Car insurance won't pay out

Discussion in 'General' started by gixer1100, Jun 9, 2022.

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    No, connects with a cable to the fuse box for auto-power, sticks on to the windshield. Cable runs to the rear for the rear camera.
    took me about an hour to install.
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    How do you like it? Is the video/audio good? Are there any subscription fees for the app?
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    Garmin mini2 dash cams are really nice. and easy to use. to the OP, the "merging" issue here, is a 2 way street (no pun intended). when lanes end it is a difficult position for the police, and or insurance companies to lay blame for impact fault, as both drivers should be aware of surroundings, and allow for "the merge". every incident would be, have different outcomes, and fault. it is all about the situation. Ski
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    I mounted it as a safety recorder. I checked to see that it worked, and it does. Audio is from the cabin and is decent for what it is. Video was as expected for a 2K front, 1080 Cabin & rear recordings using 1/4" camera chips and H.264 compression. It records three files in parallel, one for each camera. It takes a microSDXC card. I currently have a 256GB card, which records a few hours worth before it starts overwriting the oldest files. A larger capacity SDXC card will give you more recording time. It works fine for what I wanted, a recorder that runs when the car is moving.
    Its small enough I was able to mount it near the top of the windshield and not have it be in the way or obstruct my view. Night vision is OK, better when the windows are clean. Interior cam uses infrared illumination at night, so cabin B&W night recordings are OK, not great.

    I don't use the parking monitor system, as I didn't want the continuous load on the car battery (my car sits parked most of the time).

    The speed display (uses GPS) is laggy, with a second or two delay in reading actual speed. I suspect its a 1Hz GPS. Again, for my purposes, that's not an issue. The GPS sets the clock, so once you set time zone, the time/date (used to name files) is accurate.

    I don't use the app. I just put the SDXC card in my computer when I want to view recordings.I pull the SD card once in a while to check it, and it plays fine using VLC in my computer. I don't use the wifi (when you connect to its ad-hoc wifi, you are disconnected from any other wifi).

    The camera cannot connect to your wifi access point, just to peers (phone). The app just lets your phone be used as a viewer. No ability to download files or connect to cloud storage. No cloud storage is available to my knowledge, just the internal SD card. No idea about fees for the app, but without cloud storage or connectivity, I doubt it. No three-channel recorder that I know of in the <$200 price range has a cloud connectivity feature.

    I've never downloaded the app, as its not what I use the system for. No cloud storage is available to my knowledge, just the internal SD card. No idea about fees for the app, but without cloud storage or connectivity, I doubt it.

    I wanted decent local recording, auto start/stop, with GPS tagging. This does all of that
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    That's like the dive-bombing I was seeing on 285 in the northeast Atlanta construction zone recently. Crazy.
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    Good call on the location. 400 south bound just inside 285. He's going for the Glenridge exit, which is the first inside 285.
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    I was headed from Augusta to Chicago on a Sunday afternoon last April. Drivers were going from the left lane on I-285 to the exit in less than 500-600 ft before the exit. Seeing them cut across 5-6 lanes of moderate traffic was insane. Saw this 6-7 times as I looped north around ATL, but only one resulted in a crash.
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