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Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by SevenT6Vet, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    I remember that lol
  2. rickrossi

    rickrossi Get N the Groove!

    LOL?? What's funny about that?! It wasn't funny that the other guy got seriously hurt!! Your not worth another key stroke! There's know humor in people crashing!
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  3. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    dude chill the fuck out, i did not know it was that serious, all i remember was seeing you laughing with your friends as you were bring the bikes back to the tent, so i figured it wasn't that bad, i didn't know the whole story
  4. drew231506

    drew231506 Zero sponsors

    Nope know humor in that.

    Looking forward to the new and improved Lyle days...hope the penjilum doesnt swing the other direction though. im sure theyll have a good system.
  5. icebergmikey

    icebergmikey Well-Known Member

    I definitely remember that!
  6. icebergmikey

    icebergmikey Well-Known Member

    Rick's right... Nothing funny bout that. But I don't think Ryder meant it like that rossi, we were feeling bad for the other rider but laughing cause we knew Rick was cool!
  7. Cannoli

    Cannoli Typical Uccio

    When Roger started all of this, he was adamant that it wouldn’t be a “police state” on track. Unfortunately a handful of street squids from a local street group (same squids that thinks MD-50 and the Beltway are their personal play grounds) ruined it for many of us.

    The major changes will come in the form of strict lane enforcement at pit-out, wrong sticker for the group, go back to your pits.

    If you get by some how you will be removed from the premises and will not be allowed to attend another event.

    The Race group is for current licenses holding racers ONLY.

    The Advanced group will have to show documentation that they are in fact, Advanced. Saying “I’m faster than all my friends on the highway” won’t cut it. Also new bike requirements will be enforced for the Advanced group. If you think you belong in Advanced, then you know why parts are safety wired.

    Bumping people DOWN will be a regular occurrence when warranted. This will be observed by the CR’s AND by all the corner workers. You will be easy to spot!

    Bumping people UP will require an unbiased review of your riding ability by at least two separate CR’s then OK’d by Roger and will only happen at an event when there is room in the group you wish to be bumped to.

    Everyone who comes out to an event will be logged in a database as far as what group they’re in. When you’re put in a group, you will continue to stay in that group for each event until you are formally moved up or down.

    Passing rules are still being discussed as well as multi-bike rules. No longer will you get two tech stickers just because you brought two bikes. The procedures for multi-bike participants will be clearly laid out in advance so there are no surprises. What we came up with is fair to the riders and to Roger’s company.
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  8. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    I'm liking the sound of this more and more
  9. beechkingd

    beechkingd Well-Known Member

    What are the "new" bike requirements?
  10. icebergmikey

    icebergmikey Well-Known Member

    While this is the correct thing to do, I dont feel like its necessary for someone to hop on here and try to scare everyone. I use to be one of the guys on US 50 and the Beltway and Harry S. And i thought that coming to the track was the best thing to do. But if im going to be called out or critized for something..then FAWK U, I'll go to another organization and spend my money or get back on the street and fly by your dumbass in your car! (While some of my comments are very controversial, some do have a point).....Last but not least! FUCK ANYBODY that has to say anything about local street/track riders, the smart thing to do would be to put this statement in a different tone to try to get more street guys on the track/or to a Roger Lyle Day!:clap:
  11. Morph_of_tc

    Morph_of_tc Well-Known Member

    Gun runners unite!!!
  12. PLProductions

    PLProductions Active Member


    Race lisence for racer group, huh? At first glance it makes sense. After thinking about it a bit though it kinda sucks for folks that are plenty skilled enough for the racer group but don't choose to "race".... Especially given the fact there will be passing "rules" for the ADVANCED SPORTBIKE RIDER group... Gotta get a "license" to pass, huh? Is that it?

    Well, maybe RL will do something a little different with the "ADVANCED" group this time that will work out... hopefully.
  13. r1ryder424

    r1ryder424 Well-Known Member

    i hope they are more lenient with the passing rules in adavnced, not that passing only in the straights bullshit
  14. chickenstrips

    chickenstrips Active Member

    i take issue with the racer group speed. i am a newly licensed wera racer, but on the 1st i plan on finding my; line, brake, gas, and shift points and paying attention to surface traction, then trying to outpace everyone.
  15. beechkingd

    beechkingd Well-Known Member

    The "street" riders aren't here. If you're one of those morons that ride like that in pubic, I hope you get your ass busted and thrown in jail before you kill someone. Highways are NOT racetracks a$$!
  16. icebergmikey

    icebergmikey Well-Known Member

    For your information dyck head....there are plenty of street/track riders on the WERA some research bama! and my comments were in reference to the cat that was roger Lyle's spokesperson...but I see you must be his girlfriend! hope to see you on the highway too! we all should be encouraging more guys to come to the track rather than act crazy on the street! bad mouthing street riders wont help! A motorcycle forum is a MOTORCYCLE FORUM for all to access, track and street! .....dude u make me:Puke:
  17. onlyjames

    onlyjames Unregistered User

    ha ha, hey need me to make you some more decals that say something like.... "FUCK ANYBODY that has to say anything about local street/track riders"

    Ha ha....I'll see you on the, black gsxr 750 with #127....racer group.

    Hope all is well, James (I finally had my name changed on the board)
  18. redneckrider

    redneckrider Well-Known Member

    Well when street riders come on the track and have NO CLUE about how to handle a motorcycle at speed, but ride in groups higher than they are enrolled in, there is a problem. Just because you think you are the fastest person and can handle the advanced or race groups, doesnt mean that you should be there because you are putting other people at risk.

    IMO, if you want to ride in numerous groups, pay for each one. It makes the honest guys who stick to their group feel cheated when they see four different stickers behind them in pit out. There needs to be some sort of qualification system in place to designate groups, and they definitely need to be enforced.
  19. icebergmikey

    icebergmikey Well-Known Member

    Sounds good James! i'll look for ya! i havent decided if Imma ride the R1 or R6 but you know the decals! LOL
  20. vonstallin

    vonstallin Я - Ребенок Люциферов

    Man you and alot of the folks on the other Dot BBS took "MY" term and fuuck it up...

    I keep hearing folks yelling Gun runners (and its Gunn Runnaz) and they are not doing it.....

    Oh well...

    Im glad Roger is enforcing the rules, but seriously I think he should only run Racers group is its b4 a race at that track.

    Some of the people jump to multiple groups becaus running 4 session means 15 minutes, and on top of that The rider meeting runs over an hour. Its cool n all, but a lot of gibba gabbah about nothing goes on in the morning meeting.

    Ive been with Roger since his first TD back in 2005 at Shenny and got nothing but love for the dude and know that he is the type to let you sort of police yourself...and i like it.

    I think the staff needs to tighten up to be honest. Im not going to get into details about every little item at his last TD in October, because I know he is building up his org, but it all starts with the staff... out !

    back in 05 he had more staff than glad to see him and his org at this level.

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