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Discussion in 'General' started by Lanceabillion, Nov 10, 2021.

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    This is a timely thread revival. I just finished my labs at what amounts to a men's health clinic. I'm at 249. I would like to start, but this place says if I want to use insurance, I need to have the shots done by them on site for $35/wk. They can provide at home administration kits for $275/mo, but insurance won't cover that. Frankly, I don't have and hour free each week during their business hours. Are these prices high? I'm not really sure how to move forward at an affordable (both time and money wise) rate.
  2. It will.

    If your diet, lifting, sleep, and water consumption is on point, you WILL see a difference.

    With your T levels where they need to be, the rest is on you. If you don't see a difference, then you will need to address your workouts or your diet.
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  3. That sounds like a crock of shit to me. I have never in my life heard of that. Sounds to me like they are wanting a quick and easy way to make $35 every week.
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    Go to an actual doctor, not one of the health clinics. I hope you went Lex Grossman on them when they tried to pitch you at those prices.

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  5. Aberk

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    That is my current plan. My PCP didn't want to get me started last time I saw them. But I was over 300 and that was a few years ago...
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    He had me on another first …
    Levothroxine 0.025 Mg .. and I only could take it for 2 days .. extreme vertigo, double vision .. so I bailed on that shit .. the Armour has zero side effects…
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    Are any of you guys paying out of pocket for the low T treatment? If so and you don't mind sharing, what's the cost?

  8. It depends on several factors. But on average, a 10ml (200mg Test per ml) vial will run you $60-$70.

    I’ve seen as low as $50 and has high as $85. But I’d say if you plan on $70 that will cover it.
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    pay for the injections for 6 months to get your dosages properly adjusted to your body then just order online and keep doing your bloods through your doctor. That’s what I do. My trt+hcg costs me 150 for a 3 month supply. My copay for blood work is 10 bucks. Pm me if you want info for ordering online
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    I was going to one of the Low T-center franchises and with insurance, it was costing me $14 per week. They bumped me from 300ish to 800+. Felt great for about 2 months once they got my levels up to 600+. Then I noticed I was gaining weight (seemed like some good muscle density) and my blood pressure was steadily climbing each visit. Started at 110/70 which is my normal, then got into the high 120's over high 80's. The last several were 139/90. They were also checking my red blood count every 5-6 weeks which went through the roof to the point they said they need to draw some off or donate immediately. I went to the donation center so as not to waste a blood draw. The nurse seemed concerned about red blood count and asked if I was on T-therapy before I even said anything. Usually, donation time is 1-1.5 months. Lady said I can donate every 2 weeks when on t-replacement because it spikes blood production. I am already high stroke risk with a family history of strokes. Not sure I want to poke the bear.

    I was on replacement therapy for 8 months. I did not change anything other than getting on T-boosters. Age 49, 5'10' 207lbs at start, 222 when I stopped. Around 15-20lbs overweight for the last 10 years with about 22% body fat using Army BMI test.
    My observations:
    1. More energy
    2. Definitely a huge improvement in the area for the reason most men take it.
    3. Some muscle mass returned with minimal workouts. Nothing crazy just a few push-ups, sit-ups, and maybe 15-20 miles per week running.
    4. It did not seem to improve the generally pissy attitude I adopted about 9-10 years ago.
    5. I stopped because of major concerns with blood pressure, red blood cell count, and weight gain.
    6. Seems dumb but it was a pain in the ass making the once per week appointment.

    I am thinking about trying an actual doctor that can be more attuned to the concerns with it than just having CNAs do blood pressure and then jabbing me with 170ml of testosterone.
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    I wonder if your blood count/pressure has anything to do with un-utilized test in your system because your levels are way up but you’re not working out strenuously. Diet/alcohol consumption might also be a factor
  12. cortezmachine

    cortezmachine Well-Known Member

    Or to put it better, I wonder if that can be a factor, not that you specifically are that case
  13. Some people are more prone to Polycythemia (bone marrow producing too many red blood cells) than others.

    Of course, some people simply have the Polycythemia disease. It is a type of blood cancer. Others, are more prone to elevated red blood cell production with Test supplementation. Some people can supplement with T and be fine, some can do it and have to get blood taken out (theraputic phlebotomy) regularly. Not sure why some people are affected more than others.
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    I’m going to make the massive assumption that everything else was in order and tested properly. If so, it sounds like your dosage was simply too high and perhaps you need AI’s in your protocol. Also, you do need to donate blood as red blood cell count is going to increase. However, I typically do it every two months and my counts are typically fine. Since I started, I’ve cut my dosage nearly in half. I get regular blood work to monitor things. The factors that contributed to this for me personally (not to be confused with universally true) we’re switching to sub-q injections, and dosing twice per week instead of once. At this point, I no longer need any AI’s, though I do take hcg as it seems to put a little more pep in my step. This could be entirely placebo though, as I’m not seeing anything on the major indicators of my blood work when I wasn’t taking it.

    I’m personally not a fan of those clinics, as it seems to be similar stories as far as not deep diving enough. I personally feel that finding a good endocrinologist is key here. Also ends up being way cheaper as well.
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    you should be changing tips after you withdraw and before you shoot. order your 22's to pull it from a vile, always switch out to a new tip (whatever your preferred size) and inject. if you use the same tip - you have already dulled it going into the vile and you may have picked up some contamination as well (even with proper swabbing) . plus you get to pull at a faster rate and have less injection pain. win win.
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    half life difference between e and c are negligible - no difference and oil base is usually the same for both. your source might use something different - maybe - but its usually the same - so not thinner. the one that is thin is test suspension - its water based.
  17. gixer1100

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    275 a month!!! GOD DAMN! put it this way - as was mentioned a bottle of test can be had for between 70-100 - depending on your connection - maybe even less. that bottle will last you months. needles can be bought online very easy. so to me 550 for that same time period is quite a high.
  18. gixer1100

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    couple of things - its not 170ml - it would be 170mg...also are you saying they increased your weekly amount from 300mg to 800mg?? or you are talking test levels? i assume test levels - any time you take test your RBC will go up, BP will go much depends on a few things - obviously diet is in those things. there are sups you can look into taking to help reduce it - look for a good cycle support supplement. and yes donate blood to help manage the RBC - which is whats raising your BP.
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    Youll absolutely lose the weight and gain muscle mass provided youre not downing a 12 pack of Schlitz and eating a cake every night.

    Welcome to not being afraid to maximize your life!
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    I'm OK paying a high monthly fee to get educated and better understand what is required in terms of my blood work and how I react to it all. I'll also use that time to find a more cost-effective source for both the recurring blood work and meds (currently T, DHEA and Thyroid replacement) The doc I'm seeing also said he would readily provide HCG if I want it and even HGH... Given that half my thyroid is gone (cancer), IMO having a 'real' doctor involved is well worth the money at this point.

    It's only been 4 days, so no real change noted other than I never realized how easily a 23 gauge needle pierces through skin...

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