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Discussion in 'General' started by Gino230, Jul 6, 2018.

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    For you fitness types...Something I always wondered about. Especially since I track my food intake pretty religiously using MyFitnessPal app.

    I see riding hard as more of a cross between lifting light weights and cardio. It's more involved than just plain cardio, so wearing a HR monitor might not be a completely accurate measure. Most calorie counter apps don't give you credit for lifting, but of course when you lift there is the "after burn" of the increased metabolism throughout the day, plus the actual calories burned doing the work.

    For lifting I usually credit myself 250 or so for a one hour session, where I maybe do 6-8 exercises, 4 sets per exercise. I weigh 190-ish.

    MyFitness Pal has a 'Motorcross' under cardio, about 300 calories per hour, for my weight anyway.

    I don't eat much on race days, usually because I am so busy drinking fluids. Last weekend it was so damn hot, I drank about 1.5 gallon of (mostly water) fluids each day. With that much fluid in me I had to force myself to eat. Sunday night I fixed that with a bacon cheeseburger and fries, of course.

    MELK-MAN The Dude abides...

    ya need to get some sort of "meal in a bottle' going for the long, hot roadrace weekends. Over 5 yrs ago or so, Fernando Silva turned me on to the ryno power products (through hookit you can easily get the 40% discount).
    I only use a few of the many products they have, but the vanilla protein and carb powder mixed with water make for a good "lunch" on race day. I too can't eat a big meal .. i fall asleep. But just water ain't gonna cut it for max performance. For national enduro and 2 hr harescrambles, (and training days on the dirt bike, 2+ hrs) i mix the carb powder in my diluted gatoraid and sip from the hydro pack during the event. I drink the same stuff on RR days along with a lot of straight water.. you can add to it as well, some electrolite tabs, salt tabs, etc. Try some stuff.
    (not directly on topic, but worthwhile i think)
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    I definitely cannot do big meals or eat anything on these wretched FL summer days.
    I never had experienced a low sodium problem til a couple years ago... its worse than a low blood sugar episode for me and you cant really recover quickly.
    I did ride with a HR monitor to see what kind bpms I was experiencing during a race. Which was ~185ish when really trying to push.
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    Just drink a few beers after 5 and all will be well......
  5. I remember reading an article that said Spies took in 5000 calories per day in the days leading up to a MotoGP race. I get about that every day, so it isn't an issue. :D But during the day at the track, I am too busy and too excited and doing too many races. I cant eat a lot.

    For supper on Friday and Saturday night, I will eat some pasta like spaghetti or lasagna, then a few hours later, when I make my pre-sleep protein shake, I will mix in a scoop of Recoverite.

    Wake up - immediately drink a bottle of water. Then for breakfast I will eat some instant oatmeal, with 1/2 scoop of protein and 1/2 scoop of carbs mixed in, while drinking another bottle of water. Then I will start sipping on my own concoction* while prepping stuff and bullshitting with Livengood.

    Then after each practice session I will do something like a granola bar, little cup of fruit, or one of those carb gel packs (like you often see MotoGP/WSBK riders eating on the grid), followed by another bottle of water and some of my drink*.

    At lunch the wife will usually make something light, like some sammiches or something like that. Then small snacks between races, or at least a gel pack.

    *I make my own drink in a big jug that is a combination of powdered Gatorade, Heed, and Cytomax.

    I make a jug of that and I sip on it over the course of the entire day and night between bottles of water.

    I can do 5-6 practice sessions, and 6-7 sprint races each day, in the middle of the summer, and have never once experience a cramp, or any symptoms associated with dehydration and/or fatigue.

    Eddie likes Nuun, but that shit makes me piss 167 times between every race.
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  7. Gino230

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    I always wondered what my HR was when I was going as hard as I could....I will wear the strap next time.

    I feel like I have the hydration figured out pretty well. I use EFS, or Gatorade cut with alot of water. I really prefer the EFS though as it is easier on the stomach.

