I need a new handgun...lets talk guns today. :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Kris87, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Pretty sad that I got as excited as I did just now finding 4 boxes of .22lr Stingers on the shelf at Walmart for 13 cents a pop.
    Glad I got a shotgun on the way; 12 ga shells are the only thing that's pretty available and reasonably cheap (for now).
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    Their inventory says now out, sorry. A coworker of mine knows the owner of Green Top. He says they can’t keep any AR-10,12,15,22 etc in for long at all.
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    Looking at the nomad for my AR. Shop here has $100 off the nomad at the moment.
  8. redtailracing

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    Sportsman's Warehouse currently has H&K 416-22s for $380 on their website so if you have a store local to you, that should be a pretty good deal. I absolutely don't need one but was very tempted when I saw the email this morning.

    No love for the Surefire cans on here? I figured those would be popular around these parts.
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    You might want to factor in the cost for the KeyMo adapter... I added that to easily move between rifles. Puts the cost at/near Sandman. I bought Nomad because it was available but would just as soon have bought a Sandman S.

    Also, it was a surprise how hot the rifle suppressors get after a few shots. Particularly out of my 11.5" barrel. I burned my "suppressor" gloves to the Nomad after two mags of sustained fire. This in contrast to 9mm subgun that gets hot... but not burn through your fireproof gloves hot
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    I’ve got an old SF FA556ar that’s fine. Nothing to write home about except you can’t get the muzzle brake required to mount it anymore. Better not lose the one I have
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    I’d keep it direct thread I think. I’ve got a thunderbeast to move around on guns. I’d look at another tbac but not looking to spend the $$$.
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    I used to think direct thread was the best option for me because I buy a can for a gun and don’t jump them around. But the I realized that most cans that use an adapter/flash hider/brake also have some type of latching. So they stay put. I really don’t have any real complaints with any that I have other than the omega being louder than I think it should be.
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    Dead Air. they switched to a new manufacturer a few months ago (still in Atlanta area, and decently well known locally for good quality) and things have been improving for quality, parts, and accessories. At least my local shop has a bunch of their stuff on the shelf now.

    I've got a Ghost (45 but I use it on a 9mm often) and Mask (22lr) and just ordered a Nomad (30 cal for the rifles). Let the waiting begin!!!

    Rugged in based in NC and solid. Q if you are a fanboy. SilencerCo generally makes good stuff. Thunder Beast Arms if you want precision rifle stuff. Those are my usual recommendations.
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    Fall into the rabbit hole? :D

    I've had designs on another .45 and fell in quite deeply. With all the brands that represent, I dove into 'Tube to see what the current crops revealed. I'm satisfied with my current .45, but I had a hankerin' to "upgrade" an inexpensive offering while performing my own de-horn/de-edge and "tune/massage" without having any regrets if I fucked it up. What currently has my attention is Rock Island Armory's (RIA) GI series. These are in the 'Tube's "top 1911s under $600" class.

    At the top of the 'Tube's "top production 1911s" was a Dan Wesson, but that's not the direction I'm looking toward and I'm not spending $2K. Dan Wesson has less expensive models. Their featured claim is "hand-fitting" which generally makes for smoother operating, more accurate platforms. Interestingly, the RIA is also hand-fitted at less than $500, but it's limited to the slide/frame interface. The Wessons are hand-fitted everywhere.

    Remington's R1 and Ruger's SR1911 were ones I was looking at years ago, they seem to be on par with the Ronin, but they all come with features I have no interest in, much like all the "top production"models. These three, I guess, could be called mid-grade, $700-$1000. I'd rather spend the $200-$500 difference over the RIA on my own choices of upgrades.

    As with most things, it comes down to what you want it to do and how much you want to spend. If you have any PC principles that drive your purchases, Springfield is allegedly guilty of some off-putting "business practice" that I was unaware of and have since yet to research, but I like their stuff - even if it's not the original and venerable Springfield Armory.

    So, where ya at?
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    Public service announcement on 1911s (I hesitate on this...): the second round of CMP application for 1911s will open in January. This is such a cool program and I've been waiting years for the second round to open after missing round one... https://thecmp.org/sales-and-service/1911-information/
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  17. Steak Travis

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    my dad got a Service grade 1911 in the first round. It's a cool pistol and in great shape.
  18. Shocker

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    I recommend the Tippmann 22 over the M&P.

    Meh. The 416-22 is made by Umarex for H&K and it is really subpar compared to the real-deal 416. The trigger is absolute garbage (really gritty and near 10lb pull) and the whole rifle feels cheap. Umarex cut a bunch of corners to get the price down.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Good to know.
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    If you have a range nearby that carries Tippmanns and is doing rentals, I suggest you give it a shot. My range has a full auto Tippmann 22 for rent and I literally laugh while shooting it full auto because there is no recoil compared to an actual AR. Zero feeding issues as well.

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