Switching between Pirelli slicks and dots

Discussion in 'General' started by svracer22, Jun 20, 2019.


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    One thing that I forgot to mention was that I was told that the SC2 would "feel" a little more like the Dunlop front slick that I was coming off of than anSC1. After two fronts I have just stayed with the 2 and like the tire.

    Going from the Dunlop to the pirelli also solved my front end chatter problem in some heavy front tire load situations.

    My experience, yours may differ.
  3. Braking stability.

    The Pirelli carcass is softer than others. Some people will run an SC2 (that’s what Eddie does too), some people will run an SC1 with a little higher pressure (that’s what I do).
  4. In fairness, they are also the same tires the guys are using who can’t even manage to score a point. :D
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    That is true, but the no point guys are going faster than we ever will.
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    gixxerboy55 said:
    Aren't the superbike slicks a trackday tire with harder compound.

    I said
    You're right, and these are the same tires Bautista is using to win so many WSBK races:D

    So the joke was Bautista is using the Superbike Pro tires:Poke:
  8. My comment was a backhanded dig at Dunlop, because they are so bad about making comments such as that.

    They like to release headlines saying "_______ was able to fight his way from 10th to first thanks to the superior grip of his Dunlops" or "Dunlop tires allow ______ to pull off a double win at..." so on and so forth.

    They make those comments, as if everyone is on different tires, and someone was able to do better thanks to his Dunlops. They totally leave out the part about how everyone HAS to run Dunlops.

    Which means while someone was able to win on his Dunlops, there could also be a headline that says "______ was already lapped by the leaders before 3/4 race distance, while trying to use Dunlops".
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    Guess I was confused about the superbike pro trackday slicks, seems kinda odd to go from a dot to a slick with less grip not more. Glad they no longer are available.

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