FBI visits a friend of mine.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Jim McDowell, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Jim McDowell

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    First post to the Dungeon so be nice.

    We have recently had a series of church burnings in Alabama.
    The only real lead on the perps is they may have been driving a dark SUV, possibly a Honda Passport or Isuzu Rodeo.

    This past Sunday morning a friend of mine heard a knock on her door. Being early she didn't answer it. A few minutes later the phone rang.

    It was an FBI agent. He said she owned a dark SUV and they wanted to see it. She said her son had it at college and they said they wanted an appointment for a time they could physically examine this vehicle.

    I want these idiots to face justice like most people do but this is bothers me.
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  2. Steve Karson

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  3. tcasby

    tcasby Banned

    I think when an agent is assigned to track down and check out every dark SUV he/she pretty much has to do it without regard to suspiciousness of the owner. Nothing personal, just crossing the Is and dotting the Ts.
  4. Robert

    Robert Flies all green 'n buzzin

    Unless your friend's son has coincidentially been driving around to the churches that were burned it sounds more like an inconvenience than anything to worry over.
  5. XFBO

    XFBO Well-Known Member

    :stupid: OMG!!! I think I agree with Bob and Terry for the very first time!!!:D :bow: :beer: :Poke:
  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    What they all said and without a warrant she doesn't have to do anything but it will help them out a bunch to be able to check hers off the list.
  7. RCjohn

    RCjohn Killin machine.

    I agree. Sounds pretty routine to me. Probably something specific they are looking for. Take some smears for flammables or something simple like that. Probably a very quick thing.
  8. 600inline4

    600inline4 Mentally unstable

    It shouldn't bother you at all....they're doing their job, and that's to check out ALL dark SUV's in the area, matching that description.

    No stone unturned. A half assed job would be to just check the ones that SEEM like the suspects vehicle....:D It's best they check them all......

    YOU know the people and that they're good Joes, but the FBI doesn't know them from Adam.

    Who would think that firemen would set fires??? But they do....
  9. RB

    RB Well-Known Member

    Ain't you ever watched or read any whodunit's ?? Basic police work.
  10. RumpStun

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    fear no evil

    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'
    Ronald Reagan

    Oh, he did not add that he was there to help.

    To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last--but eat you he will.
    Ronald Reagan

    Just to eat you my dear....
    :Pop: anyone
  11. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused


    Several things come to my mind.

    Hey, if I'm a good person, and I don't like the crime, I'm all for eliminating loose ends for someone.

    Does that inconvienence me? Sure. Voting that is set up on not normal election periods is inconvienent too...I still want to slip my vote in where the sun doesn't shine to the people that set up those "special election dates".

    Next...is there specific information that someone knows about the college student? IS IT POSSIBLE?

    Everyone seems to think that there is so much info available everywhere. I think people to keep secrets. But then again, maybe someone told..

    Help or hinder? Or should we always claim "our rights" when our help as citizens is needed.

    Yup, no warrant. So...help or hinder. Or just call the lawyer to set up a deal?
  12. odell2115

    odell2115 Well-Known Member

    from the Birmingham News...

    Two BSC students arrested in church fire probe
    Two men arrested in a spate of west and central Alabama church fires are Birmingham-Southern College students, according to federal sources.

    Ben Moseley and Russell Debusk were brought to the federal courthouse in Birmingham this morning.

    “I can confirm the FBI was on our campus last evening conducting an investigation,” school spokeswoman Linda Hallmark said today. “At this time, we know nothing more than that. We’re waiting on information and instruction from the FBI.”

    Hallmark declined to confirm or deny that the students are enrolled at the school.

    Authorities said a third suspect is being sought.

    Details are expected to be released during a news conference at 2 p.m. today in Tuscaloosa.

    Carol Robinson
  13. Shyster d'Oil

    Shyster d'Oil Gerard Frommage

  14. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused

  15. fastfreddie

    fastfreddie Well-Known Member

    <beavis> "i killed a buncha people, once." <beavis>
  16. XFBO

    XFBO Well-Known Member

    I guess they pretty much pissed their lives away and probably their parents nest egg between college and counsel fee's. :down:
  17. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused

    Should they piss their nest egg away for their non minor thug kids...I think they are on their own, right? R E S P O N S A B I L I T Y

    Parents didn't do it...
  18. Super Dave

    Super Dave Exhausted and Abused

    TV reported that a specific set of tire tracks were found at the scene, and there was a description of the SUV.

    One of the guy's mom bought tires for the SUV recently, and the tread pattern matched. Two have confessed?

    Is it the family?
  19. RB

    RB Well-Known Member

    If the parents have any sense [ unlikely judging by their offspring ] they would tell the boys " you are on your own " and not spend a penny of their own money on lawyers. Total waste of money.
  20. RoadRacerX

    RoadRacerX Jesus Freak

    I wonder, since these stupid kids are white anglo college students and all, if they had set fires to mosques they would have been charged with hate crimes? I doubt we'll see these hate-crime charges since they were only Baptist churches, and it was just a joke that got out of hand after all. :rolleyes:

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