

    As far as the edits...so what. yeh I do it all the time. I try to speak what is on my mind...but that usually upsets someone, so I try to tone it down somewhat.
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  14. Sevenfiddy

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    I've always heard great things about the Daytonas, especially in regards to protection, but gawd those are fugly.
  15. If you like the Alpinestars and decide to stay with them, move up to the SuperTechs.

    I wore the same SMX-Racing boots you are talking about for a few years and had a couple of wrecks in them with no injuries (i still wear them when i take trips on my Triumph Sprint).

    But i went with the Supertechs this time and they are more "race orientated". They are alot stiffer and seem as if they will provide better protection than the SMX. They arent as comfortable as the SMX and movement is restricted quite a bit more, but i am sure comfort isnt as high on your priority list as protection.

    I dont mean that to suggest the Supertechs are uncomfortable; i can wear them all day without taking them off and don't have any issues. But they arent as comfortable as the SMX.
  16. Hooper

    Hooper Well-Known Member

    No worries dude. Your original post just struck a chord and I took offense. It's all good. :up:

    I think that we all know that road racing is a dangerous sport and nothing can prevent all injuries. I've seen an achilles tendon blow-out on a baseball player while I was watching and it wasn't pretty. Could a piece of equipment have prevented that? I don't know but I think that you might have been headed in the right direction with your questions about stretching and such. :)
  17. knedragon29

    knedragon29 Well-Known Member

    Its easy,you answered the question yourself.Daytonas by far.I have 2 sets and still keep wearing the 1st,just bought a new outer shell for em.They feel a little tight at first but after a good sweat or 2 in em you won't even know that you have em on.Best money I spent.I had a pair of the A-Stars and broke a bone in the top of my foot after a good seizure on the 125.Wish I had the Daytonas back then:rolleyes: And yes they are expensive but look how much the little fall cost the first time.Again yes they are expensive:up:
  18. Mook

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    Vertigo Corsa Air
  19. hintonrsvr

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    You may also want to consider the Komodo FX boots. I wore them last year and was very happy with them after having used SIDI for the previous 3 seasons. Factory direct pricing makes them very affordable also.
  20. stickboy274

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    I jusr got some of these, Gaerne GRs Race, at a great price from Yama-saurus. I haevn't gotten to ride in them yet, but they feel good so far.

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