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Electric Bikes?????

Discussion in 'General' started by Chris Smith, Jun 9, 2022.

  1. Kurlon

    Kurlon Well-Known Member

    And he has an EXR so it's got the better battery pack. I almost bought an MXR thinking of sumo and offroading it, but backed out because of the issues with thermal throttling under sustained use, and shortly after Alta folded.
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  2. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

  3. RM Racing

    RM Racing Tool user

    None of the experiences ended in limp mode (low SOC), this is just rider experience at SoCal hardpack tracks.

    SM is much more difficult as there is much higher percentage of 100% throttle. But Jeff Ward and Micky Dymond loved the bike.
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  4. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    looks like the Stark Varg has ~9,000+ pre-orders. Impressive.
  5. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner Dungeonesque Crab AI Version

  6. RM Racing

    RM Racing Tool user

    The EXR has the older A pack. 2018 MXRs had the R pack which was different cells and better thermal performance.
  7. Kurlon

    Kurlon Well-Known Member

    I thought EXR and MXR got the R pack, EX/MX/SX got the A pack?
  8. motion

    motion Nihilistic Member

    I'm in Laos and the Chinese have a heavy hand here. I was checking out a new Chinese electric scooter today. Holy hell was it trick! It had an 18" or so display stretching all the way across the handlebars with all sorts of 'lectrical wizardry in the display. Like something out of a new Benz. Trick!
  9. BrentA

    BrentA Very expensive.

    I'd have a blast if I were allowed to try a MotoE bike. I've watched a few races, and am excited for the future development of all new technologies.
    They're so quiet, they need a cute little *beep* chime while riding in the pits so people don't get run over. lol
  10. Slick-101

    Slick-101 Well-Known Member

    I have an E mt bike. It's awesome I'll never go back to the Amish mt bike and I've got over 5k miles of WV singletrack on mine it's glorious. I have a few two stroke dirtbikes that I love and ride all the time (woods) and I'd love an electric dirtbike, myself. Right now price and range are stopping me. But the silence and all that torque, by all means YES. I'm pretty sure that eventually I have an electric off road woods bike.
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  11. dave3593

    dave3593 What I know about opera I learned from Bugs Bunny

    This thread got me interested in Alta. It appears as though they are out of business. I read two different test articles and I am surprised how close they got to a real dirt bike but it doesn't come close in overall usefulness.

    The Redshift off road bike is kind of like an enduro bike. It does sound like it has good power (claim 42 ft lb) and is heavy at 275 lb but that's not out of the park. I saw claims of 1 hour run time and another claim of 34 trail miles or 60 street miles. It also has four power modes. I suspect this effects range. Also it has a top speed is 50 mph and a claimed 50 HP "after it gets rolling" whatever that means. At 120 V it recharges in 3 hours or 1.5 hour at 240 V. Price was about $12,000.

    To me this is just a niche. No way I'm going to ride a 60 mile range, duel purpose street bike or a 34 mile range dirt bike. And what about 50 HP but only 50 MPH? Maybe currently useful as a motocross bike for short races.

    Just like electric cars its all about battery performance. If batteries get lighter AND hold much more energy AND can be recharged easily anywhere....
  12. So my FU to Broome for the day. Rode a hopped up Sur-Ron today, long enough to get used to it and have some fun. Sur-Ron X with Fox 40 forks and forget model of high dollar Fox shock. Good set of wet/ soft tires on it with 18” rear wheel, some linkage changes, bigger rear sprocket (he goes deep woods hunting), 72v (don’t know the details on all of it but he goes over the top on all his shit). He bought this for his kid then repossessed it and bought his kid another one.
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  13. Phl218

    Phl218 .

  14. RM Racing

    RM Racing Tool user

    @Canadian Bacon if you ever want to ride a real electric off road bike, you can come to N Ga and ride my Alta. We can take photos and send them to Broome.
  15. Fuck electric bikes.
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  16. Thanks Rick. I want it more for getting in the woods, running to the store, etc. I’m sure like everything else that is where it will start. More of a gap filler between the Zuma and the dirt bikes. I’ll probably be $6200-6500 deep getting it to the basics how I want it which is not bad IMO for as much fun as they are. I’ll also be able to get best of the best suspension just need to say the word.
  17. And FU too.
  18. crashman

    crashman Grumpy old man

    I second that.

    The government can take that $1500 tax credit and ram it sideways up their ass. All of the social engineering bullshit that is being pulled to push the whole electric agenda is pathetic and sickens me.
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  19. This had zero to do with electric vs gas, save the planet, blah, blah. This was about the pure fun of this thing that in a package like this, for what I intend to use it for, combustion engines cannot compete. Noise being a huge one for me when zipping through the woods to hunting spots at night. I have a pretty well put together Zuma 50(ish),TTR flat track set up bike to do laps with that kid, a KTM EXC 300 (and a bit) that’s a monster, another EXC 300 more for general riding, heck even my weed eater is a 2T that’s been modified. Needless to say I love combustion engines but saying f u to new technology without even trying it is plain ignorant IMO. This things a perfect gap fill bike.
    Launch a Tesla Plaid and let me know your thoughts. Yes it is missing something but the acceleration is mind blowing.
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