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    Yet you didnt have too cause its a privately owned Business.
    And thank you for that.
    The main problem with Cmra is it refuses to allow its members access to info that by law they should have access to.
    Oh and the lies they spread about people they deem a threat to them.
    Be interesting how they handle this.

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    Funny that the idito that could not figure out his name in the other thread, is now listed on the lawsuit.
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  3. inge

    inge Between fight or flight, one should choose wisely.

    An easy way to prove gross negligence is to compare what people say to different audiences.

    Dye's WERA posts would be exhibit 1, closely followed McNamara's posts on the CMRA forum re LSTD. You can't even read Orchard's posts without smelling like BS yourself from the stench. Aaaaaaand then you get to the missing money.
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    Just the simple fact that they:
    Disregard their own club bylaws. (Voting procedures)
    Ignore legal requirements for operating as a non profit. (Financials available for member preview)
    Don’t follow general accepted accounting procedures. (Expense reporting and reimbursement)

    Is enough for me to know they are shady as F.

    Never mind them fighting tooth and nail to keep as much information as they can hidden from the membership.
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    I said it makes sense that those orgs choose to do that. In the precious unique snowflake world of litigation that we leave very in it makes sense. Don't say anything that could (or even could not) offend or cause problems

    Being open and accountable ultimately makes the most sense though. Wera makes sense
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    Page 6. This blows.
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    Ok so now that Peyton is in this too. Perhaps a one paragraph refresher on what all of this stems from and is about. 5 or 6 years ago I was shooting CMRA and I heard word about this. I left and just poking my nose in again just because I miss it, I see the same thing still going on.
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    there are several cliff notes, but really the whole thread is a must read. and by "must read," i mean i wish i never had. but you should.
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    136 pages. I have chemo on Monday and will need something to read for 3 hours. Looks like I just found that thing to read
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  10. It will be more painful than chemo, hope all is going well as it can. We all miss some of the photos. You are one of the best for sure.
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  12. Here's my legal document rebuttal.

    Attached Files:

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    Compelling argument, I’ll allow it.
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    Damn, couldn't even spell your own name. :D
  15. Sorry, it's a rough draft. My drafter was out grabbing us his dad's suits so myself and my council wrote it out. I will make sure to have properly proof read before we go to court.
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    El Capitan!
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    I like it. Short and to the point. :crackup:
  18. :crackup:
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    I will now forever associate you with a chimp.
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    Chimpy stinkfinger.

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