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    anyone not believing that the price a bike can bring in a reasonable time frame (say a month or 2 if exposed to "the market" adequately), has to do with the reputation of the seller/rider, and the people that have had hands IN and ON that bike, are wrong .. it's a fact.

    there is a reason some bikes bring more, for basically the same bike as a few others on a for sale forum (similar model, and other parts thrown at it), than others do. Reputation is hard to earn, easy to throw away. If you wouldn't pay a bit more for a bike that has a real reputation for being well cared for, even if crashed, and from a seller with a history of doing the right thing.. and would rather pay a few bits less to a guy without any reputation, you are kinda foolish (imo).
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  2. noles19

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    Broome I'd be Interested in some tires and rains if you have those.
  3. Im in Africa right now, then I have to go to Copenhagen for a little while. But when I get home I will see what all I have, check the build dates, etc and get back to you (and a few others who are interested in them).

    I am not sure what I have as far as Rains. I am pretty sure I have a new set of Intermediates (aka "Wets"), but I know I let a Rain front go with the spare front wheel. I might have a rear though.
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  4. cajun636

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    Wait... is this thing seriously still for sale??
  5. Funkm05

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    Pretty sure it’s just some random spares he has laying around.
  6. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    Gotcha I didn’t go back and read it in true Broome fashion lol
  7. Nah the bike was sold right after it was posted. I have a couple stacks of unused Pirelli Slicks and guys are asking about them.
  8. Redline87

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    Do you really? Whats a build like that run if someone sends you the motor?

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