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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by DAL, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. DAL

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    I was at Summit Main this weekend and involved in an accident in the last race. I was entering turn 9 and had already pitched the bike over and was taking the same consistent line that I had been following for the entire race. I was hit extremely hard a thought that if the bike that hit me was pitched over to take the corner as well we would gain some seperation and could probably continue. This was not the case. The bike that hit me was not pitched over, he stood the bike up when he discovered that he had made a poor decision about his ability to make the pass. His decision drove us both off the course and into the tire barrier. I understand that accidents happen as part of racing but the part that concerns me is that the rider who hit me insisted that it was my fault for turning in. He had NOT SHOWN ME A WHEEL and I do not have mirrors. The line was mine to take and he simply made a bad decision.. Myu concern is that if he believes he was right it will happen again and even those who were with him said that it was not the first time it had happened. My opinion of what happened was from EYE WITNESS REPORTS from many spectators who were in the stands. My point is that it is dangerous enough to race motorcycles without people who do not understan the rules of who has the line. It is the rider who is making the passes responsibiliy to ensure that the pass will be safe, not the rider who is in the lead. I did not expect an apoligy, but did expect him to understand that it was his mistake. I will be off the track for at least 8 weeks do to the broken left hand that I recieved from the wreck, not to mention the over $1000.00 worth of repairs needed on the bike. I hope that it is understood that I am not whining about my bad luck, but I am concerned for others who may be racing with individuals who share this person views of how to pass.

    Thanks for the great racing from everyone else this weekend.
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    Dal, Sorry to hear about you hand.

    BUT, at no point did i say it was your fault that we got together. I specifically remember you accusing me of the total blame for the crash. And that is horseshit to say the least.

    I'm not trying to be a dick or anything to that matter, but don't get on here pointing fingers saying this and that about me. You are making false accusations and giving your oppinion on the matter and i do not appreciate that at all. Your coments about my ability to race and pass safely are unjustified and just plain rude. Especially when you are a Provisional novice. I'm not saying i am a greatly experienced racer, because this is my first season too, but for you to tell me how i should and should not pass someone is just damn funny.

    YES i am partly at fault for the crash. you came out of 8 on the left side of the track and i exit 8 on the right, that gave me a straight shot to the inside of 9. You went into 9 to my right and left me a gap on the inside. I TOOK That Gap. You didn't see me coming you turned in to the inside of the turn right on top of me, and contrary to what you may think, i was clearly beside you before you turned in. You closed the gap very rapidly and that left the both of us with no where to go. When you turned in your bike hit mine, i hit the brakes to try and get out from under you. NOW I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but braking causes a bike to come back upright, thus the reason i came up out of the turn. Which sent us into the grass. Who is really to blame for this? WHO KNOWS AND WHO CARES, IT'S RACING!!!

    Now that you understand that i am not saying it was your fault or mine. It is just part of racing, and this shit happens. If i would have drilled your back tire or T-boned you, then we could say it was my fault, but usually when a crash occurs from rubbing paint on side fairings, then it is hard to say who hit who. Besides one of the MARRC corner workers told me that you hit me and took me with you, should i believe her and blame the whole thing on you, i probably won't. So don't give me crap about eye witnesses from the grand stand, that is 60 yards away from the turn, told you this and that.

    But, with all that aside, I am truly sorry to hear about the injury to your hand and i hope you get well soon. I am sorry to hear about the damage to your bike also, but i don't understand how you have 1000 dollars worth of damage, when all you had was some broken levers? Anyway I hope you heal quick and fix the bike up, so you can get back out there and enjoy the fun and excitement of racing. I hope to be dicing it up with you again sometime in the near future, but next time lets try not to take each other out.

    My bike was destroyed, a few of my fingers hurt pretty good, and my right foot has a walnut size lump on it. My family wants me to get it checked out, but i think it will heal with some time. I don't really have an estimate on the bike but the forks are bent, the guages are destroyed, all the bodywork except the tank is destroye, brake lever is gone, brake resouvior is smahed, fairing stay and gauge bracket is twisted beyond reconition and the throttle cable and houseing is smashed up.

