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Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by yamatr3, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Moving or hanging out again?
  2. Pooh

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    Very cool and welcome back :D
  3. JSR29

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    Yes, they are factory Corsa 888’s but with full blown 996RS motors, triple injector, later electronics and all, built on ST4S/996 cases. And that was all legal under the previous rules because the engine mounts are the same as a 888 and the motors “look” the same. However, no such motor existed in the time that 888’s were raced, or the period Next Gen was to replicate. This violation of the “spirit”, if not the letter of the rules, is what other competitors, or potential competitors like me, object to. And, of course the fact that a 996RS makes 160+ hp which no period motor made and no other legal motor has a hope in hell of matching.

    The “can’t get cases” argument doesn’t hold water. ST4 and S4 cases are stronger but direct replacements for 888 cases. I think the folks who wrote the original rules had ST4S motors laying around and figured that would be an easy way to more power than the original motor.

    The heart of the problem is that the Ducati engines in question are referred to by displacement instead of type. Should be, Narrow stud space Desmoquattro (851,888,916,926,955,984) and Wide stud space Desmoquattro (996). All that needs to be said is that wide stud is not “like kind” and problem solved. And no shower injectors!
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  4. yamatr3

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    Spot on!
  5. Gino230

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    Well then I stand corrected!

    I don't think anyone is making 160 HP though. My 848 is in a very good state of tune, makes 143 on MR-12 and I could pull Mavros on his 888 at the end of the straight at Roebling.

    Of course a vintage Superbike should be easy pickings for a 2014 848, so that's kind of making your point. :)
  6. Jeff McKinney

    Jeff McKinney Well-Known Member

    In the new next gen rules,only the cases can be later than 92.All other engine parts have to be 92-older.So I guess that means only narrow stud compatible engine parts?
  7. CR750

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    Thanks sir, even if I do not race I may look for work with your guys, what an excuse to ride the street bike all over the SE and watch races.
  8. JSR29

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    You’d think. Sorta, maybe. I hope it makes that kind of sense. But the Ducati 888 is on the approved model list for Next Gen One and they were produced as street and Corsa models till 1994. So what does that mean? I never envy rule makers their job. I know Ducatis from the era but if you asked me to write rules for Kawasaki’s I wouldn’t know where to start.
  9. Jeff McKinney

    Jeff McKinney Well-Known Member

    That's easy,since they won't allow water cooled gsxr's,they shouldn't allow a zx7 newer than 1990.
  10. Jeff McKinney

    Jeff McKinney Well-Known Member

    Would the 1994 888 corse still be narrow stud?
  11. JSR29

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    Yes. Production Wide stud desmoquattro started with 1997 916SPS. Which was 996cc despite the naming and homologated bigger engine for WSBK. So several years after 888 chassis bikes were raced in WSBK or AMA.
  12. yamatr3

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    Do a rules suggestion and ask that the bike be added. They will listen to reasonable suggestions and arguments. The key is getting board member support. One thing to think about is if you add that bike, the oil coolers will now be outdated and you risk losing those guys. In vintage rules, you will please one person and upset another.

    I have a 1990 Kawasaki ZX7 in restoration process for that class right now. I know it will not be winning the Next Gen 1 , but it will still be fun to ride it out there.
  13. Jeff McKinney

    Jeff McKinney Well-Known Member

    I was successful with getting them to allow frame bracing and bodywork changes 1 or 2 years ago.Really could care less about the wc gsxr,I just find it funny how out of touch the rules committee are with the class.I would rather race an oil cooler than a wc gsxr,just stupid that they think it more competitive than a 0w 01,rc 30,or a 91-92 zx7.
  14. Muz720

    Muz720 Well-Known Member

    The rules where written without much research apparently as a few Aprilia models came with radial front calipers (Edwards and Haga) rules state there are not allowed. But the models are legal?
  15. JSR29

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    That’s kind of a tough one. And seems contradictory but maybe not. I didn’t have anything to do with writing the rules but if you remember that it’s a Superbike class not Supersport and that model and technology wise the cut off is 1999-2000, no radial brakes and no gas forks makes sense. What they’ve done is allow Bike models that are in almost all ways pretty much the same as the 1999-2000 bikes in but kept out later non-period tech. Too bad if you have a 2003 Aprilia but better than not being able to run it at all if they said RSV Mille: 1998-2001 only. Reading the next gen 2 rules I’d say a Mille R is probably the best bang for the buck in the class.
  16. Muz720

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    Rules state 1st Gen Milles are legal ! That would include all models up to 2003. Sorry I sold mine many moons ago.
  17. TZRusty

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    YZF750---- next Gen2 and wera V6. Am I correct ?
  18. yamageezer

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    I have a couple of guys interested in my 1988 FZR750, but if it falls through, it'll be up for sale on here.
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  19. Outsider V6 V7

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    TZRusty, the YZF is Next Gen 2 and I believe it is V7HW unless it was manufactured before 1990.
  20. Pro Speed Racin

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    It's not a SUPERBIKE Class, 750's have to retain stock bore and stroke.

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