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Complete Ducati 848 Race package NEW NEVER RACED!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tye1138, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Flex Axlerod

    Flex Axlerod Banned

    well remember, two of his jobs are "performance based" which means he aint making shit.
  2. Turbo storm

    Turbo storm Well-Known Member

    O.K., I'l say it...Tye is a stand-up guy.

    He stands up in line, and signs up for unemployment benefits that us working stiffs are paying for. Apparently his mental illness keeps him from feeling guilt for taking our taxpayer money, and racing on it.
    I would like to make a donation to his race future. I pulled it out of the trash when my wife finished using it. This guy is about equal to that worthless piece of stinky plastic in the trash. Good luck Mr. Douschebag.
  3. dwysywd

    dwysywd Well-Known Member

    someone asked... mailbags a comin...


    tye has unfortunately earned an epic FAIL,

    I am selling swamp land in Russia, it's a steal, really! Anyone interested? I only need $5000 USD in small untraceable bills and I promise to send the title paperwork as soon as I count the money... HONEST. :up:

    Wait, how about send me money and I send you nothing in return. If you send me $5 I promise never to contact you again, what do you say?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2010
  4. ChromeDinette

    ChromeDinette Member

    Is this still available? I am a former Nigerian Prince...
  5. rob748

    rob748 Well-Known Member


    what condition is it in today ?
  6. GSVR 946

    GSVR 946 Banned

  7. Munch

    Munch Well-Known Member

    This being parted soon?
  8. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    Thought that's why he was selling the bike in the first place?

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  9. Germany

    Germany I'm new, don't hate...

    I guess now the ad should be:
    raced once, just once and crashed once, just once and not hard.
    ... this bike was ridden by the world famous rookie of the year....

    on a site note, If he parts the bike out, does a 848 transmission fit a 1098?
  10. scoob4fun

    scoob4fun Well-Known Member

    This just keeps getting better. A douchebag of all trades. How is that engineering job **cough...Bullshit** I mean unemployment gig treating ya. What have we funded for Ty this week??
  11. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    Here's his update.

  12. Trimmed Jennis

    Trimmed Jennis Well-Known Member

    what a tool box. so not only is he abusing the unemployment now he's helping with the healthcare debacle....
  13. robfromc

    robfromc nice member

    I am. I'm Augusta.
  14. mysticblu999

    mysticblu999 Active Member

    Holy fucking shit, He's now asking for donations to help him race. WTF??


    Dear Mad Duc Racing Visitor

    Due to severe financial strife, Mad Duc Racing can no longer afford to race without some outside financial support.

    Starting in March 2010, Mad Duc Racing will be fund raising for the racing season through this site and off-line.

    To donate towards Mad Duc Racing's season, please use the link below.

    Every donator will get recognition on the Club Racer Youtube series and of course on the site.

    We thank you in advance for taking the time out to visit Mad Duc Racing and hope you can donate to keep the conent and racing going.

    Click Here to Enter Mad Duc Racing Online
  15. ///3oris

    ///3oris Active Member

    So I read the whole thread and really don't see the the problem. I mean, the guy seems cocky, but he seems to back it up, no?

    You guys don't know what he has in the bank or how much of his life he financed to build that bike. I had a friend who was on unemployment for a few months and paying for his bike, does that mean that we all paid for his bike? It's his insurance, he can do whatever he wants with it. If you get into a car accident I won't be there telling you I also pay to the same insurance company so I get to tell you how you spend your money.

    If this is about fraud, then it's one thing, and I suggest he be reported if there's evidence to support the case... otherwise it's a red herring and people are just bashing him because he's cocky.

    I'm sure I'll get a lot of shit for this... and all because I was interested in the bike (which I think looks WAY better in white/red). :Poke:
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  16. bripolar66

    bripolar66 Well-Known Member

    wow long thread.
  17. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    You don't see a problem with someone perfectly capable of working yet used unemployment while racing in a series?

    You don't see a problem with someone claiming the lead in a points division when the leader just passed away?

  18. bripolar66

    bripolar66 Well-Known Member

    is ty paying you with his unemployment money to be hes spokes person? or is this ty under a new name......the begining of the shit you knew you would get. no really i agree the bike looks better red/white...
  19. Zippy1

    Zippy1 Banned

    I agree with ///3oris.

    It's not The State (or the taxpayers) who are a footing the bill for his UI benefits. Whether Tye is lazy and should or shouldn't have been building a bike or racing while on unemployment is certainly debatable. But it's his money and his choice.

    I submit that in countless cases, people (many of whom are reading this right now) are racing on someone else's dime. And of course they would have you believe that they're doing it all on their own and/or with help from "legitimate" sponsors.

    How many of you are racing in whole or in part with daddy's money? The wifey's? A trust fund? An insurance payout? Proceeds from running a chop shop?(;)) Whatever!!! How many of you have maxed-out your credit cards and/or taken out 2nds on your house to fund your racing endeavors, only to file bankruptcy, be foreclosed on, etc.?

    So lets just drop that whole issue altogether. OK?

    Now regarding his bike... that's just plain fucked up. No excuse for that shit. Dude deserves everything he gets for pulling that crap. If I'd bought that bike and then found out the true history behind it... there'd be hell to pay for sure.

    Oh, and regarding the points thing... I don't know the details of that whole thing but it sounds like, at the very least, it was in extremely poor taste to be talking about being the points leader just after the true leader had just died. But that goes to character and I think we can all agree that there are some serious character issues with this guy.
    Last edited: May 2, 2010
  20. fluffer4jared

    fluffer4jared Well-Known Member

    Id like to go ahead and buy your bike! Whats your paypal account???

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