True hero....period.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by prospected, Jan 9, 2016.

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    If they reserved the death penalty for cases like this where everyone with functioning eyes can see the crime, it might be a far less controversial form of punishment. And that shit could be done swiftly too.

    But back on topic, I hope the officer makes a 100% recovery from his injuries.
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    This is the "Islamist" nobody seems wiling to talk about, yet is extremely likely to commit acts of terror. There are tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of them who've converted in prison. They absolutely hate America but blend in completely.
  4. HPPT

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    You mean that's not a sleek Syrian refugee who took an American name after crossing from Mexico?
  5. SGVRider

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    California tries to reserve it for only the worst assholes. Defendants are only eligible for death if they meet "special circumstances" criteria. That hasn't done anything to improve the process. I'm all for streamlining it and expeditiously executing only the most heinous criminals. It doesn't work like that in practice as it's still mired in bullshit. Of course voter initiatives added in a bunch of stupidity as well.
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    Why'd he shoot that poor black kid in the back while he was running away, he was not a threat while fleeing. For Christ sakes, he's another Michael Brown. #blacklivesmatter
    I'm guessing the poor kid was headed to the mosque to attend a RFKA dance party/Bernie Sanders townhall meeting to discuss the minimum wage and how it effects the young black Muslim community when the cop pulled up and yelled at him to get out of the intersection. Of course feeling threatened he pulled out his legally obtained 9mm glock, which he had a CCW permit for, and decided to pop a cap in his ass.

    I shure hope Sharpton and the DoJ step in. This could have been one of Barack's sons. Sad really.
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  7. dsmitty37

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    The sad part is, the gun used was stolen from a fellow police officer's home in 2013
  8. In Your Corner

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    I'm sure the lesson we should take from this is more gun laws.
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    Well, that's what happens when we keep letting them go....

    The man who is suspected of opening fire on a Philadelphia Police officer in West Philly late Thursday night pleaded guilty in 2013 to an armed assault that had taken place a few blocks away the year prior — however a plea deal kept him out of prison. …

    Archer was tracked down by police in 2013 and faced bevy of charges that included aggravated assault, conspiracy, terroristic threats, simple assault and others that involved firearms. He pleaded guilty last year to carrying a gun without a license, a third-degree felony, and simple assault, a second-degree misdemeanor.

    According to court documents, Archer was sentenced to nine to 13 months in prison, was allowed to count time served and was paroled. Records show he was arrested April 14, 2013 and was released April 30, 2013 after posting partial bail. (That's 16 days served for an assault with a fire arm)
  10. June-yer

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    Since the Glock 9 mm was stolen from police (most likely via burglary), would the seller (assuming Archer didn't steal it himself) obtain the necessary gun show loophole background check?
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    Good thing he didn't try to protect his land by setting a back burn. That is a far more heinous crime that must come with prison time.
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    Hero? Sounds like a guy who got really lucky to get shot in the arm and then shot the guy back in his ass. Glad he's okay and the bad guy got caught, but I wouldn't call the dude a hero.
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  13. HPPT

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    That was interesting. It seems that just about the only thing that doesn't qualify as a special circumstance is shooting your wife or the guy is banging her.

    Gotta make room in jail for drug users somehow. :rolleyes:
  14. crashman

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    Shouldn't the term "hero" be reserved for someone who does something heroic? I am glad the cop is going to recover but what he did was survive.
  15. HPPT

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    I think the truth is somewhere in between. He may not have jumped on top of a grenade, but he also got out of his car to try to get the guy. I wouldn't have blamed him for driving himself to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
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    Need bigger hot boxes.
  18. pickled egg

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    And likely due to a vest.

    Like you, glad his wounds were superficial and the assbag is in custody.
  19. XFBO

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    Right, because you two guys would have also instinctively jumped out of your unit and gave chase in an attempt to stop the sick fuck from getting away and possibly shoot/kill someone else.

    I'm usually not a big fan of that word being thrown around but when it can be attached to a girly dude, these days, and stick ..... to a bunch of folks anyhow, yea I think I'll let this incident slide. As someone else said, he could have just as easily stomped on the gas and hightailed straight to the ER instead of getting out and attempt a foot pursuit while you think you're bleeding out.

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