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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Buckwild, Mar 6, 2019.

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  2. Mongo

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    If you can afford the ammo I say go for it. Granted as with all things there are restrictions on where you can fire it but plugging a tanks barrel is just wrong :D
  3. Buckwild

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    This brought a chuckle because I know you’d piss your pants at the opportunity to own a bazooka to target shoot pumpkins.
  4. Mongo

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    I'd prolly go larger than pumpkins :D
  5. Steeltoe

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  6. In Your Corner

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    A VW hippie bus.
  7. ryoung57

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    No. Those things are cool. And valuable!
  8. TXFZ1

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    With or without the hippies?
  9. R Acree

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    The market for used hippies is improving, but still not a good investment.
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    I remember that case, gasped and felt gutted for that poor security guard, but without being there it's hard to say how badly the officer "screwed up". There have been many well-known cases of armed undercover police officers shot by the responding patrol officer. It's not an easy situation to be in on either side of the ordeal. When responding to a man down or armed man your senses get at such heightened levels that reality is some don't deal with it as well as others assessing the scene, not in a complete tunnel vision, etc..

    I know the article above said he had a security shirt or vest on but without seeing it it's hard to say if it was enough. Was it boldly printed front & rear or just over the front pocket?

    I know in our training when in plain clothes they always made it clear to have the badge in hand and up in the air waving it in the direction of responding police, that kinda helps identify yourself....
  11. nigel smith

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    I look for their particular skill set to be in great demand once the Green New Deal takes off.
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  12. Handicapped Racer

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    it was pretty big text from the pictures I saw a week or so after it happened
  13. Handicapped Racer

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    Now that's funny cause I just literally spoke to them and Va state police about a issue with obtaining a PA concealed carry permit, two weeks ago. I told them i was denied a gun purchase and was inquiring as to why. I forgot how we got into the process of him looking it up but the officer said, hold on what's your name and I forgot what other info he asked me to confirm who I was but it wasn't much. Either way he said he had no record of me trying to purchase a firearm. he then asked who had run the info and when. I told him the name and place of where I brought my M&P Shield. He said the last thing we have for you is on this date and the Gun shop (gun was purchased at a gun show) and he told me the model that I purchased. After that I remembered an incident where a DC officer grabbed me walking out of liquor store cause he saw me printing. They took my gun because my registration was one digit off. I had to go back to Dc court, get a new registration card then go retrieve the gun. I said I had the wrong serial number on the firearm and had the gun confiscated I read the number that I had on the registration to him.. the wrong registration number at that, he said the 4th number is a zero not a six which was correct.
    I even called Va state police at 10:46 and he said they are purged after 30 days but if that's so how come the officer could give me that info

    I called them because Pa initially denied the permit because they needed documentation that the dude I knocked out in 95 wasn't a family member but by time found out why I was denied it was passed 30 days so I couldn't challenge it. I wasn't sure what the denial was for since I never received the letter. This all took place in my efforts to find out why I was denied. Media Pa wouldn't give you any info on the phone about the denial, it turn out it wasn't a denial it was a delay and request for more information.

    They may not have the actual form but they have that info electronically.

    Ignore it if you like i'm new to buying and owning guns but I wouldn't buy that story.
  14. Britt

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    In YOUR State...not in Georgia...
  15. Handicapped Racer

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    If you say so Virginia says they don't but apparently they do.
  16. Britt

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    Well yeah.. it is a PoliceState... LOL
  17. Handicapped Racer

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    I'm good with that.
  18. Mongo

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    No way, VW buses are cool. Even hippie ones.
  19. Buckwild

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    Here's an interesting article that showed up in my feed on unlicensed gun dealers.
    Apparently, a loophole in the law allowed a retired mechanic sell more than 1800 guns which generated nearly 700K in sales as a 'hobbyist'.
    Because he's a 'hobbyist', he doesn't need to run background checks to verify if the buyer is a convicted felon, a nut case or whatever.
    How do you address this? This is precisely how the bad guys get guns. Your local mechanic is the door to the black market.
  20. GRH

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