The AntiWhite thread.

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by deepsxepa, Oct 30, 2018.

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    Completely over the top.
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    It wasn't until elementary school age for me. I decided to walk around my father's home town in southern GA, alone.
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    Yeah, I'm sure it was there but with a biracial sister, best friend was black, foster kid who was American Indian (I did charge like a sideshow and made some money showing him off to the hood :D ), it just never occurred to me there were people out there who could hate based on skin color. Once I was old enough to pay more attention to how other people reacted when we went to the store and so on it slowly creeped in how stupid people could get. Pretty idyllic first 10 years or so though.
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    I had a DC wharf big name tell me the WaPo was the best paper in the US and as proof it was not biased, they frequently printed retractions when they were wrong.
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    The great thing is that the comments section proves the contention
    of the lawsuit. The hate being spewed toward that kid and his school
    is so extreme you couldn't possibly argue he hasn't been negatively
    affected by the false reporting.
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