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Complete Ducati 848 Race package NEW NEVER RACED!!!

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by tye1138, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    I made my decision, I'm done racing and this bike has only been ridden once!

    848 Blueprinted motor w/dry clutch conversion, ported heads, lots of crank work, high-comp pistons, light rods, full race-build (ZERO MILES)
    DucShop Geometry Kit (30mm triples/rear link)
    Nemesis ECU w/O2 sensor & Full auto-tune
    ETI Carbon Kevlar fuel cell
    Ducati Performance Slipper Clutch
    Leo Vince 57mm Exhaust
    Marchisini Magnesium 10 spoke wheels
    Showa forks w/Ohlins 25mm kit installed
    Ohlins TTX Shock w/short link
    Ohlins steering dampener w/Dan Kyle bracket
    Monoblock Brembo calipers w/Xrac pads
    Brembo brake and clutch radial master’s
    Ducati Performance aluminum subframe
    Ducati Performance race seat
    Hot Bodies fairings
    Slingshot racing rear sets
    AFAM 520 light-weight racing sprocket kit
    Regina X-Ring 520 chain
    NCR Titanium clutch cover
    LOTS of random other extras not listed

    Bike built for 180 - 200lb rider
    125rwhp/67lb torq at the rear wheel SAE corrected

    Brand new bike, zero miles on the motor and the frame doesn't have a scratch on it. Gobs of extras, way too many for me to list right now.

    Made the final decision, can't afford to race this bike. I need the cash to survive and pay off my credit card debt, so NO TRADES.

    Asking $20,000 USD or best offer. Yes, I'm willing to ship, but only if the shipping company comes to me.

    PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY: [email protected]




  2. GSVR 946

    GSVR 946 Banned

    Hey Tye, did you replace the clutch you smoked in it?

    How does it have zero miles, when you've ridden it at two track days?

  3. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    It has some break-in miles, maybe 50 or so.

    I have 2 complete NEW clutch packs that are part of the extras. SO yes, I replaced the garbage ducati factory clutch pack. For what its worth, this bike hasn't really been broken in, 15 laps on a track at slow pace, doesn't really count.
  4. RENCRN8

    RENCRN8 Fornicate Sailor Jerry

    This is all quite funny..... it does look nice though. GL
  5. N2BateU

    N2BateU Active Member

    Didnt this "new bike" start off as your "street bike" tye?
    wouldnt your sponsors be mad that your selling your bike?
  6. GSVR 946

    GSVR 946 Banned


    This thread states the 848 actually has 14.5K miles on it.
  7. cage333

    cage333 Well-Known Member

  8. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    Actually, if you read that thread closely, you'll see that everything was parted. So what is left? The frame and the swing arm... SO yes, the frame and the swing arm have 14,500 miles according to the old dash board, which doesn't even exist anymore.
  9. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    Don't have a chose. Any explanation I give will be construed and misinterpreted. If you wish to find out why, please visit my web site. Since you know so much about me and my 848 street bike, you probably know my web site as well.
  10. GSVR 946

    GSVR 946 Banned

    But yet you stated the bike had only been ridden once...So which is it?
  11. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    It was a street bike with 14,500 miles on the clock, ridden every day.

    Now its a completely different bike that shares only the frame and swing arm from its original build.

    So does that mean it has 14,500 miles? Or does that mean its a new bike that just happens to have a "used" frame and swing arm. Both of which have never touched the ground or have a scratch on them.

    Its all an interpretation... Since you high-class roadracers are into apologies, I'm sorry for mis-leading anyone into thinking it was something that it is clearly not, which is a NEW race bike... I forget constantly that this bike use to be my street bike. If I could edit my ad, I would be more then happy too, I did on all the other forums.
  12. RENCRN8

    RENCRN8 Fornicate Sailor Jerry

    can someone get me some popcorn please....
  13. N2BateU

    N2BateU Active Member

  14. racrx451

    racrx451 Well-Known Member

    if ur not interested in the bike... move on. great looking bike Tye. wish I had the cash to pick up a spare.
  15. N2BateU

    N2BateU Active Member

    ok ok back to being serious. is 20g a firm offer? how far are you willing to haggle?
  16. racrx451

    racrx451 Well-Known Member

    lots of money in that motor... just a blueprint is around $2K!!!
  17. tye1138

    tye1138 Member

    It depends on the "features" you're looking for. I'd be more then happy to slap on the stock wheels, that will drop the price $2k to $18,000 USD. There are a few other "extras" on the bike that can be removed if necessary that I can sell outside of the package. Though none of them add up to the price of those wheels alone, which are solid gold in value. Most of the money spent is on the suspension, motor/exhaust and electronics, which is why you see the price is still high even w/o the wheels.

    I've received a great deal of interest in this machine at the $20k price so far and its only been advertised for 1 day. I plan on holding-out for $20k full package or $18k w/o the magnesium wheels until the end of March.

    By the way, the bike does come with TUNS of extras for $20k, including thousands of dollars in spares like extra wheels and such. Anybody interested in the bike should use the communication method listed above and I'd be more then happy to send them the list of what is available.
  18. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    Subscribed and bringing more popcorn.
  19. KILLA1

    KILLA1 Orange Suzuki = MY HERO

    I can't wait to see the "I know him and he's a stand up guy" post :D

  20. tropicoz

    tropicoz Well-Known Member

    I know him.....he's a stand up guy.

    No. No. I don't.....

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