1 Series owners?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dieselboy, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Any 1 series owners here? Specifically the 135i. Going to test drive one this weekend. Heard nothing but good things, only downside is all the local 135's are autos. :down:

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    I'll try to get my friend to chime in on this. He has almost the exact same car in your pic. So far he seems to really like it.
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    SMALL, not much faster if any than a 335, poor resale.. etc etc get a 1yr old 335
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    Yup. I have a space gray 135i with the dual clutch auto transmission. I am a manual transmission man but the price on this used car was too good to pass up. The BMW dual clutch 7 speed is something that I ended up really liking. I still want a manual, but it really is a close 2nd and far beyond any auto transmission.

    My back story is that I was going to buy a Subaru BRZ. The car got sold while I was on a test drive with it so I got pissed and started test driving all sorts of cars. I drove a Challenger RT and a Mustang GT among other things. My gf is a BMW girl and set up an appointment for me to drive this car before I put my money down on something. She knew that I would not be able to walk away from it after I drove it. I recommend driving some other cars first because it will make you appreciate the BMW even more. The 135 isn't as fast as the GT in a straight line but its a completely different feel.

    The 135i has the most road feel I've ever experienced. The steering is heavy, but a good heavy. Everything else feels like crap now. The engine makes great noises and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time you drive it, especially when its in "sport" mode.

    The bad:
    1. It understeers at the limit. At 8 or 9/10's the car is a dream but after that the front starts pushing bad. More negative camber and a few other things help this.
    2. Not a real limited slip diff but it works pretty good.
    3. The 2011 and up N55 engine isnt supported by Cobb Tuning yet but its being worked on. There are other tuners that make good power though
    4. No boost gauge
    5. Getting it into launch mode is sorta hard

    Overall, I am really loving this car. The bad is definitely nothing compared to the good. I drove a 328 loaner car for a week while I was getting the bumper repainted and I felt like it was too big and not near as communicative. What do you want to know?
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    i have one friend with a 135, another with a 135 convertible, and another with a 1 Series M... they're all happy, but the last guy is the happiest.
  6. I've heard the 135i is quicker than the M3.. I like small, which is why I'm going with the 1 series (No Kids :)).

    This is the car I am test driving: http://www.devonhillbmw.com/VehicleDetails/certified-2009-BMW-135i-Coupe-Devon-PA/1855607373

    I've driven a new 3 series twin turbo manual and loved it, I'm hoping the 135i is similar only in a tighter package with more oomph.

    Is the steptronic trans in manual mode laggy like other faux manuals?

    I've heard there can be some issues with the fuel pump, any other common/serious issues?

    What gas mileage are you seeing on average with mostly highway. This car will be mostly for commuting, but I race bikes, so I want to have something that's going to put a smile on my face and make the commute a little less boring.

    Does BMW offer a good warranty?

    Anything specifically I should look for (common wear areas?), does the price seem fair or should I offer 29k and see where we end up?

    I'm 24 and the only other car I bought was a craigslist special for under 3k, this will be my first big purchase.
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    I never drove one of those steptronic transmissions so I cannot comment. The fuel pumps were terrible until 2010 but the warranty is extended on those. The new design hasn't been a problem. The waste gates also have some sort of rattling problem but I believe those are also under and extended warranty also. The twin turbo engine really responds well to mods and is more powerful than the later single turbo engine.

    As for wear items, I am not sure of anything what wears bad other than the rear tires.

    I would look into what warranty it has. At that price I would expect that it would have the Certified Pre Owned warranty. Mine came with that. After the regular warranty is up, the CPO warranty covers the big stuff with only a $50 deductible. The CPO warranty is worth a couple grand by itself. I would for sure lowball them on that price regardless.
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    Friend with a 135 loves it. I'd just say kinda pricey is my main deterrent.
  9. cpettit

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    I have a 335 coupe with the 6spd steptronic. It actually shifts really well and quicker than I expected it would. The n54 twin turbo motor is the titties!
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    I'm a dealer BMW tech, the 135i is about the most fun to drive car BMW makes...It's small, light and has a wide track for its size...The one you are looking at is a cpo and the warranty is very good...It covers about everything...Only thing it dosn't cover is batteries, rubber seals (like door seals) and coolant hoses...If you get it, I would buy the extended maintance plan through BMW as well...That covers all maintance items except tires...Being a racer you will go through the brakes on that car, and pads and rotors are not cheap..You get a max of one set every 12 month or 12k miles on the plan..The plan is worth every penny....

    Some things that the engines are bad about....

    The wastegates can rattle and wear out, but thats covered under warranty...The high pressure pumps failed, a lot, but they seem to be fixed now and their covered for 10 years, 120k miles...The injectors failed and where recalled...They're failing again though, and at a pretty high rate, but they are covered under cpo...BMW has us replace all of them now as a set even if just one failed, that way all of them are new at once, and on the same wear rate...

    Big thing next...

