Presidential Medal of Freedom goes to

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Buckwild, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Handicapped Racer

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    I saw that yesterday while looking up something
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  2. Handicapped Racer

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    I was speaking of social views.
    things he's supported
    Group he may have supported
    it's like the Beeb here, I may have things in common with you all outside of this forum but for the main part I don't know cause I wouldn't know half of you all if I walked by you
    Mongo I know cause I worked for wera for 14 yr
    Pap Thiam I know cause I met him... hell I cant even say I met him. I've seen him with Steve Clark in the Paddock I can close my eyes and remember the crazy coolwick shirt he had on.
    Buck I know from living my area
    Venom Ive met him a few times and has helped me a few times with issues I was having with my Dyno
    Kangas I've met once and I though he was a pretty cool guy.
    Quicktoy only reason I know what he looks like is from our argument months ago when found his profile on facebook
    So even though we are here because of our love of the sport I don't know what things you all enjoy or do outside of reading your writings on the BBS.

    So I see even though I think dude is vile as shit, he's taken divisive issues and used them to raise money for charities. Like Nike and the Betsy Ross Shoe, raising 3 million and then donating the proceeds to Tunnel To Towers foundation. Vile as he is that was decent of him and i'm sure those who received that money were grateful to him.

    So my issue with trump go back before he was potus and I just see those same tactics now. When you lie as much as he does it's hard to believe anything someone says but the Award isn't about him its about who he as Potus decideds to bestow it upon. And no matter who is Potus, that's is something to respect and cherish.
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  3. Funkm05

    Funkm05 Dork

    But that’s kind of my point. Shouldn’t you judge his Presidency on his actual Presidency?? Clinton was a sleaze bag. He made a solid Pres. Bush seems like a genuinely nice guy, mediocre as President. Barack ... I’d have a beer with anytime. Seems like a pretty cool guy. But I thought he was a lousy President. As I said already, Trump seems to be a pretty douchetastic individual. But I’ll be damned if he’s not one of the best Presidents in my lifetime. That’s why I asked about actual policies and administrative initiatives. Most don’t seem to be able to separate the two.
  4. G 97

    G 97 Garth

    Yep, zero issue with Ellen. She seems to be a good person. I haven’t listened to Rush for well over ten years now, so good on him as well.

    the OMB crowd is just being goofy as always.
  5. Handicapped Racer

    Handicapped Racer Well-Known Member

    I guess im not getting this engine figured out today.

    I know I may seem all over the place on certain things. But i'll try to make sense of my thinking.... at least to you all.

    As potus, doesn't matter if I like you or not. Your job is stressful and with that, her or she needs to be able to unpack. And to do so they need to get away. So Trump vice is Golf... I've got no problem with that. if that's your thing rock out with your cock out. But what he did was consistently bash another for doing what he does on a regular and to be honest more frequently than his predecessor. But to add to that he made it a one of his main point of his campaign that he was different in that sense. He's a hypocrite.

    He lies when he doesn't need to. and when you lie about stuff big and small when something large comes up I cant believe what you're saying cause this is your normal patter or so ive become accustom to.
    Nothing is ever his fault, it's always someone around him. I can finish later but I just popped in to look up a part and here I am a hr later lol
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  6. nigel smith

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    I did five and a half years active by extending my tour at my last duty station. Six years total if you count inactive reserve.
  7. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Did anything in my post lead you to believe that I think Ellen was more deserving than Rush? My kid's high school gives out letterman jackets to the entire student body. Now, nobody even wants one. An award too easily given has no real value.
  8. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Many people receive taxpayer funded healthcare for doing nothing more than breathing. I have no objection to buying you an occasional aspirin.
    On the subject of the VA, I just signed up and was very pleasantly surprised. I completed my time 33 years ago and just never looked into it. They were efficient and helpful.
  9. In Your Corner

    In Your Corner Dungeonesque Crab

    You know a lot of things that just aren't true.

    How Obamacare Made Things Worse for Patients With Preexisting Conditions

    This is over a year old but it will give you at least a few specifics as to what Trump has actually
    been working on, which doesn't appear to be just Trump just wrecking Obama's legacy.

    I don't want to bury you with reading too much at once so I'll pause with just one example of
    the reasons they knew Obamacare couldn't work.

    The information is out there if you want to find it.
  10. Handicapped Racer

    Handicapped Racer Well-Known Member

    i welcome the information keep it coming
  11. Booger

    Booger Well-Known Member

    I signed up for 6 years. As any 0311 we did some hard ass and dangerous training. I got hurt in a training accident and was medically discharged.
  12. gixxerreese

    gixxerreese Well-Known Member

    Valid point but wether your 5 years spent was in peace and you didn’t do much. I still think it’s a very worthy benefit to give to someone who volunteers to fight. Cause face it if it popped off and you had to go well you would of went and maybe not come back. So as a tax payer and all the money that gets spent on our dime. Giving anyone who enlist healthcare for life isn’t something I think we need to cut back on. There’s plenty others to cut back, that can not only save us money but keep us from having to treat our soldiers that would save us a lot more money.
  13. SGVRider

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    The fact that liberals are triggered was reason enough to give it to him. Reward your friends, punish your enemies.

    Presidential Medal of Freedom means nothing. The fact that lefties are crying so much is just more proof they only care about appearances and emotion. It's also the reason he did it. Liberals hate Trump so much because he plays the same game as them, but better.
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  14. SGVRider

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    I'll declare for the Whitey team if I can get some Trump bucks. Where do I apply?
  15. G 97

    G 97 Garth

    And here I am still waiting for my free Obama phone.
    Whatzzzzzzup witdat?
  16. joec

    joec brace yourself

    I think that was actually a result of the telecommunications act of 1996
  17. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    That will require video proof of a complete lack of dancing ability. If you meet that requirement, you're in.
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  18. crashman

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    The certificate to redeem the phone is probably in that stack of farm subsidy checks on your desk...:Poke::D
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  19. K51000

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    I like this answer below, OK?

  20. nigel smith

    nigel smith Well-Known Member

    Ouch! If I was him, I would up my ethanol corn production and send your climate destroying petro-chemical ass back to trade school.

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