Child Abuse, or She had it coming?

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by ryoung57, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. tiggen

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    Esp middle school.
  2. TurboBlew

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    Yee shall be found guilty in the Food Court for not patronizing your local retail brick & mortar! Presided over by the Honorable Blart...Class D security officer! :D
  3. DmanSlam

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    +1 I'm trying to stay out of this. But this hits the nail on the head: "All of a sudden the tough gangstas turned back in to little girls when it sunk in to their dumb little heads that actions have consequences". That and, today, in society, women can get away with acting like asses because you can't hit them. Not saying you should. But maybe this video is an example of where some level of physical force is necessary. A comedian, Bill Burr, talks (well, okay, jokes) about the topic (of not being able to hit women) on YouTube.

    What's just as bad (and I'm going a little off-topic here) is that us guys have to fight another guy if (maybe "when"?) his woman mouths off to some dude and pisses him off enough that he wants to fight our woman. :)
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  4. Potts N Pans

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    This is related to the bold part. This guy's wife starts stuff and then gives her husband crap for being weak in her twisted mind. :eek:
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  5. DmanSlam

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    @Potts N Pans

    So glad that type of sh!++y behavior is not something I have to deal with. I witnessed a young couple at a motorcycle shop this weekend. They were in separate cars and, by the time I got there, the young woman was standing beside her car with her door open, talking loud and non-stop. The young man was leaning over her opened door looking as much in the fight as she was. And two motorcycle salesmen were standing outside the front entrance, 10 feet away, observing. My thought was: she's going to get body-slammed by the angry man, he's going to jail and I'm going inside so as not to be a witness or innocent bystander. Stupid stuff.

    Back on topic, this thread is sad, sad that people are in different camps about how it unfolded. Perhaps we can consider that "karma" prevailed for the little ones? :Poke:
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  6. Woofentino Pugr

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    I try to stay out of the inside of the malls. Anchor stores with their own entrances usually aren't bad, but the inside is another story. Last one I went through the inside is the Janesville Mall. Its usually dead inside, not lot of kids. East Towne and West Towne in Madison, nope. West Towne I try to avoid even the anchors. Too many hood rats trying to rob people in the parking lots.

    Last time we were inside the East Towne Mall was when they had the shooting in the food court in Dec 2015. We were about 75' from rounding the corner to the food court when the shot was fired. We bailed down the service corridors (I did pest control there and knew the corridors and where they exited) to get to the parking lot. Couple women followed us also. 2 weeks earlier we had an incident in the same mall with an 18ish yr old punk who found out the hard way he wasn't as tough as he though.
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  7. Mongo

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  8. Timothy Landon

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    Yes. You have shown you are full of it.
  9. R Acree

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    So how do you determine the "event"? Is it one second of an encounter? 10 seconds before? In your view is the girl pushing the man, or harassing the woman a separate event or part of this encounter?
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  10. fastfreddie

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    How many times must a person be assaulted before they should take action...once, twice, a hundred times?

    Should the assailant feel wronged if they get their lights knocked out for any/all the pushing they've administered?
    Should anyone have any other reasonable thought than "they got what they deserved" when it ends in tears for the perp?

    Quit crying for criminals. They love when people erroneously take their immoral, unethical and, possibly, illegal act in itself.
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  11. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Clearly, he should have shot the little bitch. She and her cohorts had already demonstrated an obvious disregard for law and order. The potential future threat to society needed to be neutralized.
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  12. Venom51

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    No..the shot to the head was an appropriate response. Play stupid stupid prizes.

    Maybe Mommy can put her in time out and explain again why harrassing people is wrong. I'd ask Daddy to explain the laws of physics to her as well if he can be located.

    Perhaps if they had spent a little more time beating on her ass that guy wouldn't have been forced to beat on her head.
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  13. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    If that happened, it would likely have prevented a number of out of wedlock children from being born...growing up to repeat the same cycle of behavior.
  14. G 97

    G 97 What's my name

    It’s always good to have different options.
    Always have a plan B in place.
    But I’m also willing to go along with your plan A. :D

    Don’t you think using the term bitch is a little harsh though.
  15. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    Fitting Actually
  16. nigel smith

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    It's pouring down rain and I'm stuck in the house. I'm just beating my metaphorical drum in the hopes that someone smirks at me.
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  17. G 97

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    11 inches of snow here. Working from home office. ;)
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  18. Mongo

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    I am indeed but nothing in your post is true. What got them to that point does matter. The huge groups of teens surrounding them does matter. I wouldn't say he was in imminent danger for his life, given he didn't respond with remotely close to lethal force that is a moot point. He was absolutely in more than enough danger to warrant a punch.
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  19. Mongo

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    Way to be ridiculous. Even the goofier peeps here haven't said anything remotely like that.
  20. nigel smith

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    There's my smirk!

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