Round 5 Petco Park mud fest

Discussion in 'General' started by ToofPic, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. black knight

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  2. Mongo

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    Never heard of using lime for that before, is it a normal dirt thing?
  3. black knight

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    Not that I can recall. Been into MX for 30+ years and this is the first I have heard of it.
  4. renegade17

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    Seems like a slippery slope. damned if you do damned if you dont. The track crew or promoter tries to help the situation the decision falls the wrong way and the riders get the short end. Refund the tickets anytime it rains and roll the bikes off under covers like nascar ? Im sure the guys that dont ever ride or race in the mud would prefer that approach too.
  5. Rising

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    Around here I know farmers use gypsum to help with muddy spots in their fields. It helps prevent the irrigation pivots from getting stuck.
  6. Imnotfast

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    I'm a Project Manager for a GC. Lime is used by excavation contractors (in the Midwest and East coast) to dry out saturated soils. It's very effective, but also caustic. Most contractors(Site) have dedicated equipment they use for lime application because of the damage it does to the machines. It's also highly regulated, usually a Deputy Inspector or third party enviromental company needs to be present to witness the application and RECOVERY of the lime. You can't just leave it in the ground (EPA and SWPPP issues). Again, although it's very effective, it's very caustic. I was at this race, I couldn't believe that they used it for this application. Where the human body could be exposed to it. I wouldn't be surprised if spectators start to complain of respiratory issues. Valid or not. Petco Park is a big bowl. The exhaust fumes just hover in the stadium. I go every year and I leave high every year.

    Also, I've been riding motocross in SD for over 25 years, local track to me Jamul Motocross and Pala(FOX). I've never seen either of those tracks use lime to dry. Pala(Fox) is picky, if it gets too muddy they will just shut down. Local track Jamul Motocross doesn't care much. Usually there are no more than 10 of us riding on any given weekend day. If it rains we go home. And although we have been getting a ton of rain in SoCal, we are never prepared for it. Proper planning prevents poor performance.
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  7. Robby-Bobby

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    Yes it’s common. Not super common. However, with the amount of rain they had there is nothing that would have helped other than either time (next day race) or bringing in a bunch of sand IMO.

    As a racer, they all know the dangers of lime. They knew imo that line was gonna damage stuff and the riders also.

    Definitely curious to see how it plays out. Factories aren’t as upset but privateers are super mad....
  8. gt#179

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    I've heard of them using lime on the wet tracks in the past but it's been a while since I was on the tracks prior to the races. I'm guessing that someone at the track figured that if a little lime was good, a lot would be better. It'll be interesting to see what happens after this race. I know the gear isn't a big deal to the factory teams but when your rider is "injured" enough that he can't ride his bike or exercise for the week after the races and runs the possibility of getting infections, that they will put an end to it. For the privateers I would think it would suck. It's bad enough that you trash a lot of moving parts in a mud race, but then to add insult to injury, the lime would tear up the rest of your stuff.
  9. ToofPic

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    Damn ....some of those skin injuries looked gnarly. Hope they heal up fast and get some form of payment for the equipment and injuries, but I'm sure some fine print waiver was signed in registration
  10. gt#179

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    Looks like the AMA is reaching out to affected riders to see what's going on..

    and Deano is under the factory Husky tent for the next round.

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