    With my fitness level nowadays, I never run out of steam during a race. Even in the 200 I still felt strong during the later stages, although this year I did start to cramp during the last 2 or 3 laps. I think this was because I was a little bit casual about my pre race routine this year, didn't go for too many electrolytes and that kind of hurt me. I did feel it more this year after the race than in the past. Training for and completing the 20o is a big mental advantage for me when I show up to sprint races. No matter how hot it is, or if there's a longer race or session (such as in MotoAmerica) doing 30 laps is like a game.

    Greg, I ordered some of the Ryno stuff after we discussed it at Barber, going to try that for sure. I also got some Tailwind Endurance Fuel from a cycling buddy, I meant to try that but haven't.

    So back to the original question. I would guess maybe 350 cal per hour? I'm 190 lb. When I run I burn about 800 an hour.
  8. TurboBlew

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    I was trying to think if you could benchmark the calorie burn or at least get it in the ball park.
    Like maybe doing 30 minutes on something like the Aerodyne bike with similar race intensity??
    See what kinda water weight loss you experience.
    5 calories a min seems "low". Especially for the 200.
  9. As opposed to being the receiver?

    You will probably burn more calories if you are the one wearing the strap. :D
  10. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    I don’t know, man. Running away like my life depended on it would probably burn some serious calories. You can hang and let it happen if you prefer. :Poke:
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  11. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    I was going to change "going" to "pushing" but that would only marginally improve the scenario you dirt bags are visualizing.
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  12. pscook

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    This is what I was thinking, at least in the rough ballpark. At rest, you typically burn ~100 calories per hour (awake, for argument's sake). I burn ~1,000 cal per hour running, and ~500 cal per hour riding my bicycle at an average of 16 MPH (lots of elevation changes on my commute). Assuming that riding a motorcycle is roughly equivalent to riding a road bicycle at a sedate 12 MPH, my guess is about the same as yours at 350 per hour.

    I can rationalize calorie burns for Myfitnesspal all day long :D

    In the end, I just fuel for performance for whatever activity I'm doing, as it's only for that one day (or two, if Ragnar or some other full-on high performance activity), and let the calories fall where they may. It all works out by the end of the following week, it seems.
  13. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    Im going to try some of the Ryno stuff. Synthetic caffine has been dehydrating me for a long time and on race weekends when i come off of night work, caffine is a staple.

    Thanks for the lead, Greg.
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  14. khill

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    It's pretty simple, track it like you would any other workout. We (Rick Race Team) track all of our riders with a Whoop band. We know from pre season evaluations, what the rider typically has for HR for each session, which then allows us to look at their training and build proper training protocol for it, based on individual needs.

    Our training protocol was custom built from my feedback with a current TDF trainer that has also worked in motorsports. Our training is built around what we race for....2x40min practice sets and a 30 min race that takes into consideration about 8 different evaluations, physically and mentally.

    The Whoop also allows for tracking sleep, HR variability which then gives a score that tells us if the rider is rested or not.

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  15. stangmx13

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    i think the only way ull find out calorie output is the real way - measuring O2 consumption. HR is too variable especially for competition and is hardly a good estimate for calorie output. u cant measure power output like on a bicycle and multiply by a human efficiency estimate. theres nothing else to measure. comparing to another activity is just a guess. so O2 consumption is all thats left. i wonder if theres a small device u could strap to the bike.

    as for my guess, i guess i could go higher than 300Cal/hr. if i have a solid MA race which is ~30min, thats about as difficult as cycling on a trainer at 80-85% for 30min for me. towards the end i want it to be over and i get off tired but not wrecked. some calorie estimates give me 500-600 Cal/hr for that. but ya, total guess.
  16. :crackup:
  17. khill

    khill Well-Known Member

    O2 works great, but way too complicated in this situation. HR is easier to measure, is more industry standard and also measures such other variables such as nervousness.

  18. mike-guy

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    It would really be interesting to see if at any certain part of the track HR spikes because a given corner makes us nervous. I remember running nelsons ledges and every lap once I get the drive out of the carousel I start getting nervous about the kink. Never had any issues but the speed and bumps made it scary, yet fun.
  19. stangmx13

    stangmx13 Well-Known Member

    thats exactly why HR useless for the original ask: calorie burn.

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