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Discussion in 'General' started by JTRC51, Jul 9, 2019.

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    I will get my first experience in a class A next weekend. We are renting one to go to the motoamerica round in Pitt. Really looking forward to the experience.
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    That’s a smart way to get a taste of what they’re about. In fact, renting is probably the cheapest overall way to have a motorhome, depending on frequency of use. The purchase cost, maintenance, depreciation, repairs, insurance, etc, all add up to quite a bit of money. The dealer I bought mine from even has Allegros in their rental fleet; pretty ballin’ coaches and beyond the average family. I think, you and your family are going to really enjoy using it at the track.

    Take plenty of time packing things (compile a list), so you don’t forget anything. Plan plenty of time for the trip, so you don’t get in a hurry and bump something or blow the tires off the thing. Fuel up, before pulling into the track, so you’ve got plenty of generator fuel. Make sure your LP tank is full. Make sure your water is topped up and the water heater works. Be conscious of your house battery use, as they start the generator. If the family has the stereo, TV, fridge, lights, or other things being used in the coach, just start the generator, even going down the road. The roof A/C unit(s) require the generator to run, as well. In most motorhomes, anything in the coach is ran from shore power or generator, only. And, the engine usually only powers the chassis.

    I’m anxious to hear how your weekend goes.
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    What RV and how much is/was the cost of it?
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    tree fiddy?
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    What’s it cost to rent one of those? It seems like I checked on one once and it was cheaper to fly and get a hotel.
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    I take it, you’re head into Eureka to pick up a weekend rental? :D
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    New 2018 Thor Motor Coach ACE 30.2 Motor Home Class A at Craig Smith RV | Galion, OH | #T125

    Here is what we went with.

    It was $1,000 to rent
    Plus $120 for insurance
    An additional $1,000 deposit that is returned is nothing happens.

    We get 150 miles a day
    Propane tank and gen are full and are not required to return full.

    I'm sure I'll need to take extra diesel for gen since we will be there Thursday night till Sunday night. So is it ok just to put some diesel cans in one of the side compartments?

    Good tip about the house batteries, I would of never thought about that.

    A decent hotel was over $500. Then with food at track and dinners in the evening easily another $300. Then having to leave and every night and drive 20-30 mins to the hotel then up early to drive back. So for really another $3-400 extra we will have in renting one, to was worth it to see if may be interested in purchasing one in the future.

    What other tips can you guys give the rookie. Lol
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    That should be a gas generator. Figure ~3/4 gallon per hour in gas usage. That motorhome has 80gal fuel capacity. I’d go into the track topped off. You might be able to make it the whole weekend. If you see you’re getting low on Saturday evening, just shoot out for fuel and come back. Or, buy 10 or 15 gals at the track. I wouldn’t tote a whole bunch of fuel. Those storage boxes aren’t always air-tight from the coach and messing with a bunch of cans is a PITA.

    I cross-shopped the ACE 27.2. Those are nice motorhomes and that one was really reasonable to rent.
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    O I guess, I just assumed all the gens on the bigger A's where diesel.

    How long with the propane tank last for fridge?

    We are really excited about the trip. Wife is packing stuff now to put in it as soon as we get it.
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    About a year of running the fridge on propane. And Ace has gas engine and generator. And you will not need fuel if tank is full when you arrive. We were at Eldora a few weeks ago and generator used maybe 20gal over 3 days running constantly. And that was a bigger generator than the Ace will have. It will have a 4kw Onan, we had a 5.5kw.
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    Awesome. Thanks.

    So, as long as I'm full going into the track, I should be set?
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    Depending on the fridge type, if it's a three way you don't need to run it on propane unless your AC AND DC supplies are exhausted.
  19. zertrider

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    Run it on LP. Works best there and propane use is negligible.
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  20. zertrider

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