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Vintage Cash Prizes - Mid-Ohio July 8, 2017 - Start Money

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by Can-am, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. bj

    bj Well-Known Member

    Looks like the schedule change with NJMP may have had a positive effect. Thursday night and the lower paddock is already 75% full.
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  2. JBall

    JBall REALLY senior member

    The end of the day on Sunday was somewhat of a downer with a big multi-bike crash in F2 after a blown engine. It appears there is one guy with a badly broken leg and a lot of banged up equipment. With the recovery efforts there ended up being no trophy ceremony, which AMA usually does a good job with.

    We did get to go in and just pick up the hardware, but I was quite pleased to be able to also pick up a check for the Start Money prize in my class of V5. Brian "Tuna" Mullens (who won V5 both days) was more surprised since he didn't know about the prize at all so it was a complete shock to him to pick up some change for racing a vintage bike.

    When someone gets a chance, I will be interested to see the final finishing orders with the handicap applied in all the different classes (I got second in the race, but fifth in the money for example).
  3. JBall

    JBall REALLY senior member

    A big thanks to Ron Raven (Can AM) for organizing this whole thing. We really appreciate his effort and investment!
  4. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I'll try to get them posted but no promises on when. We're staying out at a state park that has no cell connection and of course all the paperwork is in the rv. If I remember to bring it over to my sisters I'll type it in.
  5. Can-am

    Can-am Well-Known Member

    Race 2 - V5, V3
    There was generally good news on this race. 17 people registered (starting as early as April 28) and 15 racers took the green flag. This is a slightly larger grid from our usual 12. The handicaps worked well. The race was decided between the front runners in two classes by .587 of a second! Results on the handicap basis and prizes paid:

    617 Scott MacKenzie F500 11:48.392 $150
    626 Brian Mullins V5 -.587 $125
    236 Todd Narduzzi V2 - 11.11 $100
    9 Mark Morrow F500 -21.88 $75
    80 Joe Ball V5 -25.229 $ 50

    The handicaps produced much closer racing for the prizes than was apparent from the gaps on the track. The gaps on the track were second -24.642, third -37.613, fourth -45.503 and fifth -54.795.

    Starting money for the race was paid to:
    222 Bill Johnson $50
    195 Martin Morrison $50
    192 Alexander Cook $50
    382 Jeff Morr $50
    412 John Davies $50
    I suspect that was more start money paid for a vintage race than in the past decade.

    I was sorry I didn't get to meet the winners and hand out the checks Saturday afternoon. Mid-Ohio cut off the public address system as soon as the racing ended, so we were not able to make an announcement to come for the awards. If you didn't get your check, Evelyne has them at the WERA headquarters. I wanted to thank the winners in person for participating but this will have to do instead. Thank you.
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  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Checks will be in the mail soon if they aren't already.
  7. Can-am

    Can-am Well-Known Member

    Race 7 - V1, F-500, 350GP
    This race went as predicted. I faced a problem making the handicaps. I knew if Dave Roper showed up and finished on his 350 Harley, he would win the top prize money. When I saw Dave in the pits after the riders meeting I said to him, "If you finish in the 350GP race I have a check for you." He smiled broadly and said, "Payday." The problem in developing the handicaps is the Dave is an international caliper rider at a club race. It is always a joy to see him ride. I wish we had more of his peers showing up. The problem is if I set the handicap to his past times and he didn't show up, no other 350GP riders would have any reasonable chance of winning the prize money. If I set the handicap to the best of the rest in the 350GP class, Dave would win in a walk. That is what happened. Dave was second on the road at the end, but almost his entire handicap ahead on corrected time.

    We had 21 people register for the race (some in April and May) and 19 took the green flag. This is much betters than our typical grid of 12.

    The handicap results of Race 7:
    17 David Roper 350GP 10:50.687 $150
    617 Scott MacKenzie F500 -37.313 $125
    9 Mark Morrow F500 -40.865 $100
    27 Lane Jacquay V1 -41.875 $75
    97 Francis Ganance 350GP -54.67 $ 50

    Notice how close the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place runners were on corrected time. I think the handicaps overall were close, they just don't account for the incomparable Mr. Roper. He has been an inspiration to me for decades and I hope he continues racing for years to come. It is an honor to pay him prize money.

    Starting money was paid to:
    341 Mike Wells $50
    222 Bill Johnson $50
    195 Martin Morrison $50
    692 Jody Hance $50
    1 Neil Pooler $50

    I am sorry I didn't get to meet all of you in person. Evelyne has your checks if you didn't get them in person. Thank you for participating.
  8. bj

    bj Well-Known Member

    Thanks for putting this together Ron. I know it was a massive amount of work coming up with the handicaps. Big thanks to WERA too for once again runnig a first class event.
  9. RZ Racer

    RZ Racer It passed tech LAST time!

    Thanks Ron!! Sorry we missed the awrds too, but it was exciting to be part of it again. I just kept pushing and pushing.....
  10. sPatlovich1

    sPatlovich1 Well-Known Member

    So did I win $100? I won v7mwt. If so that is awesome!
  11. bpro

    bpro Big Ugly Fat F*****

    Yep, you did and Congratulations.

    I don't see the overall listed anywhere, but the day 1 and day 2 results are pretty clear...
    If I did the really easy math correctly it should be:
    Stephen Patlovich 1st $100,
    John Trautmann 2nd for $75
    George Szappanos 3rd for $50

    Hopefully I can get back out there next year and at least add a non-Honda to the mix...

    Mongo was going to hand it out at the award ceremony but I hear that that due to the now infamous red flag, time ran out and he likely got very busy.
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  12. sPatlovich1

    sPatlovich1 Well-Known Member

    That is awesome! Thanks for that! You need to come back out there! Such a great event!
  13. mwrlex

    mwrlex Well-Known Member

    Wow! I had 2 of the best races I've ever had. And now money too! Thanks Ron!
  14. ravedoper

    ravedoper Well-Known Member

    Ron, I'm not sure I completely understand the mechanics or even the motivation of this prize, but I gratefully accept it; it helps enable my addiction. And, thanks for you kind words also.
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  15. i-Zapp

    i-Zapp Member

    holy mackerel! i made money on my FIRST race ever! I think I may quit my day job and go PRO! lol
    btw here's a link to some nice (and free!) photos from the race weekend
  16. CharlieY

    CharlieY Well-Known Member

    Hey man, that's great!....I cant speak for Ronnie Raven, but I'm pretty sure all he is looking for is an..... "I'll be back"!!!

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