Who knew club racing could actually look exciting?

Discussion in 'General' started by rcarson15, Jun 22, 2022.

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    On your death bed, you will receive total consciousness.
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    This is much of the problem with your posts here. You post from a strong position of ignorance and then argue with anybody who asks you for verifiable data or disagrees with your opinion. You admit you have limited knowledge about building engines and then proceed to argue that you can't afford to build your engines to be competitive, when engine builders and MA team members have told and shown you that there are no legal built motors in MA that are overly expensive or difficult.
    You have posted opinion about how to get people to become racers and only talk about the minis and how great Herrin is. Getting a few more minis into WERA is not going to grow the grids.
    Your posts have become very tiresome and detract from the issues at hand, but, since you probably still have me on ignore, I won't hold my breath waiting for you to respond.
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    1. I know for fact he was instrumental to the MotoA mini cup the first year. Even his wife was in the mix as a time keeper.

    2. Because of the success of the Mini Cup (hopefully it continues) we now have a North America Talent Cup. Some of those kids are directly coached by him in both series.

    3. MotoAmerica is enjoying record grid sizes. How do you think that is happening? Possibly just possibly a increase in social media activity has helped?

    4. How do think the spectator growth was achieved? Magic? Or social media presence?

    Do I have actual data to correlate Social Media to increased attendance and grid size—-nope.

    His actions, sacrifice, coaching has been nothing but spectacular to grow OUR sport.

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    More than you.
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    I think his social media does have a small effect.
    When JH post he is having a group ride with days,,, and a bunch of riders show up at some random gas station to attend...
    I geel those actions have a small ripple effect... if just those riders tell 1-2 friends about this "crazy" ride with this "professional" bike racer.
    It can have an effect that that non mc person tunes into a motoamerica broadcast to see this guy.
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    yeah I dont like to give out peoples #s willy nilly. I do miss his place for impulse items like 2T oil or filters.
    What made me laugh was all the "green" street riders that went there & claimed he was an asshole.
    I would tell them maybe motorcycling isnt for you. :)
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    I know you won't read this, but maybe somebody will clue you in.

    You are an idiot. Wallowing in your ignorance and then proudly posting opinion and unsupportable statements as proof of anything is almost beyond comprehensible. Of course you can always fall back on your standard "we will just agree to disagree". Except, I wouldn't agree to that if you are just flat out wrong. Agreeing to disagree only works if both people are just offering up opinions, not facts.
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    I have no doubt it has an effect. My question is, to what degree? More specifically, how does it relate to increasing and broadening the scope of racing, both in the stands and in the paddock? Point being, there is no documented point of activation. A ride, is a simple a ride - regardless. Great for Josh. MA, not so much. Not to mention the polar opposite effect he has.
    Show me the numbers. This is all I’m asking. Not feelings, but actual, quantifiable numbers.
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    How so? I’m positive, he hasn’t. Show me the numbers. I’ll go back in my files and check, you on the other hand know this because? You keep talking but offer no substance otherwise. I know, I’ve brought in more riders into the sport of racing, no question.
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    I know for a fact you have no clue what you are talking about as you have consistently demonstrated your ignorance. Blah blah blah. Show me the numbers. Simple question. Good Lord.
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    This can’t be over stated.
  12. Wheel Bearing

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    Show me the numbers.
  13. G 97

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    What numbers? You’re the one making absurd proclamations based on a social media presence. I’m positive I’ve interacted in first person with more track riders and racers in the activity of riding bikes on track and getting them directly involved in the sport. In fact; Josh himself, participated in two of my track days. Stop behaving like the pussy you are and back up your statements. I have my numbers. Where are yours, pussy.
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    The number of riders you claim to have made WERA flourish. Or do you need me to spell it out for you every time?

    It's backed by data, hence why followers, views, clicks, etc on social media is such a desired platform.

    I'd love to agree with you, but then we would both be wrong.

    It's well known that 100,000 followers doesn't equal 100,000 different people to be influenced. It's a fraction of the stats, but it's still significant, and why there's so many insta-thots on IG that make a living selling whatever shit they're selling.

