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Discussion in 'General' started by Pneumatico Delle Vittorie, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    I wasn't thinking you were saying that at all. It's just a weird time for everyone
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  2. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Greg was on the rulebook cover, they're not allowed to fire him!
  3. ducnut

    ducnut Well-Known Member

    They were actually quite good to work with. I was doing the customer transaction end of things for Scorpion exhausts, which was a brand they brought into and distributed in the USA. I simply processed the customer credit card. They did the rest.
  4. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    You probably have seen this but we were able to finally reopen it today. Lets just say everyone in the company is smiling today haha!
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  5. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Do you know if they'll be kicking orders that aren't processed yet back to NY. Order I did yesterday wasn't going to be processed till Sat.
  6. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure orders will be processed as they were placed meaning they will come out of whatever warehouse they were set up for when you submitted it. I'd call in and see if they could cancel the order and reprocess it through NY but I know its not always something they can do. Assuming its coming out of WI I forsee the crazy long delays to be shortened up rather quickly since we won't have a million extra orders be pushed through there anymore. Also check your back orders, some stuff was still in stock in NY so I'm seeing a ton of releases right now.

    Who's your rep?
  7. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Custom masks?
  8. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    I am sure we will have some coming soon from a lot of our brands but I haven't seen any thing yet. The rep force is still stuck at home so we aren't having to worry about them yet or know if we will even be required to have them when we do get released into the wild again.
  9. Banditracer

    Banditracer Dogs - because people suck

    Dan Davis #173
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  10. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Wow, I just heard that Western Power Sports is now distributing Michelin road race tires. Weird
  11. backbone

    backbone scarred for life

    Dumbest thing they could have done, imo.
  12. 418

    418 Expert #59

    Is this a fact or rumors?
  13. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Afaik, fact but just not sure of the product range they have
  14. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    Yeah it’s happening. I think it’s dumb for both the brand and for western. I wouldn’t want my very temperature and pressure sensitive product sold by people that have no idea what pressures, conditions, etc that different compounds or models should be ran. Sure I wish I could sell them but it’s a good way for someone to hate your brand when you don’t set the bike up right and smoke a tire in 12 laps or something.
  15. Pneumatico Delle Vittorie

    Pneumatico Delle Vittorie Retired "Tire" Guy

    Tucker/Rocky sold Metzeler slicks and rains 35 years ago and it didn't work then, so here's what going to happen. The dealer won't know anything about RR tires and will sell them. Their customer will have a problem. The dealer will call his rep. The rep that knows nothing about RR tires will say call the tire company. The dealer will get ahold of the call center and they won't know anything about RR tires and transfer the call to the RR guy, but he's out and it goes to VM. A few hours/days go by and the customer is getting more pissed. The tire company RR guy calls the rep and dealer and ask what's happening, The dealer says fix it a.k.a give him free product to make him happy because we sell a lot of your product (fyi they hardly sell tires and stock none) and call the customer to smooth things out. The tire RR guy calls the customer and asks why didn't you buy the tires from the local race tire vendor, and the customer will say the dealer sold them to me for 30 bucks less. The customer is still pissed and even more so when he finds out HE was the reason for the problem. And even though the dealer made money he's mad at his rep and the tire brand. And maybe the customer decides to stick with the brand and he buys his next set from the vendor and finds out the price mounted is about the same. How do I know all of this? I managed the moto call center while being the Pirelli RR guy. And guess what? The car RR guy used to get the same types of phone calls.
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  16. COOP 1

    COOP 1 Well-Known Member

  17. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    I'm seeing a lot of bikes around here lately but a weird combo of vintage and new. Vintage Hondas (CB750s, CB450s and the like) and the new bikes are seldom hyper sports. R3s, Ducati monsters, Honda nakeds and more Aprilias then I've ever seen before. Weird.
    The weirdest is the number of Triumphs lately.

    The vintage bikes are all worked. Cafe racers and seldom 100 point restored boring.

    and it's a lot of young cats riding these things.
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  18. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    This is 100% what I was thinking haha!
  19. Spooner

    Spooner Well-Known Member

    This is absolutely happening. It’s totally insane how busy the shops have been. I usually see a taper off for July with families going on vacation and stuff so it will be interesting to see how this month is since most people won’t be traveling. Many of my shops are having record months and some have actually already had a record YEAR because of their sales. I just hope we can keep a decent percentage of these new riders over the next few years.
  20. StanTheMan

    StanTheMan Well-Known Member

    I’m good friends with the sales manager of a local dealership. They have Honda/Yamaha/SeaDoo at one location and Kawasaki/Suzuki at the other. I bought a 2020 R1 from them at the end of May. She said their sales goal for April (for the Yamaha/Honda store only, not combined stores) was 90 units. They did 120. For May, their single-store goal was 120 units. They did 182. I’m sure things vary regionally but they’re moving some product here in Raleigh.
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