I hate Iceland.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by H8R, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. H8R

    H8R Bansgivings in process

    Looks like a beautiful place, but I hate seeing anything about the place in print.

    If you guys want proof of extraterrestrials, just try to read and pronounce any word in their language.
  2. pickled egg

    pickled egg If you don’t hear from me

    And, they're fucking weirdos.

  3. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    There used to be like 4 or 5 dirt cheap direct flights there out of Dulles a week. Now there are zero. They were marketing it as a long weekend/ Vegas type of destination.

    I still kind of want to go there just to say I went.
  4. Sacko DougK

    Sacko DougK Well-Known Member

    I lived in Iceland and spent alot of time there. LOVED IT!! It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.
  5. H8R

    H8R Bansgivings in process

    I was looking at piece about it on Discovery channel. It looks amazing.

    I just can't get past the road signs, and names of places. My brain can't even comprehend how to pronounce some of those words.
  6. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Go to Sweden if you want your brain to melt trying to understand damn near anything said or written. :D
  7. jp636

    jp636 Yellow Turd

    You know you would...... (I would)
  8. Repo Man

    Repo Man 50 years of Yamaha GP!!

    "Everthink is Musssik!" :crackup:
  9. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    Did you see any (non-US military) black people there?
  10. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Jeez Papa, even you know there are no black people outside of the US, France, the UK and some parts of Africa. :D

    They're like Skodas. :D
  11. Sacko DougK

    Sacko DougK Well-Known Member

    Not that I remember off the top of my head, but I wasn't looking for diversity of culture. I was at their culture and their natural enviroment. Which is amazing.

    Following that line of reasoning, I also did not see many or any white people in many other countries through out the world that were not U.S. military.
  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Why would any intelligent black person go live in Iceland?
  13. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    He said everyone should visit Iceland. I was just hinting to him that some of us have biological restrictions. :D
  14. TLR67

    TLR67 Well-Known Member

    They like to Climb Hills with V8's and Methane and are damned good at it....
  15. Sacko DougK

    Sacko DougK Well-Known Member

    Biological or mental? Because there are plenty clothing manufacturers who can compensate for biological restrictions. Lot's of black people living in MN and Canada. Sorry, I thought you implying a racist overtone in Iceland.
  16. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner Dungeonesque Crab

    This one definitely goes out on a censorship tip

    So everybody sit back, relax and have a champagne sip
    We gonna teach these people out there who are

    Against saying what we want to say the right way

    Y'know what I'm saying, so what we're gonna do

    Is kick back, swing a little funky beat by my man

    DJ Pete Rock, prducer extrodinaire, yo Pete Rock

    (In Icelandic)
    Þessi fer örugglega út á ritskoðun þjórfé

    Svo allir halla sér aftur, slaka á og hafa kampavín sopa
    Við ætla að kenna þessu fólki þarna úti sem eru

    Gegn segja hvað við viljum segja á réttan hátt

    Y'know hvað ég er að segja, svo hvað við erum ađ gera

    Er sparka til baka, sveifla smá angurvær slá með manninn minn

    DJ Pete Rock, prducer extrodinaire, Yo Pete Rock

    Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.:D
  17. HPPT

    HPPT !!!

    They were born there, they have no choice. And even Canada has a non-winter season.

    Anyway, me trying to explain to you what it's like to be a really cold would be like you trying to explain to me what a sunburn feels like. We just can't relate. :D
  18. Robin172

    Robin172 Well-Known Member

    Back in the late 80's I went to see England play Iceland in a football (soccer) match. Halfway through the second half Iceland substituted a black guy on. My initial thought was that it was an ex US serviceman who had somehow managed to qualify for their national team. It was a bit confusing as his name was Johnson....all Icelandic men's surnames end in "son."
  19. Sacko DougK

    Sacko DougK Well-Known Member

    You haven't been really cold till you pre-flight a plane in -50F in Greenland....In July!!:eek::eek:

    Honestly, Iceland does not get that cold. Boston and Maine were a hell of a lot colder then it ever got in Iceland. Windy and cold enough for smaller snow showers in the summer, yes. But even in winter time, it never got bitterly cold like New England or the some parts of the upper mid-west. Outside of a really bad storm, I don't think temps ever went below 20F. The Gulf Stream keeps it warmer.
  20. tzrider

    tzrider CZrider

    Iceland, the country with cool central heating...

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