Witchkraft Racing 2015 Yamaha R1

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by ekraft84, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. helicopter99

    helicopter99 Well-Known Member

    I'm in for a ticket, should you decide to go that route. ;)
  2. rk97

    rk97 Well-Known Member

    In for $100...
  3. In for another $100.
  4. j cal

    j cal Well-Known Member

    100 here!
  5. Sprinkles

    Sprinkles Member

    I'm in for $100.
    Maybe do 1 per customer if you go that route?
  6. thedon221

    thedon221 Well-Known Member

    I'd be in for that as well
  7. NemesisR6

    NemesisR6 Gristle McThornbody

    Well hell.......I'd probably get in on that.

    I don't know how this bike hasn't been scooped up yet...
  8. bleacht

    bleacht Well-Known Member

    I'm in too and I already have an R1.
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  9. S-african13

    S-african13 Active Member

    I'm in too!
  10. ekraft84

    ekraft84 Registered User

    Thanks guys.
  11. RyanDCramer

    RyanDCramer Well-Known Member

    I'd be in too.
  12. buzz-06

    buzz-06 Well-Known Member

    Count me in as well
  13. throwdown

    throwdown Well-Known Member

    Count me in for 5 for sure
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  14. NickyZ

    NickyZ Well-Known Member

    I'd be in for a ticket.
  15. keypup

    keypup Well-Known Member

    I'm in
  16. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    I'm in for a ticket
  17. GRH

    GRH Well-Known Member

  18. kman37

    kman37 Well-Known Member

    Beatiful R1.. count me in for a ticket if you raffle
  19. nogenius

    nogenius Member

    Eddie I am a club racer in Utah, very interested in this bike if still available.
  20. arman8187

    arman8187 New Member

    i'm in for a ticket.

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