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Discussion in 'General' started by wsmc42, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Hey Utah residents, how do cops and the highway patrol treat motorcyclists there in your experience? Here is why I ask. My dad has been considering moving to the St George area(Hurricane, Washington). He was up in the area last week staying in his motorhome to check out some houses and scout some possible riding areas. He was out for a ride on his R1, wearing leathers like he usually does. While stopped to get gas, 2 highway patrolman and a local cop who were there come over and tell him, "we don't like your kind around here." He asked why. They made it clear they don't like guys on sportbikes and insinuated that wearing leathers must mean he is reckless. He told them wearing leathers doesn't mean he is reckless, it means he wants protection if something bad happens. He put on his helmet, went back to his motorhome, loaded up and left Utah he was so pissed. It seems crazy that in today's day and age, cops would actually say this. I think cops everywhere have a bias against guys on sportbikes, but to actually say that to a guy just putting gas in his bike seems ridiculous to me. I can't blame him for saying "Eff Utah, why would I spend my money there". I will mention, my dad is 68. Not exactly a hooligan.
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    I don't live there, but been there many times on a bike. Hardly ever saw a LEO, but all cases were positive. Weird.
  3. motoracer1100

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    He should have said .... F@ck you Mormons.. I don't like people with made up religions :D
  4. jrsamples

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    I will bet that no one on here live near St. G. I'm sure Cortez can give you an idea about SLC LE.
  5. wsmc42

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    I jokingly told him maybe they meant non mormons. He said, " No, they made it clear guys on sportbikes."
  6. rd49

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    The older ones in leathers are the ones you really need to keep an eye on. :D
  7. brex

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    No, they clearly knew just by looking at him he wasn't LDS and therefore wanted to murder him on the spot. They had probably just finished their rounds of the hotels, taking all the coffee makers and busting heads of anyone that looked like they might possibly drink it.
    Tell him he will be treated that way daily, motorcycle or not, and that he should look at moving to california. Utah is a horrible place, and St. George is an ugly desolate hellhole.
  8. eggfooyoung

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    He could've simplified, and just said I hate everyone.
  9. sdg

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    cops here are DICKS. F@CK this state.
  10. ton

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    funny. the retired cops i know that moved to St. George went there partially to be able to ride bikes. in SLC, i've never had so much as an interaction with them.

    but yeah, what Brex said. this place sucks. ugly, full of weirdos, hate outsiders.
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    Welcome to America. Now if he was driving a corvette decked out like a "pace car" with a 5-point harness they would have pulled him over to tell him how cool his car is and show off their Dale Earnhardt Lives tatoo.
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    Went to WSBK at MMSP back in the day.
    The governors office had to get involved to stop the Utah Highway Patrol from running several “Motorcycle only” check points on the roads into the track.
    It was a public relations nightmare for all concerned.
    Inbreeding ...
  13. motion

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  14. ryoung57

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    I remember that. The guys at RRW publicized it extensively.
  15. deepsxepa

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  16. motion

    motion RockyMountainMotos.com

    Probably locked up at the moment.
  17. beac83

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    There was a member here who lived in Springdale or nearby. He used to run STT Midwest, and then retired and moved there.
    I can't remember his name, but wife's name is Bonnie.
  18. jrsamples

    jrsamples Banned

    He does mt. bike guide trips now around Moab.
  19. ClemsonsR6

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    And he OWNED STT. Not just ran a division. Orange cone loving Elf kinda guy too.
  20. beac83

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    And with the Orange Cones, comes his name - Monte.

    I just knew him as the guy who ran the Gingerman days, usually worked registration with Bonnie.

    Haven't seen him post in quite a while.

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