Broome's R6

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Gorilla George, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    Damn..... looks like I need to upgrade.
  2. ffezro

    ffezro Well-Known Member

    Do you wann sell the tires?
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  3. edd77

    edd77 Member

    Sold! everything as described, no games, how all deals should go down.
    Thanks Chris!
  4. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Piss off....
  5. edd77

    edd77 Member

    Thanks, will do.
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  6. :beer:

    Thanks for the help Ed.

    And thanks to everyone else for the kind words and interest. But like Ed said, it is sold.
  7. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Lots of broken hearts out there.. mine included :(
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  8. I’m thinking I should have asked more for it. :D
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  9. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    <Wondering if the 1299 is ever going to be on the chopping block> :D
  10. Yep. Probably within the next few weeks or so.
  11. JTRC51

    JTRC51 El Speedy Gonzalez

    Go buy a brand new R6 and build it like the one you just sold.. I will give you 10K for it :D
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  12. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    yeah, like double
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  13. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    Might just be me, and I'm bracing for a few of the Broome nut swingers to come at me like spider monkeys, but I don't think his price was that far off. It's a super clean nice bike with a lot of shit, no doubt. But there's a certain price point that you hit when trying to sell a 600, and you can't sell the thing (as a whole at least, not discussing part-outs). There have been a ton of very clean R6's for sale on here, the other dude selling a Grave's R6 as an example. He's dropped that down to 10k or something like that and the last I checked, it still ain't sold. Could he have sold it for more? Probably, but in my eyes, he just cut out that gray area of negotiating prices, and sold it for the bottom dollar he was willing to sell it for.

    The only reason people aren't asking 15 billion questions about the engine is because of his reputation on the board. If it was anyone else and the big C word was mentioned in the engine build, people would be like "well does it really have carrillo rods? When was it last refreshed? When was it last this, or that....". Quite honestly the bread and butter of this bike is the motor and knowing the OCD-ness of the owner, everything else is pretty standard R6 build stuff. Admittedly, I would not buy a "built" motor, but wouldn't have a problem buying that specific motor, because of both Chris and Livengood's reputation.

    He's taken that R6 through a lot of evolutions since he's had it, but you can't expect a buyer to pay for the cost of experimenting with bike setups over the years (Trying this chassis setup with this tire size, OK now try this, then this...) I think we all cry a little on the inside when we do a rough count of how much we've spent on a bike over the years we have it, building it to our liking. The dude that bought his R6 just skipped all the hard work and has a turn key full on race bike. :clap:
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  14. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

    Still a 14-15k package imho
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  15. Of course he is entitled to his own opinion, as is everyone. But between here, facebook, emails, and PMs, I had no less than 25 people make comments similar to yours, and talk about how I was selling it too cheap. He is actually the only person I have seen say the price was on point. So while he is entitled to his opinion, he is in the minority with that opinion.

    At this point it doesn't matter, it is gone. But seeing how I had several people willing to buy the bike within hours, and several others disappointed that it was sold before they could get it, that all points to the price being low for what was included. Hell, when I woke up the next day I had 12 PMs between here and fb from people wanting to buy it.

    While it is true, the "bread and butter" is the motor, that is a big slice of bread with a lot of butter. Anyone who has looked into duplicating that motor knows it is a $13k build. Building a high HP motor is one thing. Building a high HP motor that is reliable is a completely different ballgame...and the only miles it has on it are dyno break in miles. Then there is the $5k worth of Marchesini wheels. The motor and wheels alone are worth a lot more than what I sold the entire package for.

    Not to mention a few thousand worth of spares, some of which are still new in the box.

    Anyway, what is done is done. After seeing the initial reactions, I knew I set the price too low. But it was too late. I couldn't go back and increase the price after committing to it, that wouldn't be right.
  16. Actually, I do have a stack of unused Pirelli Slicks that I am thinking of selling. They are new (meaning unused), but the build date is from a couple of years ago. So I don't know how that works or how much to sell them for. When I get home I will see how many sets I have (I think 6-7) and start a different thread and see what happens.
  17. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    Don't feel bad about selling it 'too cheap' Chris. Consider it a good deed, helping somewhat out, passing on good fortune that you have and being a good dude that you are.....just good 'ol racing karma. Nothin' wrong with not being greedy.

    I lose my ass on everything i buy and sell. Do any of us ever break even, let alone profit?

    I wonder what the value of a '13 RSV4 ex-Gorilla George bike is worth? :) I may be looking at a new '17-'19 RSV4 next year.
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  18. I reckon that's a valid point. :) I figured selling it cheaper would help someone that needed a bike for the GNF.

    I will give you tree-fiddy for the RSV4. :D
  19. roy826ex

    roy826ex Been around here a while

    It was worth the asking price regardless of comparison bikes here and there. I raced against it many times. It was a good solid fast bike and Chris as we know ain’t a small guy on a 600.
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  20. Wheel Bearing

    Wheel Bearing Professional low sider

    Anytime a friend beats you, it was the bike, not the rider...anytime you beat your friend, it was you, not your bike. :D

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