Who's switching to Dunlop NTech's In 2011

Discussion in 'General' started by RollieManollie, Oct 19, 2010.

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    The chicken, or the egg?

    Point is, one compliments the other.
  2. robfromc

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    Im not the fastest guy, but the difference to me when I switched from Michelin's to the Dunlops was HUGE! I get way more feedback from the front, the front wears like iron, hell Ive run the rears way way down and they still have a manageable grip level .

    I didnt have to adjust the ride height, but it was minor. And this is with the 211 gpa's so Id bet the Ntecs ARE that much better.

    To the folks that rag the price, the wear life is longer than say Michelins or Pirelli, so the cost is about equal or maybe even better.
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    well, the reason they went with the stiff carcass is because the design goals were to achieve a bigger footprint at more lean, which means you have to have less air pressure so the tire deflects more under load. you can argue either side, so your post kinda pointless, like this one is! :):up:
  4. DavieStone

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    I am a sponsored Dunlop rider and I was proving a point that the Lops will last longer than any other brand available. No tire have I ridden offers the drive, predictable slide or the side grip as the Dunlops as a whole package. I have however ridden other makes that had one outstanding quality and then fell way short of the Lops in many other area's.

    As I have read in this thread....they cost more, but they last longer.
  5. DavieStone

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    I can literally feel the grain in the track with the dunlop front. I have yet to lose the front with a set of Lops on and I brake deeper than most.
  6. DavieStone

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    I would be one of those guys....
  7. DavieStone

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    And I run 2 to 3 seconds a lap faster than you. Why would you listen to anyone else in the paddock that cannot beat me? I have ridden them all buddy....all!!! Quit wasting your time, ride the best, listen and learn from the best and if the fast guy comes to the track one day with a rubber turd on his head....you make that change too!:D
  8. nktr

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    Hi there :up:
    I have two questions about rear KR 108 195/65-17 and D211GP 190/55-17 in comp. 6680 (6638new)
    How many session this tire could have and if it has the same grip till ends?
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    +1 Im with ya dave
  10. Putter

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    No, you can't.
  11. fzgixxerman

    fzgixxerman AKA Mark Byrd

    Guys I'm trying the n tec slick out on my 07 gsxr 1000 what pressures f and r do I run hot pit? I know what dunlop said but I want to know what the racers say.
  12. goodmatt78

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    32-33 front
    21 rear

    Both off warmers works well. I aim for 23 off the track for the rear.
  13. nktr

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    for track days the 21 cold is correct.
    For race you can try from 19 to ~ 17 cold.
    This info is from Italy, Deutch and Greek racing teams.
    (i have and a pdf file from Deutchland that i'll post it tomorrow from my office)
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    I was not hating davie, I was just asking the quesition. Sorry if I came off that way. :beer:
  15. got40

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    Thats cool. IMHO, the biggest advantage Dunlop has is the unflappable drive grip. When I was on Dlops I tried to ride the bike with a more point-and-shoot sort of style to take advantage of it. But that was never my strong point.

    Switch to a softer carcass tire raised my entry speed and midcorner speed, which is how I naturally tended to ride anyway. I never lost the front on a set of dlops either but I didn't try to push them as hard because they felt like the muted what the bike was doing. I could feel every crack and bump in the track, but I didn't really care about the track, I'd prefer to feel the bike, so the softer carcass worked better for me. Then again, I also like the bike to move around a little bit.

    Just my $.02
  16. got40

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    I had the same experience going from Michelin to Dunlop. But in hindsight it has alot more to do with the Dunlop front being shorter than the Michelin front. In my case the geometry change had the biggest impact on the bike performance. If you haven't looked into it, it might be worth the research.:up:
  17. DavieStone

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    No problem my friend. I am just direct and to the point when I know what works. ;)

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