Gillette is going to teach you how to act.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Steeltoe, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Lemme think - Cascade, Bounce, Dawn, Pepto, Vicks (Nyquil for sure and cough drops and prolly Vapo Rub), Oral-B, maybe Gillette, Secret for the boss, couple Olay products for her as well, Swiffer for sure, Charmin, Bounce, and I think they sold off Jif. Not sure what if anything I'm missing or may have been sold off, have to check the list later.
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    Use Borax power in your carpets and furniture for flea control.
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    heuter toledo odormute

    Google search that. Soak in the washer overnight with a couple of spoonfuls of the powder, then regular wash.

    Pee smells outside, two teaspoons (tablespoons? which ever is bigger, I can never remember) in a watering can sprinkled over the area the dog... sprinkles... once a week or so. More often than that with artificial turf, especially crushed granite based turf.
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    I see in 2018 p&g did over 65 billion in revenue. You don’t think the Gillette ad campaign could have hit the overall company for a 5 billion loss from their numbers from the year prior?
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    Nope, not with Gillettes entire portion only being 6.6 billion. I'm sure it had some effect but not 5 billion worth.
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    Arguably, there may have been some revenue loss to P&G from people boycotting the full breadth of their brands.
  8. Mongo

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    I'd bet not many of the boycotters have the slightest idea how many of their daily use items come from the soap company - and if they did learn they'd make excuses for keeping most of them :D
  9. Mongo

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    I'd also bet parts of the company were fine writing off 8 billion as a "loss" :D
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