The AntiWhite thread.

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    This illustrates why you are the beeb map guy :beer:
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    Let us not forget Wakanda.
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    Hmmm, I only saw the movie once but in retrospect I can see what he's talking about thinking back on it. Spoilers if you haven't seen it yet

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    If you work in Corporate America you probably know that "diversity" is the new buzzword. Hiring decisions are evaluated on how "diverse" they are, qualifications are a secondary consideration. You can't fill a position unless you have a diverse applicant pool and if you have diverse pool you better select a diverse candidate. Company hiring policies are clearly written to discriminate against white males (imagine if that were so for any other group but white males). I recently came across the annual report for San Diego Gas and Electric where they have much of the report broken out by protected HR class and use the word "diversity" over and over again. Report and 2018 Annual Plan_0306_LR.pdf
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    Good god... I almost puked when I opened that link. They stick the word "diversity" somewhere in every sentence, even if it does not really fit in the context. I thought we were trying to get away from segregation and treating people differently based on skin color but I guess not...
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    DNA pioneer James Watson, 90, is stripped of the last of his honorary titles after doubling down on his 'reprehensible' views that genes cause a difference between black people and white people on IQ tests.
    He told a magazine that he was 'inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa' because 'all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - where all the testing says not really.'
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    Bunch a single story building morons over there.
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    Na. It's all just made up crap. Just opinions and shit off Goggle. None of it's true.
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    Stepped off the reservation....that’ll teach him.

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    WHy do they care what a crotchety old man thinks? IQ tests are bullshit to begin with.
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    R Acree WTF

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    I deal with this shit all of the time. I have to justify hiring the most qualified person if they aren't from the selected gene pool.
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    Now you've gone and done it!
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    Premature outrage.
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    Not saying what the defendants did is not reprehensible and shouldn't be punished to some extent, but would you say the punishment fits the crime here? I've seen people get shorter sentences for homicide.

    And it goes without saying everything he mentions later in the vid. So this one's actually both #whitepriviledge #malepriviledge

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