    Again, it's unfortuate that the situation unravled the way it did, but look on the bright side, we will both live to race another day, and bikes are always fixable. I'm skipping the next two rounds on the schedule, but i'll be at the next VIR round in August, hope to see ya there for more close action (well maybe not as "close" action, but you know what i mean), it's a fun track and is a whole lot smoother too. Don't let this little mishap stop you from having a good time and continuing to race.



  3. DAL

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    I realize that I am a provisional novice but in reality that only means that I am new to WERA, not new to racing or that I do not have a great deal of on track experience. With that said I am also glad to hear that you are fine and will be racing again. As to my bike damage. Both of my rims are bent, my right front rotor was waffled, my Yosh exhaust canister was destroyed and my bodywork was damaged to the point that some of it will need to be replaced and then repainted. If you have knowledge of where I can get that repaired for under $1000.00 please let me know.

    I do understand that we are racing and that crap happens but I also realize that when you start as far back in the grid because of being on provisional status or for what ever reason and you in turn 9 on lap 4 of a 6 lap race that a pass that is even slightly marginal is not necessary. Neither one of us were going yo get points for our finish. If you had shown me a wheel or had been beside me in anyway I would have gladdly given up both the line and position to finish the race and go home in one piece.

    As for the witnesses, one of them has won his class in WERA for the last three years, one is leading his class this year, and another has either won or been in the top few racers in his class for many years.

    As you have stated, everyone has an opinion, but as you can see from the result you and I are both out of racing for quite some time and both will need to spend a large sum of money to get going again. In hinde site it was a bad choice.

    Another point I would like to make is that I did not mention either your name or number. I was not trying to point you out personally out make you look bad to your friends. I was making a statement about accepted protocol. (The person in front has the line and that if you are not sure the pass can be made safely you should wait for a safer opportunity) I understand that if it were for the WIN it might have been more understandable (not right) but understandable. It was for 35th or 36th in a race that gridded maybe 45? Do you think it was worth it?

    I wish you a speedy recovery and do look forward to seeing you at the track in the future.
  4. SV81

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    Passing..an Art in its finest. It takes skill and practice and at this level of the ball game should only be done when there is clean line. I did not witness any of this mess and have no room to point fingers. Lets just keep this safe out there. I find myself to be very conservative on the track when racing. There have been many riders who I coulda walked all over in spots, but due to not knowing their line or an inconsistency on their part of running a true same race line, I opt not to pass at certain points, when in acutallity I could have with no problems. I guess I am like this since I have a damn good career and this shit is just fun for me...I am too old to be the next Hayden. The thing about this crash that is good is you are both walking and talking and typing on this board. Cycles can be fixed and will. See ya both at the track somday.
  5. ekraft84

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    It is 100% the responsibility of the person making the pass to make sure it is a clean pass and *able* to be made. If the person you are passing is riding erratically or inconsistently, it is still the responsibility of the person making the pass. If it can't be done safely, wait until the straight - or don't do it. It doesn't sound like anyone was racing for a podium finish. And even if you both were, it obviously wouldn't negate the injury and bike damage that had been caused.

    I'm not pointing fingers either, but hope you guys get everything back together and out on the track soon.

  6. jp233

    jp233 hu huh, you said "member"

    I was in that last race and I saw both those bikes over off T9 - didnt look good. at least both you guys are in decent shape and not in a full body cast, or mamed or dead.