    Herrin is influencing his audience. And you, well, you're in the has-been category, and which is exactly why you haven't done anything recently to better the club racing scene.
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    What’s the final impact towards activation on the track? Followers mean nothing without activation. Influencing is one thing. How is he influencing them? He’s also created a negative back lash. Influencing his audience is limited to Josh. It doesn’t directly equate to increasing the sport. It’s good for Josh, good on him. On a greater scope, not so much. Josh’s social media presence benefits him more than the sport. Not to mention those who he drives away. How do you account for that. You have not one single example of how his social media presence has helped grow the sport of motorcycles racing. Not one. No data other than followers which equates to nothing unless they activate.
    I have plenty of mine. You can disagree, you’re still wrong. Followers mean Jack shit unless they activate.
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    Following is the first step to get them interested in the sport? Jesus Christ, you seriously can't be this stupid?

    Or do you expect guys to see a IG video of him doing a wheelie, and the next day, some random dude dropping $5k to get into racing? :crackup:
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    And yet no quantifiable numbers. So awesome. The tooth fairy is real.
    Dude the Star Boys and LasVegas Extreme got a shit ton more riders interested in motorcycles. In the millions of riders. How did that work out? :blart:

    Feelings over numbers.you’re the one making the statement and can’t back it up. Don’t get all pissy because you can’t. Again, Josh may have a decent social media presence and in reality it means Jack shit towards racing, derp
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    Hmmmm.....I wonder which person you are talking about? I actually only know the old CMRRA which Young Lee runs, not sure of the name of it now? The other mini organization SCMiniGP which Josiah started, and stood for So Cal MiniGP was instrumental in that entire naming convention used back east....I think he even made a few bucks off the name.... and I hope he did, because he spent way more money benefiting mini racing versus what he recovered. Unfortunately, that closed down long ago. There was also STARS and that was Supermoto specific.

    That's just like the advice I gave you, before allowing your kids to race in MotoAmerica. They should be winning and possibly dominating...depending on the local competition, before you try MA. Maybe even set a few track records for their WERA or other local organization classes that you choose to run.

    To give you an idea, not that this is the only way, but Ty set 4-5 different SV track records and a 125/Moriwaki record at one track, before we went to AMA. He could win club 600 races at WERA and other local clubs out here, but he wasn't putting it on the podium at Nationals when we stepped up to 600's, after he turned 16 for AMA. I was super proud, but he only managed 5th place in the championship in his first year in the "baby " 600 west SS class. AMA also ran the "big boy" DSB 600 class with faster bikes and faster riders back then.

    So take your time and enjoy the lower expenses of club racing, especially the lower expense of diesel fuel pulling your rig around the county. It was only $4-5 a gallon back then out here, and that killed the budget. LOLOL
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    He CAN'T be talking about Young Lee:eek: Nicest man alive!
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    You keep on firing off emotionally based posts, so it's hilarious you claim it's based on feelings.

    Here you go, I'll summarize this, again. I'll even type it slow, since I know you can't read fast.

    It is a statistically known fact that clicks, views, likes, and shares (on whatever topic it is, from bikes, to clothing, to cars, energy drinks, etc) is a form of very direct and targted advertising.

    Do the big boob'd thots on IG know how many extra energy drinks get sold after they film a clip of them drinking one in a bikini? No. Does the whole team of that energy company that's responsible for advertising their product track and know if the money they spend on this advertising (paying said thots to film themselves) works or not, based off the increase or decrease of sales? Yes.

    Is there an extremely well known statistical average that shows a notable increase in this targeted advertising that is largely based off your viewing history? Absolutely.

    Is Herrin's exposure to the sport beneficial? For him, sure. Does this directly mean each viewer is going to become a racer? Obviously not, but it gets MA exposure where they wouldn't have before.

    Feel free to read this again, as I'm sure it didn't sink in the first time.

    You still have yet to show your proof, only emotionally driven responses. My "data" is backed by advertising fact 101 for our modern digital era. What about yours?

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