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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by DAL, Jun 10, 2003.

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    RACING INVOLES CRASHING!! ITS A THING THAT HAPPENS!!! GET OVER IT!! Do you see everyone that crashes get on here and post how UNSAFE THE OTHER DRIVER IS?!?! My boyfried got a broken ankle with screws in it and got his head runover... did he get on here n bitch? NO!!! why? because SHIT HAPPENS!!!!!!!! If its such a big deal that u wrecked then dont race anymore... no one is gonna race forever and never have a runin wit another bike... it happened its over... and its gonna happen again :) So FORGET IT and move on with your life Dal...
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    Youll have to excuse her... Its obviously her time of the month. On the other hand, good point hun :D
  4. DAL

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    My purpose was not to whine, and I didn't. I simply posted what I did because it was reported to me that the individual who had contact with me frm behind was saying in the crash truck thta the incident was my fault. I simply wanted him to realize that it can not be the person in fronts fault. These bikes don't have mirrors for a reason. I just didn't want the situation to come up again and have the same decision made. Crashes happen and I am sure that if I race long enough I will go down again but that was not and is still not the reason for my original post. If the comments were not made in the crash truck that the collision was entirely my fault then I was misinformed. We all need to make decisions that lead to everyone finishing the race before we make a decision that has bad consequences for a non point back of the pack position. That was my point!!!!!
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    Ohh, so now your telling people that i hit you from behind...

    Man you are on some serious Crack or something, cuz i don't remember anybody hitting anyone else from behind.

    Your version of the incident changes everyday.

    It's getting quite comical now

    Let me guess next week you will be telling people that i pull up beside you and hit you with a chain, like in that video game road rash.


    None the less, say what you want i could give a crap.....
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    :beer: GO JON!!! I totally agree! Anyways... Dal... peoples say things that arent true.. Before u accuse someone of something ASK THEM!!! get on and be like "Jon did u find that this whole accident was my fault because I disagree" OK?!?! :mad: Once again...get over it.. no matter whose fault it was or who said what ITS OVER!!!!! DONE WITH!!!!!! There is nothing anyone can do now and thats all there is to it! And who was there for Jon to talk to in the crash truck? Doesn't he ride alone? Maybe I am wrong and if I am correct me but like I said ASK dont go pointing fingers... "IT'S ALL ABOUT THAT HE SAID SHE SAID BULLSHIT" and thats exactly what it is :D
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    Well I can see that the people who were not there have an opinion. No he was not alone on the crash truck. There were two bikes and 4 people on that truck. It certainly didn't drive itself back to the pits and the bikes did not load themselves nor unload themselves.

    I am truly over this post and have moved on to prople who matter. Get a life, a grip on reality or simply understand that if people who were there and saw the accident had different opinions yours opinion having not been there or seen it is truly uniformed.
  10. jaksbabygirl

    jaksbabygirl Active Member

    and I said CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.. no need for the attitude :)
    You needed to move on before u even wrote the post :Poke:
  11. RR_Kid

    RR_Kid Formerly YZF600boy

    That's funny, considering there wasn't two bikes on the crash truck. They put my bike in the back of my dad's truck and i rode back to the pits with my parents....

    I wasn't even in the crash truck slap stick.... so you better get your story straight before you start telling your war story to people.....
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    better check your facts
    The problem with the 2 bikes & 4 people in the crash truck is Jon's bike was loaded into his Dad's truck. SOooooooooo get your facts straight
  13. jeffrop

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    Yer just a big sissy-mary..that's your problem Scott-I-wanna-be-like-Billy :eek: :Poke:
  14. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    Now why did you have to go be and be like that? I give you tires. I slave around for you. And for what. Remarks like this. I'm Hurt! Shocked! I think you're just scared now. You now I would have passed you the next lap at Nelsons. And "Wanna-be-like-Billy", Please. He is going down at Mid-Ohio. I like how he was bragging about being on the first row for all his races. Well, I called today and found out I'm behind him in Row 2! So Billy is going down! Don’t worry Jeff, Billy and I will give you room when we lap your sorry 750 you old fart.:confused: :Poke: :beer:

    P.S. Interest is now accruing on them borrowed tires.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2003
  15. jeffrop

    jeffrop This space for rent

    Tires? What tires? You gotta receipt? :D
  16. slowohioboy

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    I don't think so pit bitch#2 It's a good thing that you are gridded behind me in row 2, that way you'll believe that I was out there. You'll see Green Flag=GONE. What more do I have to do, I tried to give you an advantage, I mean hell Nelson is your second home. It's going to be fun, but maybee you should take baby steps, i think maybee you should beat me at MotoGP, then MAYBEE NEXT YEAR, as experts you will show me how to do it for real. It's OK Scott, I'll let you hold my plate, and I plan on thanking you for the great instructions that you have given me throughout the season during the awards cerimonies.:Poke:

    In all seriousness, it's going to be tough, I know you and Jeff, will be quick there. I look for a few more people to step up as well. I think it'll take a 36~37. That's why I want to run a 35. I might not get there, but, I plan on triing:beer:
  17. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    LOL! Just remember slowohioboy, I'm a whole second a lap faster then you at Mid-Ohio. I don't think that will change!

    You know Bill, I feel bad for old Jeffy. He was the top dog, but he is falling quickly. Don't you agree. After all, Jeff is you Pit Bitch now.
  18. slowohioboy

    slowohioboy Well-Known Member

    LOL! :D

    If memory is right, you got 1 lap at that time, and every other lap was like 2 seconds slower. If things didn't change, life would be awful boring now wouldn't it.

    FYI- Mid Ohio last year was my first sprint races, and only the second time on a track last year. If you count all of my races it would have been my 3rd EVER! I guess you should have been a second faster. :Poke: I think I've improved, a little anyway:D
  19. northernyamaboy

    northernyamaboy Yo Terrance! You're slow!

    35s. Dream On!
  20. jeffrop

    jeffrop This space for rent

    Hey you guys simmer down now! No more of this talk "So-n-so is going down at Mid-O"....Scott I will need another fresh set of tires for Mid-O, make sure you bring extras. Billy, I got this sneakin feelin' yer gonna be the man to beat there.

    As for the old fart here...I'll just have to eat my wheaties and push the stroller a few extra trips around the block to even keep up with you young-uns!:eek:

    If Barber was any indication of the heat...Mid-O is gonna be a scorcher! It was HOT down there in Alabammy this weekend...hot enough to make you :Puke: if you were a yankee.:D

    Them southern boys didn't even break a sweat...:p

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