    DAL what number are you? 511 ? I remember a PN who was flying out there, 511... I didnt get a good look at the bikes off the side but I remember 511 w/ the orange shirt go smoking past a lot of people.

    anyways, hope you both heal up and patch the bikes up soon. thank god i got rid of my orange shirt that weekend as well :)
  7. DAL

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    I guess I wish my number was 511, but it is 587. Iwant to thank all of the racers that came to check up on me in the pit and that have called me since. I will be back out on the track as soon as the clutch hand is out of the cast. The ankle is swollen and some of the strangest colors imaginable. I think my wife wants me to go to the paint store for color matching. There is a color on the ankle that she wants to put in the bathroom. Even with the crash I had a lot of fun, I can't imagine want it would have been like without it.

    Thanks Again to everyone.
  8. JakAHearts

    JakAHearts Rickshaw Racing

    Well, before I post, I want to say that even though one of the members involved is my best friend, this is an unbiased opinion.

    I agree that it is the person's making the pass's (that was the worst english Ive ever typed and I need to return to grade school) responsibility to make sure the pass is clean and safe. However, sometimes mid-corner contact is unforseeable. I am also no racing god, but I do keep my eyes open to things. Some of the more inexpirienced racers, including myself before I realized this, tend to make their lines umm... big? so to speak. What I mean is they start too wide, cut in too much, and end too wide. They use the whole track, even if that means turning in early, holding a lean too long, and standing up early to drive to the outside. It mimics the super fast guys lines, but they are doing these things because they are going fast. Theyre forced to. Anywho, Im not saying the either of you do this (though I know one of you did at VIR last round when I was trying to get around you during morning practice:p ) or that this is what caused the accident, but Ive had several people rub me from doing this. Just a note to try and prevent any future guys from making this mistake

    PS. Not doing those things will make you faster too, i swear :beer:
  9. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    JakAHearts & DAL,

    I know how you guy's feel. A friend of mine and me collided in turn 5 during the last race. This sort of it is SHIT HAPPENS. Like both of you, I was initially upset. I even said some things that I have since apologized about. That is why we are NOVICES! We have to learn. It sucks when we take out ourselves. The anger only magnifies when it happens with another racers.

    All I can say is move on. I assure you it will happen again if you continue racing. Be thankful that you both are health and are here talking about it. A bit of history, I was in a race 2 years ago at Nelsons where a rider fell of his bike, was hit by another rider, and killed. IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORST GUYS! Now kiss, make up, and come out racing.

    :Poke: :beer:
  10. Britt

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    "Quote YZF600Boy"
    "" NOW I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but braking causes a bike to come back upright, thus the reason i came up out of the turn. Which sent us into the grass. Who is really to blame for this?""

    Could you please explain this new theory?:rolleyes:
  11. SV81

    SV81 Steeler Hater

    hard braking maybe, but hows about trail braking :)
  12. RR_Kid

    RR_Kid Formerly YZF600boy

    Well unless your Rossi, who just backs it in like it's going out of style or something.....



  13. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    Actually what "stands the bike up" is rider body position and steering input
    Not application of the brakes.:rolleyes:
  14. RR_Kid

    RR_Kid Formerly YZF600boy


    Screw you and your logic , nobody needs a logical guy around here, not to mention an old logical.

    But, none the less, hard braking, like clutch said will start to bring the bike upright....


  15. BoyRacer549

    BoyRacer549 I was a Spider Monkey!

    I Thinks you got scared do to the hit and stood it up...What is it that ED BARGEY says no matter what happens finish the turn!:moon: :moon:
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  16. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    Keep thinking that and you will go far...........

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  17. RR_Kid

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    DO you remember the beginning series of the Johnny Carson show?

    That's what i thought, YOU'RE OLD!!!!!

    hahahahahah, i'm just kidding



    JON :D
  18. Britt

    Britt MotoBigots Suck

    The good thing about being "Old" is you have seen alot and done alot and learned alot, and can pass it on to those willing to learn from your experience and mistakes.
  19. RR_Kid

    RR_Kid Formerly YZF600boy

    Indeed, you are correct Sir.....



  20. SV81

    SV81 Steeler Hater

    uhhh...clutch didnt say that..read again :)

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