The Green New Deal = Kmer Rouge

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by blkduc, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Seems like a continuation of our slippery slope, but here it is more bottom up than was the case in Cambodia. After all, AOC didn't just declare herself chief. These fools are going to willingly march into the third world.

    True story:
  3. Spang308

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    A few things that will prevent that from happening here.
    1) These leftist are great big giant pussies. They even wear them on their heads. The Antifa ding dongs act tough pushing around old men on Portland. Pull that shit with the rest of us and they're in for a GIANT beatdown.
    2) There are over 300 million fire arms in circulation in the U.S. Most of them are owned by moderates and right leaning individuals. Remember, the left hates guns. Do some research on the amount of hunting permits issued in states like PA or TX every year. I think I read one time that the licensed hunters in TX alone would make the largest Army in the world. Ponder that. Also factor in these dudes can hit a deer running through a field at 30 mph right in the heart. Antifa idiots vs. Texas hunters....the stong money is on the good old boys with the rifle skills. Hell, even I can hit clay birds in a crossing pattern with ease. How tough would it be to defend freedom from a bunch of pale mommas boys dressed in black?
    3) This upcoming election is going to be a referendum on these idiots. The whole socialism thing may have been cute for awhile, but 90% of the country is tired of hearing it now. AOC's absolutely ridiculous Green New Deal draft will drive that point home.
    My prediction, the Dems take a beating so badly at the polls in 2020 that the party is forced to shove these morons back in a hole and move on with more moderate views. It happened in 1984 when Ronnie won 49/50 states. The Dems will need to slide to the middle or cease to exist, by votes or at the hands of angry ranchers with Winchesters.
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  5. 600 dbl are

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    They are already trying the guilt route about the childrens.

    They claim it will create millions of new jobs, ignoring the fact that it will grind the economy to a halt.

    I read somewhere (I'm too lazy to look it up again) where even if the US never produced another particle of CO, it would have zero impact in the environment because #restoftheworld

    Obama already gave his cronies millions of tax payer dollars for green energy companies. Care to guess how many are still in business?
  6. 10-15

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    #banfartingcows :eek:

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  7. Spang308

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    But...but...Solyndra. That one alone burned through $528 million of Obama endorsed government funding before filing bankruptcy.
    Man made climate change is a 100% hoax designed to steal money from the masses and distibute it to the wealthy because the word "tax" is so unpopular.
    Let's stop for a second and lower our brain processing power to the level of the idiots that haven't seen through Al Gore's sham yet. Even if man made climate change, global warming, or whatever they're labeling it this week did exist, how in the fuck is giving money to the government for them to piss away going to fix a thing? Solyndra? Well, there goes half a billion that enriched a bunch of people and didn't reduce CO2 emissions one bit. The pattern is there folks. This is a cash grab. Plain and simple.
    Only someone stupid enough to draft the Green New Deal is arrogant or uninformed enough to think they can manipulate the global climate one way or the other.
    Next they're gonna control the weather and volcano eruptions.
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    I like this little tidbit, maybe someone can explain how "strengthening and protecting the right of all workers to organize, unionize, and collectively bargain free of coercion, intimidation, and harassment;" will effect climate change?
  9. Spang308

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    Carbon credits :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup:
    Al Gore is laughing at you rubes from his beachfront mansion that is never getting flooded from sea level rise!
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  10. Spang308

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    It's just word vomit. It's all she has.
  11. DrA5

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    Hopefully now the rest of the country sees her as we have seen her since she jumped onto the ignorant child. Let this plan hang around her neck the rest of her life, with constant jabs and snickers at her. She deserves worse.
  12. jrsamples

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    I remember this one. Kay voted for the cronies bill, then her hubby applied for the money and then set their son up in a new business. From that first investment in his company by the tax payers, looks like his last building permit was pulled in 2017. Swamp.
  13. Spang308

    Spang308 Well-Known Member

    There are hundreds if not thousands more like that. It's not just renewable energy projects either.
  14. cpettit

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    That broad is off her rocker. None of that shit will ever pass and she’ll hopefully be voted out after one term. She is the Trump of the left.
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  15. Spang308

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    How is she the "Trump" of the left exactly?
  16. cpettit

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    Talks before she thinks, spouts complete bullshit, is in way over her head, and the majority of people want her gone. Just a few to start with.
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  17. Spang308

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    Wow...your TDS flared up bad today. Drink some Kool Aid buddy.
  18. cpettit

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    I don’t care for the orange flavor.
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  19. speeddaddy

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    Like unions are free of intimidation coercion and harassment:crackup:
  20. nigel smith

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    Someone read a book on Marx. Or at least watched a you tube video.

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