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Complete Ducati 848 Race package NEW NEVER RACED!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tye1138, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. ///3oris

    ///3oris Active Member

    If they're actively seeking a job and are unable to find one then no I don't see a problem. That's what unemployment insurance is for. That's why I mentioned if there's evidence of him doing anything otherwise then it should be submitted to the authorities.

    It may have been bad taste in how he revealed the information (I have no clue, there were no links/information provided), but if it's factual then it is what it is.
  2. 2Fer

    2Fer Is good

    This thread is full of win.
  3. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    If you read everything, you would see he admitted that he just took a couple of months off in between jobs and collected unemployment.

    It is what it is....it was tasteless and he acted like he earned that new leader position with NO mention of how he moved up.

  4. ///3oris

    ///3oris Active Member

    Links? Supposedly he wrote all of this information among various forums yet I've seen no links (at least none that worked).

    Anyway, I don't know the guy and I don't care to defend him. This isn't a trial or anything. Just pointing out that someone who's on unemployment isn't disabled and may not "owe" his bike to the rest of us, since we all pay taxes. If he's unemployed but wants to max out his credit cards or his savings on going to the track, that's his prerogative. He'll pay the price in the future. If he breaks the law and there's evidence then it should be reported...

    Unemployment Insurance Fraud
  5. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    Wow...you expect someone to regurgitate all the links because you fail to read through the thread? It's all there. All pointing links to Speedzilla, Ducati.ms and another California forum.

    The unemployment debacle is merely the icing on the proverbial cake with his constant self promotion of himself and his expertise.

  6. Willybeen

    Willybeen Well-Known Member

    owned.jpg... lol.
  7. redgsxr750

    redgsxr750 Member

    I just sat here and read through every page, went to the website, and followed what links i could(must of them on the other sites have been erased). I have to say I'm not disapointed it's the most interesting thing I've read since the 08 Corey Richardson debacle.:beer:
  8. techhnyne

    techhnyne Well-Known Member

    lol the OP is so funny with his BS like we are all a bunch of idiots haha
  9. TheX

    TheX Thick Skinned

    Holy crap, Tye is here too? Fugger gets around.
  10. richmeyer

    richmeyer Active Member

    That was awesome. I mean, a real live Extreme-Freestyle-Paintballing-Motorcycle-Racing-Filmmaker selling his custom race steed on our humble board?!?! We should be honored. Tye, I salute you sir, thank you for the intense interwebs entertainment, I just wish I would have saw this sooner, if the bike is still for sale, I'll give you $3k for it.
  11. motomadman217

    motomadman217 Well-Known Member

  12. motomadman217

    motomadman217 Well-Known Member

    If your not a member there here is the preview

    "Its not just about working hard...

    Back in my roadracing days, sometimes I'd go to the track and be the quickest guy all day, by a fair margin. Other days, non-locals would show up and smoke my ass, I'd be lucky to be top 10.

    Setting good goals like being the best intermediate-expert local rider is awesome because its not outlandish. You can get recognized very easily and maybe wind up somewhere you didn't believe possible.

    Why is it more then just working hard? Look at me... I worked my ass off, had all my ducks in a row, awesome bike, full support team, fully sponsored. Then I had a bad crash during practice and that ended all of it. Everything disappeared and now that its 2011, I have no sponsors and only a small glimmer of ever being able to ride a roadrace bike again. In one instant, one miscalculation, my entire life changed. So its NOT just about working hard, its about being super lucky as well and having a good whit about you when riding. "
  13. G8rDuc

    G8rDuc N00B

    Amazing...this thread is superior to the pink bunny...
  14. madcat6183

    madcat6183 2006 GSXR

    I am glad we are slow at work, I was able to read this whole epic win thread. Thank you Wera for passing the lats 38 minutes of my life. Nap time under my desk.
  15. lance

    lance Well-Known Member

    if there was a best of wera posting area, this would diffenatly be at the top of the list, just sat and read the whole post and ate 3 bags of popcorns, this guy is a real ding dong. Please let me know what he's smokin
  16. Olay

    Olay Well-Known Member

    Why? You want some?

    Just kidding...
  17. tobydugan

    tobydugan Member

    where are the pictures of the bike....
  18. tobydugan

    tobydugan Member

    im a idiot....
  19. Shafto08

    Shafto08 New Member

  20. GSVR 946

    GSVR 946 Banned

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