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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Captain Morgan, May 3, 2019.

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    They stated the fact that in America a person is arrested every 2.5 seconds in the US. That does not seem normal to me. Arresting people and the prison, probation system has turned in to a business to make money. It's not normal to have 2.3 million people in prison. I've been to Around 50 countries and the US is one of the few places where the police feel like their not doing their job unless they arrest the most amount of people or write the most tickets. The fines and the court system is just made up monopoly money that disappears. Just got back and ready to leave to Mexico. I've spent 15 years in 3rd world countries and islands, where I have delt with the police 2 times. One was a 10 dollar bribe on a scooter in Indonesia, the other was a 20 dollar bribe in Mexico. I was back in the states a week and was speeding to buy groceries for a last minute lunch, 280 dollar ticket. I can't function in the US
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  3. R Acree

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    You took a risk and lost. It isn't like you didn't know there could be consequences.
  4. In Your Corner

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    If you prefer police that operate on bribery you're
    welcome to them. You earned the ticket fair and square.
    Most if not all of us speed but when you get caught,
    you take it like a man and pay it.
    I don't know what getting a speeding ticket has to
    do with the incarceration rate.
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    If you don't want to interact with police don't break the law. Actually 5 over when the speed limit is 35 or less and 9 over when the speed limit is higher and you will pretty much never be stopped for speeding. Or in certain circumstances you can go faster than that if you are in the slowest 20-25% of traffic.

    With that said the many of the traffic fines are a tax but don't blame the police officer as he probably has a quota. It is the politicians that are the problem. If we elected ones that don't treat ticket revenue as income this wouldn't be an issue.

    If we stop making victim-less "crimes" a crime (drugs and prostitution) , that would fix a bunch of the problems as well.
    A lot of the rest of it is the culture in our inner cities. Fixing the drug crimes might help turn that around. Or not.
  6. Phl218

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    We once got stopped in Mexico City. Federales. Wanted to see paperwork for late model suburban. All legit, company car.
    Driver ended up forking over 4500 pesos, no receipt.

    Yup all good down south
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    Hey look at me, I'm a fucking alcoholic bum and I hate the United States!! Every post from this juvenile motherfucker is the same.

    GFH, time to add to the ignore list.
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    You can't function in the United States because you have an inability to follow simple laws?

    That's a strange thing to admit to.
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    I really don't have the brain power to apply to this at the moment, but I believe the gist of his argument is that we have too many "simple laws" in the US - too many ways to get on the wrong side of the legal system and wind up in jail. Lots of other countries turn a blind eye to things like speeding/traffic violations, minor drug possession/use, and the like, as opposed to the US that has a "nip it in the bud" mentality where we want to catch you doing minor crap and lock you up before you have a chance to do something really bad. I don't really know where it comes from - nanny state, fear of litigation, pussification of America, but it seems like everyone would rather say "there oughta be a law against that" and call the police instead of just dealing with their own problems.

    We have gone kind of overboard on the laws and enforcement of them - it's bad enough that even the top levels of government are starting to recognize it. Granted, this is regulations, not laws, but in most cases, these carry the weight of law:

    I have no idea if there's a spin on that link I posted above, but one thing I find shocking is the number of non-violent criminals incarcerated.
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    Attention whoring must be exhausting. I'm not talking about the act itself, I'm talking about being so insecure that you need to constantly pursue validation. Seems exhausting and lonely. I read his stuff as lies and BS, he's just looking for attention. I hate America, which chick should I bang, should I cheat on this chick...:rolleyes:
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    Soooo, basically, you prefer living in 3rd world countries that don't do shit about their rampant crimes and/or take bribes in lieu of enforcing the law....Oh yea, it's clearly doing great things in those respective countries too......smdh! LOL!
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    So no different than any other post you make :Poke: :D

    While I agree that the amount of laws on the books are over the top staggering, and many of them shouldn't be there, I think you would be hard pressed to legitimately find a person who was arrested and thrown in jail with the excuse of "I didn't know it was illegal".

    It is impossibly easy to NOT get arrested in the US.
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    Don't you think there's a balance in there somewhere? Surely there were times in your career where you felt like you were totally wasting your time with petty bullshit. We're always seeing feelgood stories about the police officer that gave a guy a ride to a job interview instead of writing him a ticket for expired tags, or bought groceries for a single mom instead of writing her up for not having insurance.
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    Absolutely not, but it's also really easy to "get caught up". Honestly, if you're not hurting anyone, or only hurting yourself, why does it have to be illegal? Say I'm speeding. If it's soooooo dangerous, I'll surely cause a crash. Why not charge me with a crime if I crash and hurt somebody instead of preemptively making up a "crime" to charge me for before I commit a "real" one? Most drug crimes are based on this idea too - we've made using drugs criminal under the assumption that drug users will commit other crimes. Why not just charge them for the other crimes, if they actually commit them? Do we really need this much government intrusion into our lives?
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    Mexico? Seriously? I wouldn’t advise that unless you know some Federales..

    The probation system has turned into a road of recovery... both for alcohol and addiction.
  16. sheepofblue

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    So what is the kidnapping rate in Mehico vs USA? Getting a ticket that is 10 times more seems like more a nuisance while kidnapping is often fatal. What about the cartel crime in Mexico? I have not been there other than just across the border and even then decades ago so I don't know. And to be honest I don't feel like googling to dispute that this place sucks.... feel free to head back to paradise and take 20-30 illegals with you please.
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  17. ryoung57

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    Are you speaking of drug related kidnappings? Isn't private ownership of guns illegal in Mexico? Couple that with the insane amount of money coming in from our drug use and you've got a mess.
  18. Captain Morgan

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    It's a fact that the US locks up more people than any other Country in the world. After spending time in a lot of countries, I don't think its normal to pull people over because a bulb on your licence plate is out or you have an air freshener hanging from a rear view mirror. Which I watched on live pd. I was at the bar flying out of Nassau, stuck up a conversation with the guy next to me, he was a stock broker and told me about taser/ axion years ago. Bought a decent amount of stocks. Kind of funny/strange that everytime there is a police shooting or a riot the stock shoots up. The body cameras are going to be on over leo, and they are dressed up like they are going to war. But I respect any leo, it's yes sir, no sir. Mexico, 20 dollars with a handshake and a smile
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    Until someday that`s not enough.....
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    Exactly, you have not been there, it's a beautiful placeDepends where you at, there are certain towns and places I don't go in Mexico. But it's a big country that is 95% safe. You won't catch me walking down a street in Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, or Miami. Not to mention the mass shootings in the US

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