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I'm sick and tired of these f'ing ammo runs.....

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by ClemsonsR6, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    My F.I.L. called tonight and wants to go do some shooting tomorrow.

    No problem, I've got plenty of ammo for my .223 and my .22, but I only have 50 rounds of target ammo for my pistol.

    Every where I called just laughed when I asked if they had any 9mm.

    One Wally World was like, yes sir, we had some this morning. 10 boxes but some guy got all of it this morning.

    Freaking idiots making a run on ammo just so their stock pile can go from 5000 rounds to 5500 rounds!

    Those of us who just really want to shoot get screwed!


    Thanks, I feel marginally better.
  2. Dits

    Dits Will shit in your fort.

    Two weeks ago, I paid $35 for a 50 box of .45 ACP. I couldn't find .22 LR for the kids anywhere.

    Last weekend, I wanted to shoot and couldn't find shit. Wally World had two boxes of .380 Tula :down:. I bought them and put up with the FTFs.

    Went to the local Gun and Pawn today and they had 100 round boxes of .45 ACP for $38.00... bought 300 rounds and burned through 100 today. Oddly enough, I finally found .22LR too. Bought 1000 of those.

    It's simply inconsistent around here.

    .223 and .308 are like hen's teeth. :mad:
  3. Mick6R

    Mick6R Well-Known Member

    I hear ya. Bunch of paranoid [email protected] buyin' up everything. Really screws us folks that just like to hobby shoot on a regular basis. I can kinda see the craze for buyin' up AR's and AK's but .22 LR and 9mm ammo are not gonna get banned or cease to be produced...........
  4. lee955i

    lee955i The Traveling Gnome

    Jeezus! Has .45 ACP gone up that much! Last box I bought was 20 bucks!
    Cheers, Lee S.
  5. Mick6R

    Mick6R Well-Known Member

    Depends on brand and where ya get it. I got a 50 box of PPU .45 for $22 and change the other day at Wallyworld, yet same box was marked $30 at the gun shop I frequent. Gun shop also has some 9mm PMC marked at $24.99. If prices don't come down in a few months, I'll be picking up a decent bow and a dozen arrows to learn a new hobby.......
  6. regularguy

    regularguy Always Krispy

    I shoot for free...
  7. Hordboy

    Hordboy B Squad Leader

    Not that hard to reload your own ammo, folks. My plans tomorrow involve building some .45 auto, I'll have ~11 cents a round in it.
  8. Goodwood

    Goodwood Well-Known Member

    I found m193 ball today, $.50 a round. No .45acp though
  9. ClemsonsR6

    ClemsonsR6 Well-Known Member

    If I were smart, I'd sell everything I've got gun wise for two or three times what I paid and re buy it all once the craze is over.
  10. Lawn Dart

    Lawn Dart Difficult. With a big D.

    Is it as mind-numbingly repetitive and time consuming as I imagine it to be?
  11. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    You'd either be the smartest mf-er on here if you're right, or the dumbest if you're wrong.
  12. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Not if you do it while smoking and/or wearing wool socks on a carpeted floor :D
  13. MadManx

    MadManx Retired for 2013-2014

    At the show today, 500 rounds 223 selling at 650$. insane. I have thousands so, I will wait
  14. Ian178

    Ian178 Well-Known Member

    Shoot up the .22, these days that's all you can do.
  15. Rebel635

    Rebel635 Well-Known Member

    Woooow, i cant believe 223 has gone THAT high up in price down there....

    Damn, that only means we're gonna get hit with the price increase soon.

    Only saving grace is we can get Norinco 223.

    Is okay, i got enough 223 put away for a year or two.
  16. lizard84

    lizard84 My “fuck it” list is lengthy

    Yes, pretty much like hanging out in the Dungeon.;)
  17. Hordboy

    Hordboy B Squad Leader

    I wouldn't say it's all that time-consuming if you have the right setup, but yeah it can get a bit mind-numbing. That's why you have ONE cold beer sitting on the bench, the tunes playing, and your kid helping you/asking questions. It sure beats sitting on your ass watching TV... and it's gratifying to see the results of your efforts show up on the target. :beer:

  18. Hordboy

    Hordboy B Squad Leader


  19. Photo

    Photo Well-Known Member

    lgs owner was telling me the other day he just got back from the shoot pre show, There was a hornady ammo rep there that gave a presentation. Said hornady ammo is sold out for the year 2013.
  20. rogers1323

    rogers1323 Well-Known Member

    What bullets? I can't find 230 FMJ for less than .12 just for the bullets. And that was before all this craziness....

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