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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by gixxerreese, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Who thinks it is driven by left wing ideologist and why would they do that if it is so transparent. Why wouldnt the news just report the news and stay neutral.
  2. scotth

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    man, I don't even want to get into this, because it's obviously a matter of faith and not fact, but my personal opinion (and I don't even watch that much t.v.) is that people bitching about 'liberal bias' in the media just can't handle the truth, which seems to have a liberal bias to it (the truth, that is).

    or put another way, whenever I see something on t.v. that seems based in fact (we weren't doing so hot in iraq, for example), you see the 'tards line up to bitch about liberal bias in the media. that, to me, has no bias to it whatsoever. we weren't doing well at that point. that's neither left or right, it just is. I think a lot of ideologues want to see the 'news' presented from their point of view and scream when it isn't. in the above example, it's heresy that we're ever not doing extremely well in any military endevour (unless it was when a democrat was a democrat was commander in chief) so that's a liberal slant.

    the media reports a lot on bush's failures. this is not because they're a bunch of left-wing commies out to get him, it's because he's the worst president in living memory, and quite possibly ever. that's not a 'slant' (okay, it is, but is anyone arguing that the guy doesn't suck?). in short, he's given them a lot of ammo. bad news sells, and he gives it to them. if a democrat was that bad, you'd see him get it too (monciagate? I couldn't turn on a t.v. without seeing it. that's actual *news*? really? but I didn't hear any bitching from the right then...)

    I'm not saying the left doesn't do this, too, just that either the right has been more vocal, or I've learned to ignore the left better. or I just live where there are more right-wing 'tards than left wing 'tards.

    dunno, but I've watched more fox news than all other channels combined lately (that probably totals 30 minutes over the last year) and whenever I see it, it's embarrassingly obvious to me that it's hugely slanted to the right. almost like if you vote 'tard, you can't handle actual facts getting to your brain and have to have a 'lite' substitute (which must be t.v., since you're obviously not reading a newspaper). if I was a 'tard, this would bother me. I'd like to think my positions were based enough on actual fact that I could withstand the counterargument, but then, look at the 'tards we have here. not strong on the debate, they are. so I guess I kinda do understand.

    I hear people say c.n.n. is to the left as faux is to the right, and I really don't watch enough to know, but the few snippets I've seen seem 'okay'-ish. I mean, no matter how you slice it, it's t.v. news, which is crap at best. maybe I should watch some more and see, but I'm not sure I could take that much t.v. of any stripe.

    put another way, "is bush the worst president ever?" doesn't seem to me to be a question with a liberal bias. it seems like a fair question. you could see that as evidence of my bias, but I'd respond that prior to that the same could be asked of carter. or, "is social security the worst thing ever to happen to america?" (you seem like you might be slow--social security was championed by a democrat president), etc.

    I think the problem is that the group currently calling itself 'republician' is the most inept, incompetent bunch of jackasses assembled in quite a long time. the other jackasses calling themselves part of that same tribe take offense with that. doesn't make it less true, just offensive to the tribe. can't help that.

    lastly (and totally unimportant to anyone willing to scream about cable news liberal bias to begin with), quite a number of studies have been done attempting to quantify bias in the media. usually they don't find a bias at all, which is of course another heresy, since everybody knows all news outlets have a liberal bias, and the obvious answer is that the reviewers were biased, and you can keep going indefinitely, calling anyone that disagrees with you biased. I'd say they're just biased against stupid, which brings me back to my original point, which is that the truth has a bias towards what people who attack it are currently calling a 'liberal' position.
  3. pucksdown

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    Yes, Bush has bent over too many times for the left to be known as one of the best presidents. We need another Reagan conservative..... but even MORE conservative!
  4. cu260r6

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    The mainstream cable news stations (Faux News excluded) are as objective and centrist as possible. The only ones who disagree are those on the extreme ends of the political spectrum (both right and left) that don't have a realistic idea of where the center actually is. Given how conservative this board is most will probably disagree with this assumption, but I think that will only confirm it.
  5. pucksdown

    pucksdown WERA #9

    This board is CONSERVATIVE?? I must be farther right than I realized! Wait till you get OLD and you'll move more and more right.
  6. PInC

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    Since when is liberal bias equated to the truth?
  7. Mongo

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    When you're a liberal and believe everything the media tells you.
  8. Tex

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    I watch the news program with the hottest anchor...muted.

    I get everything important that way.

  9. R Acree

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    Damn...that could be a workable system.:up:
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    Wow, Lou Dobbs on CNN lately!

  11. Turbotech

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    She can fill my head with all she wants...But like all women, you just have to filter out what you don't want to hear....

    MMmmmm Robin Meade


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    Not necessarily.
  13. tomastopher

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    Are you contending that he is one of the best? if so then "put in your ear plugs, put on your eye shades, you know where to put the ball"
  14. Smokes35

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    Under 30 and conservative = heartless
    Over 30 and liberal = stupid.

    Thank God im so heartless.
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  17. RCjohn

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    Hippies don't count. :D
  18. cu260r6

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    When was the last time you saw a thread critical of McCain on here? How many threads critical of Obama have there been in just the last month? Every political poll on here comes out 20-30% farther right/more conservative than equivalent national polls. Motorsports in general is disproportionately represented by white males, and this demographic trends more conservative than any other. I rest my case :)
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  19. RCjohn

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    McCain hasn't been fucking up. Well actually it isn't Obama that keeps fucking up it's people around him doing stupid shit. Either way, Obama is new while McCain is old news. He took his beatings in here last time he ran.

    This board is fairly conservative though. Most have worked hard, paid their dues, made enough money to enjoy a relatively expensive hobby. Tends to be a conservative driver... earn your money and be able to use it the way you want... for fun and charity.
  20. cu260r6

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    He hasn't screwed up? Just in the past 2 weeks McCain flip flopped on offshore drilling, his chief economic adviser said we were only in a mental recession, his contention that Obama's approach to diplomacy was naive was just contradicted by the White House adopting it toward Iran, and the President of the Iraqi government just endorsed Obama's plan for Iraq. You may not agree with these points, but they're certainly newsworthy.

    You don't hear about these things becuase conservative sources (like this board) don't bring them up. Expand your media horizons, and you might get a better concept of the true political center. I doubt many of you go on liberal sites like Daily Kos and try to stand up for your conservative positions.
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