    The intake valves are gumming up with carbon, BAD...Since there is no fuel spraying on the valves in a direct injected engine, all the pcv vapors and oil from the turbos is sticking to the valves and getting a think gooey build up...We fix it by pulling the intake and using a walnut bead blasting wand and blasting it all off...Once the car has about 30-40k miles they are down probably 30% on power and can misfire and feel laggy...

    Cleaning the valves fixes this and they run like a top after cleaned...BUT, it will get clogged up again, there is no fix for it that I know of...The N55 is not having this problem as of yet, so they must have changed somthing.

    The cleaning is covered by CPO though, so just complain about lack of power and hesitation and get your dealer to clean it every 30k and its really not a issue...

    I pulled the warrany info on the car you linked, and it a nice well equiped one, pretty much fully loaded...

    It has the steptronic auto trans, which shifts ok for a real auto...If you can find a manual it makes the car more fun but the autos not bad...The twin clutch getrag manuals are the best, but that did'nt start coming on them till 2011 I think...

    And the car you linked, was $46,000msrp new, so you judge the price value.
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    That kinda adds weight to the old "never buy a BMW out of warranty" saying. Damn...
  12. Turbotech

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    I could fix one for no labor and I would not buy a newer one out of warranty...

    The one he linked has adaptive zenon headlamps, the lights move when you turn the wheel, very cool and they work great...They go bad, a lot, and one headlight is $1500 without labor...They really are great driving cars, all of them...And have lots of really, really cool tech, but they are expensive when stuff goes bad.

    One thing I forgot to add...Understeer...Max the front camber out negitive and set the rear camber from the neg one degree stock, to .25-.50 negitive and it's a tail happy little bastard of a car.
  13. Thanks for all of the info Turbo, because of some of the issues with the N54, I could see driving this car for 2 years then trading up before I hit 50k miles. What is a good mileage to trade in, obviously after 50k the value would drop significantly. Everyone I've talked to is telling me I'm going to love it.
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    Swaybars totally transform the handling btw. I have driven them stock and with just the addition of sways and it made it feel just about perfect.

    I used to have an E39 M5 and drove a 135i six speed at the same time I owned the M5. It was just as fun, if not slightly more so just due to the size and the way the power is delivered. They make great power with a tune as well.
  15. Turbotech

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    Couldn't really tell ya a mileage to trade out of it at as I really don't follow prices...But you'll get the most out of it if the cpo is still good on time and mileage...
    If you do get one and you put a tuner piggy back box on it (I would, lots of power for the money)..Remove it before taking it to the dealer, if the wrong tech spots it they will screw with you bad...

    Also when the car tells you to come if for a oil change, do it as soon as possible...Don't let it add up negitive mileage...The key holds all the service data, and when you come in they scan the key and all the info goes to BMW...If you are way over on oil change mileage they can and will pull the powertrain warranty...I've seen it first hand...As long as you're under 1000 miles over on each change you'll be ok though....

    And ditch the run flat tires if you can, and save them to put back on when ya sell...They suck.
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  16. You're awesome, thanks for all the great advice. Will report back after the test drive. :)
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    I own a N54 135i 6 speed. The car is a lot of fun to drive. I don't have a bike at the moment so I wanted a car with some get up and go.

    I have experienced the fuel pump issue and it sucks. Getting it fixed is relatively easy but not getting the fuel pump issue to happen at the moment you take it to the dealer is a pain in the ass. It can be temperamental.

    I might have the fuel gunk issue now. My car currently is laggy when its not warmed up but I've taken it in like 3 times and they keep telling me the fuel pump is fine and they can't feel what i'm talking about. That part is incredibly frustrating. I drive the car everyday, I'm not making it up. I don't think the gunky fuel thing is covered under CPO. Otherwise I would have had mine fixed.

    Other than that...the car is awesome.
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    I put a BMS oil catch can on mine to try to avoid the dirty intake valve issue. It is right at 30k miles now. I think when it hits 40k or if I have problems, whichever comes first I will open it up for inspection. Mine had the fuel pump and injector recall done before I got it and I haven't had any problems except my washer fluid leaking out all over my garage floor. I still haven't had time to look into that mystery.
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    What is the car doing? Long cranking before it starts, surging at idle? When the high pressure pumps have issues they almost always set fault codes for the tech to go by..

    If it has a hesitation and a sort of surging feeling at light to moderte throttle at around 2500 to 3500rpm it is the valves being gummed up...

    And it is covered under CPO there is a SIB the tech has to referance in the notes for it to be covered, but it is...I did four last week under CPO.
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    Anyone know if they're planing to put the I4 Turbo from the latest 3-series in this car?

    I drove a X1 with this motor and really like the performance (for an economy 4 cyl). Seems like an ideal fit for for the little 1 series. Weight savings should make it even more fun to drive.

    Wifey also likes the looks of the 1-series :)

    I just don't get where the industry is going with their sport sedans. The A4, 3-series Beemer, Acura TSX, even the damn Jetta are all full size cars.
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