How far will the left push

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    I like that story. So the NYT has a standard so they wouldn’t print the presidents op ed because they don’t print false material. Wow guess someone should tell them there’s no such thing as Russian collusion. Cause they keep printing that bs.
  2. blkduc

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    There is so much BS in that piece it's comedy gold. But the real enjoyable part is that you can sense the panic. They are stuck. Trump is their daddy and they don't know how to break it. They tear themselves apart to report that he threw too much fish food into a pond, or ate two scoops of ice cream, or has paper stuck to his shoe. Trump literally lives in their heads. His late night tweets must put a huge smile on his face because the enemy is not getting sleep, and with a few keystrokes on his phone he can dominate the news cycle the next day!

    ROCK media/democrats HARD PLACE

    They don't want to give him coverage, but they have to if they want viewers. And their coverage is so bad, that they are losing viewers and helping Trump's approval go higher. Man, watching the left destroy themselves has been the most satisfying show in a long time.
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    They are just gun shy after realizing the tingle running down their leg all the Obama years turned out to be pee.
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    Paragraph 3... so precious!!!

    ..."""The president does not have a free pass," former New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal told CNN. "Our standard at the Times was that we do not print things that we knew not to be true, whether it was a letter, an editorial, a column or an op-ed. If a letter writer said something that was false, we would require them to correct or we wouldn't run it."""...
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    You'd think the liberal news would read the writing on the wall and be more neutral in their coverage, but I guess they are riding the Killary, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Feinstein ship all the way to the bottom.

    Not mentioned in the above link but I read elsewhere that CNN and MSNBC were beat by the Food Network and the Hallmark channel in the same timeslot. The Hallmark Channel...let that sink in for a second.

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    That is what made me laugh. A former classmate of mine is an extreme LWN that posts as many NYT op eds as she can. Truth does not seem to be a requirement for them...
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    And as has been discussed before, CNN is on in every damn airport and such that you go to. Their actual ratings must be down around the all-infomercials-all-the-time channel.
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    TV news is a business. Ad revenue is directly based on ratings. Ratings are based on viewership. Viewers are obviously rejecting the content and honesty of the reporting.
    You would think at some point this would all become obvious and adjustments would be made in order to become more profitable...and then you realize they support socialism/communism despite it having never worked in the history of mankind. Liberals sure are a delusional bunch. Say it is so enough and maybe it will be so.
    Here Easter Bunny...
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    I don't fly much anymore, but it kinda ticks me off when I do go to an airport and see CNN on. They could at least out the highest rated news channel on? Guess not
  10. R Acree

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    From the airport's point of view, it's a revenue stream.
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    I didn't read all of the thread, so sorry if we talked about it, but,
    one of the latest things the LWM/MSM is harping on is
    calling these disgusting groups of people breaking the laws, etc.-
    Mobs! Call it what it is.

    And, I heard that no is MSM airing the fact that Colin Kaepernick said that the only reason Hillary is not in jail is because her last name is Clinton?- fact/fiction?
  12. Chino52405

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    So you really think CNN et al are bleeding revenue yet only you are smart enough to see it? Good thing you're not delusional and vulnerable to willing your wishes into your own reality.
  13. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member're cute.
    Let me ask you this Einstein...If you owned a business and your policies were directly affecting your revenue in a negative manor, would you adjust your policies or just run the business into the ground?
    There is no wrong answer, but one makes fiscal sense and the other doesn't.
    The ratings are out there. Leftist news sources are getting pounded. Adapt or cease to exist is generally the rule. I'm sure they have cash on hand to ride their wave for awhile, but sooner or later they'll need to adjust.

    You having a bad day? Your replies have been somewhat reasonable lately...
  14. Chino52405

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    You still haven't said anything about actual revenues for these companies - which even the most cursory of searches will show are rising for all the major cable news networks. Maybe you should start with showing your knowledge about how media (ads) is purchased and the metrics used to value that buy? I'm sure you have actual information somewhere in this argument and aren't falling prey to that "delusion" you used to introduce this topic.
  15. speeddaddy

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    The left are showing what bad/absent leadership leads to. Mob rule. Their thirst for power has cost them their sanity. The “resist” bullshit is leading down a dark path for everyone.
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  16. In Your Corner

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    So you're saying the loss of viewers is increasing profits?
    How does that work?
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  18. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner It's a little-known fact...

    Me pica qué, me rasca aquí.
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