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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by SevenT6Vet, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    The surface at Summit is good! The same pothole in T3 but other then that, no real issues to speak of.

    We had some light rain all day so it was a little slick and couldn't really get it leaned over real far. Even with the damp, it felt good out there. Should be a great weekend of racing!
  2. fedmastaflex

    fedmastaflex Active Member

    when i was there for a track day in october the track was great also when i was down there for ccs in september it was good aswell have fun down there this weekend guys i cant wait to get going in may idk why ccs starts so late
  3. Suburbanrancher

    Suburbanrancher Chillzilla

    Cause WERA rules and CCS drools? :)
  4. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    i'll be doing ccs as well this yeah, i'll take thunderbolt over nelson ledges anyday
  5. fedmastaflex

    fedmastaflex Active Member

    lol i guess you right but its my dad racing not me and hes and old bag so he cant keep up with the young guys in wera lol even though he just got a graves r6
  6. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    age is just a number, tell the likes of troy bayliss and nori haga that they can't keep up with the younger guys lmao
  7. gixrben

    gixrben Well-Known Member

    The track was slow... I've never sat on an SV before this weekend coming off 600s, but experts winning Lightweight races were running 23s mostly, some dipped into 22s.

    I was running 28s in novice by the end, new track surface, new bike, new tires... I might have squeaked out another second or two with some more practice but the track was shady. That gray stuff looked nasty but it stuck, pothole through 3, another through 5 which was slippery and weeping water, and 9 was bad but I think I might have hit some sand on the inside, 10 felt great... didnt look great but felt great.

    I have to be honest, my first weekend running WERA, it seemed like a bit of a clusterf&^%... having to walk up the hill to do everything was a hassle. I know that a lot of people like me were getting their license and stuff but there is a whole building by Chez SP... indoors... that you can set up registration at and people don't have to stand outside for 45 minutes at the top of the hill in 25-40mph gusts, and a peg board down there for grids and results. If you didn't have a pitbike GL and jog it.... I think the folks at reg did a great job, just sucked running up there in leathers to get anything done.
  8. track surface

    just raced there this past weekend..4-4-5 The track is ok.. slippery in the morning, but when it is hot the track is fine...the main course that is.. the spoty patches play with your head, just get over it
  9. fedmastaflex

    fedmastaflex Active Member

    will they need to repave it before any body goes back
  10. gixrben

    gixrben Well-Known Member

    They've repaved twice and patched half a dozen times or more... you can bet until that track starts shedding gravel like last year they're not going to put any money into it.

    Penny wise, pound foolish. He's spent more on sealer than asphalt and it's still a shit hole.
  11. h00kup

    h00kup Well-Known Member

    unfortunately, convenience wins.
  12. xxtreme117

    xxtreme117 2008 GSX-R600 #117

    Yeah the track looks ugly I havent been there since June 9th last year and it got and looks worse than before but its probley looks more scary than it realy is. I belive it more mental tricky and it didnt help that I havent been on a track for almost 10 month.
  13. MX121

    MX121 Well-Known Member

    :Dtrack is nasty just stay away.
  14. drew231506

    drew231506 Zero sponsors

    Just got back from Summit. It was in better shape than I expected. T3 and T5 a little....ummmmm....well you have to be precise. Otherwise pretty a summit kind of way.
  15. Ontheedgeprsprt

    Ontheedgeprsprt Pumpkin riders

    It wouldnt be summit if it was perfect. Its worse if you walk the track and see all of the imperfections and let it get to your head. just get out there and ride. I am faster than canolli at summit + everywhere else and thats all that counts.
  16. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    I'm gonna own you this year :D
  17. Rem6a

    Rem6a WCR Racer

    What has more sealer? Summit Point or Nelson Ledges?
    Nelson always had the best rain races. It was like going through a maze.

    Coming for you connoli.
  18. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    bout time :Poke: :D
  19. keppyou812

    keppyou812 Active Member

    Shoot, last I heard about Nelson, there was grass growing up through the asphalt.

    I'm with a SCCA team. We used to call Summit our home track, but last we were there, after the original pave job, the pavement was all rolled up. The front of the car smacking the humps could be heard in the stands at turn 5 as it went through the cloverleaf. We have since gone to NewJersey Motorsports Park. I would put this towards the par of VIR, or Barber. Nice facility!!
    Does anyone know how the track is at Beaverun??
  20. ronaldo9

    ronaldo9 Well-Known Member

    Beaverun is a fun little track but its small and getting bumpy at the top of the hill in andat the exit of 7, however, bumpy on a motorycycle could be way different then a car. It's nothing too detrimental in my book as the track is not coming apart. I was last there in September with TPM.

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