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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by DAL, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    Are you serious about the tires. If so, I'll through a set in trailer for you. Also, don't pump up Bill's head any larger then it is already. Ya, Bill will be a target. And I do mean a target! So, was Barber all that they said it was? How did you do?
  2. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    $5 says that you'll crash at Mid-Ohio anyway? 35s! Boy, you run a good race at Nelsons, get you first 1st place trophy, and now your going to run with the AMA boys. :Poke: What a world we live in today. :rolleyes:


    slowohioboy's loyal pit bitch!:D #2:confused:
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  3. ekraft84

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    can i unsubscribe to this thread?

  4. slowohioboy

    slowohioboy Well-Known Member

    You Know that you are probably right, so I won't take that bet. Fact is I don't care, I want to go as fast as I can regaurdless of my results. BTW, top AMA boys run 30's, 31's, 32's., high 35's would be just barely enough not to get lapped in the supersport races there, if you ran them every lap. And for the record, Nelson's didn't matter then, don't matter now. Mid-O is more important to me than the GNF, or the series for that matter.
    I hope I don't crash, I might, keep your $5:D I think the grid cut-off for the 600's AMA last year was a low 38, as long as I can consistantly lap there I'll be happy:beer:

    Truth is: I think we will all be right there when push comes to shove:D
  5. slowohioboy

    slowohioboy Well-Known Member

    No more talk, I'm done, I think we made someone sick:clap:
  6. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

  7. RR_Kid

    RR_Kid Formerly YZF600boy


    as interesting as it is to come in here and watch you guys poke fun at each other... could you maybe start your own thread and do it somewhere else... not trying to be mean here but this thread wasn't started for the purpose you guys are using it for...

    and i am sick of getting emails saying that someone replyed to this thread only to find out it has nothing to do with the actual thread...

    Later boys

  8. JakAHearts

    JakAHearts Rickshaw Racing

    One time, at band camp, I stuck a akra pipe....

    Oh wait, sorry, nothing to do with the thread

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