I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

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    It happens all the time, hell if you Google it you can find ring video of it happening.
    I've personally been in a house where a guy was trying to break in, in the middle of the day and we looked directly at each other through a window and he still tried to break in, I was about 12 at the time.
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    I believe there was a case a few years back of a home invader trying to break in while a teenager was home alone, and the kid shot him with an AR-15. It caused quite the uproar as the family of the intruder argued it "wasn't fair" for the kid to use an AR-15. :rolleyes:
  3. Do a YouTube search for “Active Self Protection” and check out John’s videos. It happens a lot more than you think...even in the middle of the day.
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    We shouldn’t rely on the criminals being smart. There are way too many stories about break ins while people are home. That’s why most gun guys have
    “House Guns”. There main purpose is for just that. Odds are low it will happen but why roll the dice instead of loading a couple guns. Hope for the best, plan for the worst
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  5. I don’t want it to be fair. All of the stuff I own, train with, etc is an intentional effort to make sure things are not fair.
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  6. :stupid:
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    Great channel, as is Sage Dynamics for gear and gun reviews.
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  8. You wouldn’t believe the shit people pull.

    One method that is becoming more common is the “bait and switch”. Few people will answer and open the door for a couple of guys wearing hoodies and masks, with their hands in their pockets.

    So they will have an accomplice that is a little girl/lady. They hide around the corner, she goes to the door acting lost and scared, or making a delivery. The homeowner opens the door....ambush.

    I don’t give a shit if it is the middle of the day or who it is/what they look like; if someone unexpectedly knocks on my door and I don’t see a FedEx/UPS/USPS truck in the driveway, I’m answering the door with my right hand full and behind my back...
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  9. noles19

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    The big thing that happens now is following people home from restaurants and fancy places then sneaking in the garage door while the people pull in.
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  10. noles19

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  11. Booger

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    Happens all the time here in Baltimore. A few years back two kids broke into my ex’s house and sliced her up about 50 times when she confronted them. She bled out in minutes.

    Crazy thing is that her and I had talked the day before about how she might want to think about getting a gun for home protection, but she was anti-gun.

    It’s a very real and ongoing thing up in here.
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    I'm surprised we have to go through this exercise of proving why home break-ins happen while the residents are at home. I read a case just last night where the guy pretended to be a service tech. The owner showed him the HVAC or other in the basement and, yep, you guessed it, his hidden accomplice entered the premises and rummaged the upstairs.

    @sbk1198 , agreed about VA. But, the crime logs show you that criminals are (still) insane even in VA.
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    I've been trying to talk my ex-GF into learning how to use a gun. She finally got a dog but that's a deterrent at the most. Her elderly mother has a gun "somewhere" in the house but hasn't "fired that thing in who knows how long" (her mother's words). Lol.
  14. DmanSlam

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    Speaking of criminals being insane, here's a hilarious standup sketch by Dave Chapelle on criminals and forensics:

    I'm sure Bill Burr, another comedian, has something to say on the subject.

  15. RRP

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    I think you answered you’re own question.
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  16. I almost got to pet a duck.
  17. Local place has a few in stock and I’m headed that way in about an hour. Funny now that I was using those Bono’s last night, fully charged, then bat low warning and they’d shut off. Batteries are good and load tested so I ruled that out, firmware is up to date, etc. It’s not mine but I sent them an email and talk about customer service. I gave them the serial number off them, they are sending a brand new set to me, with a prepaid label to ship old ones back. I did have to give me CC as they will charge me for the ones they sent if not at FedEx within 14 days from receipt of new ones. I’m totally ok with that and they are sending a model 2 levels up as long as I give a fair evaluation of the product. They are damn smart putting those clauses in, I’ll take the extra 5 min for about a $400 upgrade plus a weatherproof case too. That’s some true good old fashioned customer service.
    Pissed me off because I could hear them but couldn’t see much but outlines that would come and go in the shadows. Normally I can get them to walk into a spot where I can get a decent outline then get a general aim with the scope, press light switch with my palm and shoot quick once I confirm what I’m actually shooting at. Amazing how such little time with the right equipment gets you spoiled. Wind is supposed to be more calm tonight so I’ll give it another go. I live in an area surrounded by mountains so the wind can swirl quite bad if it’s coming in from N NW over about 10mph.
    Came in this am and wife was grabbing a coffee, she just said “you smell like Bigfoot’s dick”. At least most of my scent was covered, well maybe not :)
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    I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm sure it has, and I'm sure it will but the cases are VERY few compared to break-ins when nobody's home. I hope I don't ever have to deal with a situation where someone breaks in. But if it happens when I'm home I'll be ready. I have 2 guns ready to go in my bedroom so I'm not too worried about that. But like I said, I'm more worried about someone breaking in when I'm on a work trip or at a race track over the weekend and then I come back and my shit's gone.
  19. Few years ago in small town ga where I lived 4 kids (3 guys and a chick driving the car) broke into a dudes house during the day when he was home. He was 75 or so, he didn’t even leave his recliner and 1 dead, 1 seriously injured who’s now recovered and is in federal pound me in the ass prison for 25 to life. Other boy pleaded to 25 (I think), and girl got 16 or so years. None of them went to trial. The kids were armed with those police baton things that extent, knives, etc.
    Queue up some pulp fiction. Didn’t expect that reaction but you have to expect one. Wouldn’t have ended well for the old dude if he wasn’t prepared as he was. Funny thing is is that he’s pretty well off, had a pretty too notch security system with cameras installed about 6 months before for when he’s off flying his plane to wherever and it was to keep his wife safe. One of the kids brothers who also got time was doing work at dudes house and somehow knew he didn’t keep the system on and told his brother that.
    This is not a debate of guns, etc and by means political. I just don’t get stealing shit from people, especially breaking into someone’s home. That’s as personal as it gets for me as that’s supposed to be your place where you are comfortable and safe. Having said that I’ve also realized some people a long time ago shouldn’t have bred and when they did they should’ve spent a tad bit of time with their kids teaching them about how to live a decent life.
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  20. Just like people arguing with cops “let’s fight fair, 1 on 1”. It’s not supposed to be fair you f ing idiots.
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