Enough, let's see the books!

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  1. inge

    inge Between fight or flight, one should choose wisely.

    Actually, CMRA can't suffer at all. By law, the directors and employees are solely liable. CMRA can't pay a dime.

    Side note, CMRA has a slam dunk malpractice claim against the lawyers. Remember, they claimed to represent both the CMRA, while at the same time representing the thieves. If pushed, they'd pay back that $1 million spent defending my case.

    And Dye, I am more than happy to show a court just how complicite your ass is in this criminal conduct. I'd start with Linz's letter to the Tarrant County DA saying he saw theft and misconduct, on your watch. Then I'd show the jury how the money was stolen, how much, and what you did to avoid recovering/hide, etc. - all at expense of CMRA.
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    Shit just got real. :D
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    What gear comes after plaid? Whatever it is, we just hit it.
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    Post it up here in the court of public opinion or is that another empty accusation?
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    pickled egg Who lives in an air bubble under the sea?

    Thanks Peyton.

    I learned all my fancy lawyerin' from Murder She Wrote and Breaking Bad, so I apologize for having some details off ;)
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    Well Tesla's new Roadster is supposed to have Maximum Plaid mode.
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    Another reason to diss all electrics.
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    Your assignment tonight is to watch My Cousin Vinny.

    No rewinding & freeze framing Marissa Tomei in her panties, either.
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  9. VFR#52

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    Hey Allen can you please explain how Cmra was not running Friday trackdays and lonestar was when the club has the opportunity to bring in this amount on Friday for it?
    This is from MSRH the 1st race of yr.
    Id be happy to pull up the other revenue from when Cmra ran its Friday trackday over those 3 yrs thats posted on their forum if you like?
    You did defend this as it wasn't any money for the club to be made from it.
    Seems that is not true according to what i see.


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    I kinda like this inge guy. :rock:
  11. pickled egg

    pickled egg Who lives in an air bubble under the sea?

    You can't tell me what to do!
  12. Metalhead

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    So like, what's the deal here?
  13. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    Some people didn't steal some money, then spent a half million not covering it up.
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    Well that's stupid. I'm out. I gotta keep what IQ I got left.
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    Honestly, I don't think you have much to worry about.
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    Why do I picture a caveman holding a palmful of tinder with a tiny little ember frantically blowing on it trying to keep it alive. :)
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  17. nigel smith

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    Don't forget that some other people did not get banished for asking about the money that did not get stolen, and that the books are open to anyone that does not actually ask to see them.
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  18. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Nothin from nothin leavess nothin
  19. backbone

    backbone scarred for life

    I think this is the jist:

    CMRA member runs for BOD, does not get elected even after asking many people if they voted for him and when confronted said YES to him. But the polls showed that not many members actually voted for him.

    CMRA member makes a big deal about the voting procedure because he knows that more people voted for him than CPA says. Because they told him to his face.

    BOD doesn't let him have everyones emails to ask them himself iirc. It was some bizarre shit imo.

    CMRA member doesn't get his way.

    CMRA member asks to see the books. Because its the next obvious thing to ask for?

    CMRA member gets them but its not to his liking. Wants something different.

    Does not get something different.

    CMRA member threatens lawsuit.

    CMRA kicks his ass out.

    CMRA member gets mad and sues to see the books.

    I think this is how it started. After the suit started it became about saving the CMRA from thieves.

    We were told there was proof and that CMRA member was fighting to bring out the truth.

    CMRA member settles for undisclosed amount of $$$ and/or Cheeseburgers and Pie.

    New lawsuit goes no fucking where....................


    So nobody has to read all this BS.
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  20. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Just go to last paragraph on page for quick answer to all this.

    So the person who was collecting and depositing the clubs money was making large deposits into her and husbands personal accounts on same day as depositing money in clubs account is still working for the club?
    Nah nothing to see there.
    So is she still working for club?
    How about a guy on the BOD for over 10 yrs running a private for profit trackday business on Friday's before a race weekend all the while the members are being told by BOD that its not making any money and Cmra would be loosing money if they took it back and ran it themselves.
    Yet now that they posted 3 yrs and the financials from the races run this yr PROVES that is and always has been a lie.
    And people like you and other BOD members actually defended this.
    And is he still running his trackday organization now?
    Nope because without having a captive audience of club members he had no business.
    Whats amazing is all anyone has to do is look at what Cmra has posted for financials to see the inconsistency in revenue and payout of club funds.

    But i also know that anyone who ever ran for BOD and asked about either of these subjects never won an election except Lindsey Leard.
    And even being a BOD was not allowed to see any financials and resigned because he wasn't even allowed to attend BOD meetings.

    Let so look at the real reason of all this.
    A member asked to see the books.
    BOD said no way and BOD kicked member out of and he sued.
    BOD spent million dollars keeping anyone from selling the books.
    Case got dismissed because he was no longer a member.
    A member then sued club.
    Club files bankruptcy to keep other lawsuit out of courts.
    There i fixed it for you.

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