How to vacate bats??

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    I had one get in somehow last summer. Woke me out of a dead sleep with the flapping around over my bed. Looked for that damn thing for an hour after I chased it around for an hour and lost it. Apparently however it got in, it got out, and I still don’t know how it did either.
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    Google tadhg fleming bat video.
    I rarely see bats here, wouldn't mind having them in a wee bat house to control bugs etc.
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    Many times bats will have more than one entry point to their nesting area.
    You have to be absolutely certain that all access points are blocked off, and then
    do the "one way" screen idea or hire a pro to install one of their exit tubes.

    I had bats in the house I purchased two years ago and once the entry points were closed up
    and the tube installed, they find their way out in a day or two and can not get back in so they
    just go hang out somewhere else. I did have to wait 3 months though as bats are protected here
    in NJ from May first to the end of July. Of course I took possession of the house on May third....
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    Bats are on the protected species list. We had a colony last year in our attic. Had to wait till they left for the winter and then had the house bat proofed. They can squeeze through a 1/4 inch opening so you have to seal up all the cracks.

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    Bugs Bunny eradication technique

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    Brave one.
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    Three pages and no one has told him we'll need video of him against the bat...
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    Turn off the Bat Signal


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    Ask nearly anyone, and you’ll hear that bats (although beneficial in insect control) can be dangerous because they carry rabies. But a lesser known danger, and one that is not as easy to avoid, is histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a disease you can get from exposure to bat guano (bat droppings).
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    A Broome... get it? :D
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    Is that just bat droppings or any similar animal type droppings?
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    Until they day they start making armadillo guano, I'm gonna guess that an article stating the dangers of bat guano is limited to, ya know.... bats.
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